Sexpo Celebrates 20 Years of Promoting Degeneracy

Daily Stormer
December 2, 2016


2 decades of Kike corruption

This year marks the twentieth anniversary of this eye-opening Exhibition.

If you’re unaware, Sexpo is a health, sexuality and lifestyle exhibition that takes places in Australia, the United Kingdom and South Africa.

A quick description from their website:

SEXPO® Health, Sexuality & Lifestyle Expo is the world’s longest-running adult exhibition and is designed to provide a fun, vibrant and safe environment for open-minded adults. SEXPO® is not just about sex – it’s about celebrating all lifestyles and sexualities.

Not just about sex? I beg to differ.

Leftists love to sugar coat everything and promote the worst of the worst as simply being a ‘safe space’ for people who want to ‘express themselves’!

This exhibition is a good summary of everything that is currently wrong with society.

The Jews will stop at nothing to turn our White children into hedonistic beasts of pleasure. If they succeed, our People will be destroyed.

Just a daily reminder of who owns the porn industry

Adults love it so much that absolutely nothing can come between them and Sexpo, even if it means young children will be in the area:

Herald Sun:

Both Sexpo and the Australian All-Star Cheerleading Federation Championships will be held at the centre from November 22.

The centre’s chief executive Peter King said the scheduling crossover was “no cause for concern”.

“It happens from time to time,” he said.

The events, one celebrating porn and adult entertainment and the other an all-ages affair with a ban on music with sexual connotations, will be held in different parts of the centre.

And if you think there’s anything wrong with that, sorry but you’re just a prude.

The demonic Jew is fully aware that corrupting our children will be the final deathblow to the Aryan Race.

Hey kids, wanna take a quick peak into Sexpo?

This year one of their ‘amazing’ main attractions is a Robot Stripper.

The man behind a stripper robot that’s pole dancing in Melbourne insists he would never like to see cyborgs replace people.

With its body made from shop mannequin parts, windscreen wipers that move its joints and a CCTV camera for a head, the dancing cyborg encapsulates the futuristic theme at this year’s Sexpo in Melbourne.

Its maker, Giles Walker, is a kinetic artist who makes robots that deal with different social issues.

Although he did not intend for this robot to be solely shown as a sex object, Mr Walker says that it can be interpreted as an empowered stripper.

2016 and this is what is seen as an empowering step forward for mankind.

Sexpo is the sort of event that people should be ashamed of going to. It most certainly should not be promoted in public areas, it should be completely underground and completely seen as nothing but a seedy event that people know exists, but has a super negative stigma attached too it.

However, it’s the complete opposite of that.


Get greeted by the Penis Dinosaur.


Take a journey on the sex train.


Get your face painted by a Penis! So much fun!


Don’t even know, but you win a prize.


See. Not all about sex, it’s about the arts swell!


Buy a naughty Gnome because your life is that sad.


Don’t want to attend Sexpo? Too bad. You’re literally forced to be exposed to the degeneracy. Good luck explaining this to your child. 

Sexpo is an event that normalizes unhealthy attitudes towards sex. It profits off porn addicts, women who are drowning in daddy issues and young people who are ready to be apart of something.

It encourages both the homosexual and promiscuous lifestyle, making it seem like ‘no big deal’ if you are obsessed with genitals and have odd fetishes.


We can not achieve this with such perversion being seen as a normal part of society 

It deliberately makes it look as colorful an experience as possible, reaching out to barely legal teenagers and making it seem like it’s what everybody wants, because who wouldn’t want to be open-minded?

As far as normies are concerned, only conservative Christians who fear sex would be against such an event. They tell them to get over it because it’s just sex. I completely agree. It’s just sex, so why are you so freakishly obsessed with it? Why do these leftists need everybody else to get involved in their psychological issues? Why do they enjoy the thought of children asking what Sexpo is when a tram with an advert passes by?

Conservatives are apparently so oppressed because they aren’t as ‘liberated’ or experimental as leftists, yet they’re the ones who clearly can’t handle sex because they’re so openly obsessed as it. What sane adult gets excited and giggly by giant penises and gnomes giving each other oral sex?

Liberals must be super happy when they reach forty and realize that they forgot to get married and raise a family because they were too busy playing around with dildos and watching pornography.

with jews you lose

Sexually liberate yourself Goy! Only costs $20

It’s always important to be knowledgable on the main events that brainwash and corrupt people by the bucket loads. It’s events like Sexpo that teach young girls to be sluts and ruin boys by encouraging them to be porn addicts and go after whores instead of manning up and finding a wife.

Full grown adults should be completely embarrassed that such a thing even exists.

It’s been twenty years, hopefully there won’t be twenty more.