Shaun King is a White Man Purposefully Agitating the Blacks to Commit Acts of Violence

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 10, 2019

On Wednesday, I published an article about how the Twitter personality Shaun King had accused a random white person of doing a drive-by shooting on a black family, before it turned out to be a black person.

I was surprised that some people responding to the article were unawares of who Shaun King is, or that Shaun King is white.

Indeed, he is most certainly a person, and most certainly a white person.

Who is Shaun King, The Person?


Shaun King is a person who has a Twitter account with million of followers and tries to stir up racial hatred for white people.

He is literally solely a “Twitter personality.” I guess he has been in public before and done some interviews, but this is rare. Mainly, he stays on Twitter and just posts Tweets about how white people are evil. He is cited by the media as both an expert on the goodness of the blacks and as an expert on the wicked ways of whites.

Shaun King is Actually White?


Shaun King is a white person.

When he first came out big on Twitter as an advocate of the blacks who was claiming to be black in 2015, MILO wrote an article in Breitbart proving that he is actually white, and has been faking being black for a long time to get special privileges (including an Oprah scholarship).

Police reports say “white.”

(Note that he is also using his middle name instead of “Jeffery” because “Shaun” is more likely to sound black.)

And although he claims that he is black through his father’s side, this man, Jeffery Wayne King, is listed on his birth certificate as his father:

Also, pictures of him as a child were circulated, showing that he was white.

You’ll notice the lips and nose and different. Whenever Shaun King appears in public, he pouts his lips and flares his nostrils, in order to look black. He’s also got this black haircut. He does something to his skin to make it look slightly darker, though it is still pretty light.

I think he is dying the hair – child photos show his hair as brown.

Without the hair, there isn’t any confusion – even with this nostril thing.

In order to deal with the fact that both his parents are white, and his siblings are white, he accused his mother of cheating on his father with a black man, who he has never met.

Then he refused to take a DNA test.

When the whole drama came out, he just said “I’m moving past this” and then refused to talk about it. The media was apparently comfortable with just leaving it at that, and it hasn’t been discussed in years.

At the time people were angry about it, a Jew from The Atlantic came out and said that it doesn’t actually matter if he’s white.

They didn’t admit that he was white… just said it doesn’t matter if he is.

King himself has gone back and deleted all the tweets he posted responding to the issue, i.e.:

No one will make the claim that “Shaun King being white is a debunked conspiracy theory” like they will claim with, say, Pizzagate. But also no one will bring it up. It’s just kind of out there and people know but it just remains not talked about.

This is sort of a situation where everyone is like “yeah but no one would actually do that though,” so they don’t believe it.

Well, if you could become rich and famous by simply tweeting, that is something a lot of people would do. And the market is very easy. Black people cannot really speak in sentences, let alone read, let alone write – so there isn’t any competition. And black people are celebrated as being a kind of Godlike master race in modern Jewish society.

It’s surprising that more people are not pretending to be black to gain social status and wealth.

Probably, there are many more such people, and they just haven’t been caught yet.

Rachel Dolezal was caught only when her family complained to the media that she was faking being black.

That was a sort of confused situation. No one really knew what to think of it. But I recall Whoopi Goldberg saying that she thought it was fine for people to be “trans-racial.”

I don’t remember black people seeming particularly outraged.

Maybe that makes sense? I’m not outraged by Asian people getting plastic surgery to look white.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and so on, right?

With Shaun King though, he’s claiming to basically be the leader of the blacks. Which I would think makes things slightly different. It is one thing for a white person to pretend to be black and give lectures about how to do a weave and so on, as Rachel Dolezal was doing, it is a horse of a different color to have someone claiming to be the absolute leader of the black race while being white actually.

A lot of black rappers were mad when Eminem became the number one rapper, saying he was stealing black culture. Maybe they were just mad that he was beating them.

But surely, pretending to be black and then becoming the number one black grievance-monger is going to upset other black grievance mongers?

There is no way that Al Sharpton doesn’t know that Shaun King is actually white.

Also, though blacks are a specific people, in that they are especially stupid, other privileged minorities do not take kindly to people pretending to be them. The Jews, in particular, will destroy anyone who pretends to be Jewish.

They flipped out when they found that a top German rabbi was faking being Jewish, and tried to get him hit with some kind of criminal charges.

Furthermore, I suspect that the downfall of MILO was less due to any of his politics than it was to the fact that they figured out he was faking being Jewish, when he actually appeared to be some kind of homosexual white supremacist neo-Nazi.

Furthermore, women have become enraged that trannies are pretending to be them and claiming to have the same rights. This is somewhat of a different situation, as trannies are themselves a protected group, whereas white people who pretend to be black or Jewish are not (yet) protected groups. So it is quite possible that even more women would be coming out against trannies if it were not for the cultural normalization of trannies.

But still, there is a relatively large group of feminists called “Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists” (TERFs) who are against men pretending to be women and then having access to all the special rights of women.

NOTE: I have argued that people should start checking the boxes on forms saying that they are women instead of men and then start applying for jobs and so on as trannies in order to exploit this loophole, and have been in contact with several men who were successful in doing this act. More people should do it, and they should also get involved in women's sports and win them. You don't actually have to dress up like a woman even - you just say you identify that way, and then make thinly veiled threats of lawsuits if they attempt to question you.

Why Them Niggas Not Mad Tho?

I think that black people are generally just too stupid to notice themselves that Shaun King is white. It’s like in The Walking Dead when in order to fake that you’re a zombie, all you have to do is smear zombie sludge on yourself (by the way, that sort of broke the entire story when they came out with that little trick, as it effectively meant that most of the show’s deaths were a result of just not wanting to stink, because there is no other reason why you wouldn’t just walk around with zombie goo on your body all the time).

They are also only ever mad about things that they are told to be mad about.

Black people actually behaved very well (comparatively) under Jim Crow. They would still occasionally do acts of violence against white people, though it was mainly just uncontrollable-urge related violence such as rape. And even then, they knew it was wrong, and no black person was going to complain about another black person getting lynched for raping a white girl. We gave them churches and they had their own pastors telling them to be good and they believed that.

Then the Jews came in with their “civil rights” mumbo-jumbo and started agitating them – using the pastor system that we gave them to teach them good behavior, mind you, MLK and other Jewish-tool blacks were pastors – and blacks went along with the idea that it was an outrage that they had to use a different drinking fountain or whatever.

Even now, after decades of Jewish indoctrination, it took a black president to get them to really start rioting good. Up until that point, any of these Black Lives Matter complaints about some black attacking the cops and getting shot for it would not be an outrage. The blacks would be like “dat nigga no da cop got da gun, he ain’t should do dat, he get his ownself kilt.”

I don’t want to make it sound like I’m defending blacks here… but actually, I sort of am doing that. They really are just silly, primitive monkeypeople who aren’t born with any bad intent. And they are in fact the only race with whom multiculture has succeeded, other than the Chinese in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Not only did America succeed with a 10% black minority in a 90% white country before the Jews showed up, but South Africa did fine with the opposite demographics… before the Jews showed up.

To wrap this back around to Shaun King: he is creating a problem where there otherwise would be much less of a problem by going into the black scene as a white person and agitating for some kind of uprising or whatever.

It is highly inappropriate behavior.