Sex Education in America

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer

May 21, 2014

What the hell is wrong with these people?
What the hell is wrong with these people?

Sex education is an insane plot to give impressionable youths the impression that authority figures believe they should be screwing everything within 30 miles of their home – as long as they use condoms.

The problems with this situation are many, the most obvious one – which the faggots and perverts and Jews in power refuse to reveal – is that in real life, no one actually uses condoms, because they remove all sensation.  Also, teenage sex generally involves alcohol, which makes it doubly unlikely that someone is going to put one of these weird rubber feeling-removers onto their penis.  Thus, high schools across America are herpes and abortion factories.

There are also serious moral issues with adults in positions of authority telling teenagers, and often younger children, that they should be screwing everyone, maybe even doing gay things or other strange sex acts.

Teenagers who experience sex with high numbers of partners in their youth develop a psychological problem where they are incapable of using sex to form emotional bonds with a long term partner, which makes marriage unappealing if not virtually impossible for those without very strong personalities.

Then you have the effect of an abortion on a woman – and most girls now have two or three by the time they graduate high school: it totally crushes them emotionally for the rest of their lives and they become bitter beacons of cold hard hatred and detached neediness.

The excuse is that “they are going to do it anyway, so they should be safe.”  But this is more Jew pervert claptrap from the lying snakes who invent such fairy tales.  The fact is that children who are taught sex education are many times more likely to experiment with sex, and this is because they are told it is okay by authority figures.  You don’t need to be a trained psychologist to explain that one.

Of course, some of the kids will have sex anyway, because teenagers suffer from severe horniness – this is part of the human condition.  The obvious solution to this is to tell them they will go to Hell if they have sex before marriage.

Yes, I’m serious.

You could also manipulate them in some other fashion, such as shame.  But the focus would need to be on the girls, because the boy is going to do it as long as the girl is willing.  That is just basic biology.

Historically, teenagers were told they would endanger their soul if they had sex before marriage, girls were told they had no basic dignity if they did, and they knew they didn’t have to wait very long.  If you finish puberty when you’re 14 or 15, but you know you’re going to be getting married when you’re 18 or 19, it is a much different scenario than now, where young people know that if they do get married, it isn’t going to be before they are in their late twenties and past their sexual prime.

It is ridiculous to expect people to wait until they are thirty to have sex, and so “no sex before marriage” is now an obsolete concept, given the feminism and the materialism and the various other Jewish scams which have deconstructed our society.

I honestly don’t see a solution to any of these problems, short of total revolution, wherein we could abolish feminism and teach women to get married after high school, while also teaching them they are filthy whores if they have sex before marriage.  This would frustrate the boys, but that frustration would serve as an incentive to do well, so as to attract a high-value mate to produce children with. It is also not completely impossible that you could attach chastity to a man’s self-worth, particularly if you removed this sickening drive to encourage masturbation.

Removing all the Jew pervert media would also make this job about six million times easier.

We would also come up with all sorts of programs in schools to enforce this traditional value system.  This is one place where the Soviets did a very admirable job at social-engineering.

I found these maps that the Huffington Post produced, regarding sex education, and find them slightly encouraging.  We still do have a conservative base in America, which feels like I feel on many issues.

sex ed map 1sex ed map 2sex ed map 3sex ed map 4sex ed map 5