Sex Robots That Walk and “Breathe” Using “AI Chest Cavity” Set for Release

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
November 2, 2019

One of the sex doll models from Cloud Climax

Technology will soon make sex robots able to walk and breathe.

How long until the robots are also able to cook, wash your clothes, and clean your house? How long until they come with fully functional artificial wombs?

The clock is ticking for women.

Daily Star:

Sex robots that “breath” using a robotic chest cavity will be unleashed onto the AI girlfriend market.

Cloud Climax, UK agent for AI-AITech, told Daily Star Online it is making game-changing leaps in the technology of its flagship Emma model.

It is aiming to make the robot move its arms and legs so it can walk.

But in a further human-like breakthrough, it wants to equip the sex robot with the ability to breathe.

Sam White, a Cloud Climax manager, told Daily Star Online: “At the moment at Cloud Climax, we are the official UK agent for AI-AITech, who make Emma the Robot and we are the Official European agent for DS Doll Robotics, also known as EX Robot.

“Both companies are working on arm movements and the latest video release from DS Doll robotics shows leg movements.

“We are involved in research and development at AI-AITech.

Eventually Emma will be able to move her arms and have a chest cavity that ‘breathes’. Further still, she will be able to use her legs and walk.”

While technology is moving things towards sex robots that can walk on their own, the modern woman loses a bit of her ability to move on her own with each passing day.

We already have self-driving cars, so how long until sex robots can walk with humans on the street?

Even if you don’t want to put your penis inside these technological gadgets, they’d still be more useful than women when combined with some artificial intelligence thing like the ones used in Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri.

They’d act like your personal — smart — assistants, and thanks to their physical presence they’ll be able to help you around with stuff, chores, buying groceries and more.

Mr White previously told us: “Our dolls are already able to replace a physical human being for our customers and this can work on an emotional level as well as a physical one.

He added: “Emma is equipped with Artificial Intelligence.

If you tell her you like something she will remember. You can also tell her to remember something and she will remember it for you: ‘Emma, it is my grandmother’s birthday next Tuesday, please remind me to send her card on Monday’.”

This Emma gadget is already smarter than many women. Imagine how much better it will be in a few years.

It is possible that these things will end up walking among humans, and the funny thing is that even if they make “male” ones, women would still be ridiculously bitter.

What makes women attracted to men can’t be made into a technological replica.

On the other hand, once something like this:

…can walk and do what you order it to do, and is equipped with Siri-like personal assistant AI with a pleasant feminine personality…

I mean…

The Japanese have predicted this.

Technology will allow men to have both cat girl pet slave companions and Saber Marionettes.

What a great time to be alive.