Sex Doll Demand Soars as Customers Order “Clones” of People They Know and Friends’ Girlfriends

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
August 25, 2019

Just a random Japanese doll.

It’s hard to imagine why men would even entertain the idea of buying something like this:

When they already have something like this abundantly available:

The real deal.

But it is what it is, and more and more men are increasingly choosing inanimate objects over the real deal.

Daily Star:

The sex doll industry has boomed in recent years.

We’ve seen naughty AI robots and foot fetish models hit the market this year.

And now, there’s another intimate product that’s surged in popularity.

Daily Star Online spoke to the manufacturers at Silicone Sex World to ask which of their products are selling well at the moment.

And surprisingly, celebrity-inspired models aren’t flying off shelves like they used to.

Instead, customers have been loving dolls that are “clones” of people they know.

Bizarrely, randy punters are even asking creator’s to make figures that resemble their friends’ girlfriends.

It’s tricky to tell if manufacturers will be penalised for cashing in on dolls that look like real people.

But for now, there’s yet to be huge backlash about making replica figures without a person’s consent.

We already have sex dolls of much higher quality than this, and which are even equipped to produce little versions of us, but since their programming has been corrupted and it’s often tedious to work around their issues, it’s understandable that many are attempting to work around the problem by creating new dolls.

The original sex doll.

The problem with this is that unless the man-made sex dolls are able to replace the reproductive features of women, sex dolls are nothing but pacifiers making the process of white genocide more bearable — no different than giving morphine to dying patients.

Ideally, we’d just build cages and exploit women’s weak spot to put them in their place without violence, but in order to do that, we have to first get the Jews out of our countries.

We can work on that while we work on a replacement of an alternative to women as an insurance policy.

It never hurts to have choices.

However, considering the current state of man-made sex dolls, a healthier strategy would be to support prostitution and use hookers instead. Having sex with a real woman offers benefits that masturbating with inanimate sex dolls doesn’t — even when you pay cash for the sex.

There is an energetic component to sexual interactions. Your brain knows when you are having sex with a real woman, thus appears to fulfill one of your biological imperatives because you know that you are having sex with a real woman. Sex with women increases your testosterone levels and self-esteem, which in turn help you sex more women and increase your drive to achieve more goals. It’s a positive feedback loop.

Yes, in an ideal world, we wouldn’t be discussing prostitution, sex dolls, artificial wombs, and workarounds for problems — but we’re in a tricky situation here and we could do worse than choosing the lesser evil and making the most out of the cards we’ve been dealt.