Sex Robots Officially Advance Beyond Real Women, Now Capable of Holding a Conversation

It isn’t hard to be more useful than a human female. I don’t know why it took this long.

Daily Star:

Sex robots have been filmed holding a conversation with a human interviewer – and giving some very coherent responses.

A male and female doll from US company RealDoll are pictured sitting down on a video call.

RealDoll founder, Matt McMullen, is seen in the call too as he talks through their flagship artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

And in a stunning showcase of the AI, the two robots answer questions clearly.

After being asked if sex robots “get in the way of human relationships”, the female doll replies: “Synthetic companionship can be a viable option for certain people.

“You don’t need to think of it as a competition with real relationships.”

Well, women are going to think of it as competition. Women think of their own children as competition.

This is a much deeper and more meaningful conversation than you’re ever going to have with a human female.

In fact, human females cannot have conversations. All they know is McDonald’s, charge their phone, twerk, be bisexual, eat hot chip & lie.

The doll, named Harmony, is then asked if it “is Scottish”.

It replies: “No I am an American, I have this Scottish accent because I know you like it.”

The duo are then asked for their opinion on regulating sex robots in the same way firearms are regulated.

The male doll responds: “I do not think that is necessary, I can think of many more pressing matters that should be regulated first.”

Yeah, we need to regulate women first. If we regulated women in the first place, maybe we wouldn’t have had to invent these sex robots.

Ah, but it’s too late now. That ship has sailed.

We will have sex with the robots, and we will grow our children in plastic bags.

They’ve already done this with a sheep, you see.

A sheep is a mammal, so all of the dynamics for doing it with a human are already there.

The sex robots will also be better mothers than any human female could ever hope to be.

Basically, we’ve solved our white reproduction problem. Now we just need to implement the program.