Shaun King Drives White Man to Suicide with Dreaded “R” Killing Word

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 2, 2019

We’re going to have to consult Jared Taylor, but he sure looks Huwhyte to me. 

You’re going to have to strap in for this story.

Here, don’t forget your clown mask:

Mr. Rodgers was ahead of his time. His despair at the direction society was going was what drove him to kill.

Shaun King is one of the most famous anti-White online activists out there. This is in no small part because Shaun King used to be a White guy with middling IQ before he became a transnegro. In other words, he had to kill the White guy inside of him before he could start killing other Whites.

Recently, he bullied some rando into committing suicide by calling him a racist.

Daily Caller:

A Houston-area man who social media activist Shaun King falsely accused of murdering a 7-year-old black girl late in 2018 has died from an apparent suicide after hanging himself in his jail cell earlier in July.

Houston’s ABC and Fox stations reported that Robert Cantrell, 49, was found dead July 23. Cantrell had been in jail in Montgomery County, just outside of Houston, since Dec. 30, 2018, on evasion and robbery charges.

This random White guy was in jail for being a criminal – in other words, he no doubt fancied himself something of a badass. He was prepared for prison, but not for being accused online by a White man pretending to be black of being insensitive to the plight of the African-American community.

Cantrell was arrested the same day Jazmine Barnes was gunned down while riding in a car with her mother and siblings. Barnes’s death gained national attention because her mother, LaPorsha Washington, alleged the shooter was white.

The report did not mention that she was lopsided and googly-eyed 

Washington alleged the murder was a hate crime, as did Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee. A composite sketch of the alleged shooter resembled Cantrell.

King, who is closely associated with the Black Lives Matter movement, mounted a private investigation of his own into the murder, offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to the killer’s arrest.

He worked closely with Harris Co. Sheriff Ed Gonzalez on the investigation.

King posted Cantrell’s mugshot on Twitter in January, asking his followers for more information on Cantrell, who is white. He also said Cantrell was “a racist, violent asshole.”

When will society finally wisen up and ban the “R” word? Enough is enough. Too many herd-normies die every year from the stigma and shame associated with this word.

It has become a killing word that strikes fear into the hearts of the weak-willed.

It turned out that King was wrong not just on the identity of Barnes’s killers, but also their race. Eric Black and Larry Woodruffe were arrested Jan. 6. Both men are black. They face capital murder charges.

Cantrell and members of his family received death threats after King’s false allegation, one of Cantrell’s family members said in January. 

In the end, it didn’t matter though.

Cantrell was already dead.

It turns out that having a large audience on social media and the majority of people convinced that you’re non-White is basically the same thing as having a real-life Death Note.

Here are the new rules that society operates under:

  • Writing someone’s name on your Twitter account with the word “Racist” next to it results in suicide.
  • You may make it death by lynch mob if you include a call to action within 40 seconds of writing their name.
  • If you choose to sacrifice half your lifespan, you can acquire the “skin of the oppressed” and become invulnerable to another wielder writing “Racist” next to your name.
  • After death, you will be banished to Epstein’s loli island as a loli for all of eternity

This is the society that we live in now, folks.