Sex Attacks: Feminists Blame Men, Ignore Race

The New Observer
January 9, 2016

Far left feminists have been hypocritically silent on the racial origin of the refugee-criminal mass sex attacks in Europe—despite usually being at the forefront of attacking such behavior as “male dominated sexism.”

An article in the UK’s Spectator magazine—itself a far left propaganda outlet of note—has noticed this obvious hypocrisy in an article titled “Why are feminists refusing to discuss the Cologne sex attacks?


Written by Lara Prendergast, the article points out that the mass sex attacks in Cologne “is the kind of story that should make headlines—and should provide ample fodder for writers who like to tackle feminist topics head on.”

“After all,” Prendergast writes, “surely this is the very definition of ‘rape culture’? And if the actual attacks aren’t enough to merit a reaction, then how about the suggestion by Cologne’s female mayor that women should adopt a ‘code of conduct’ to prevent future assault. Is that not the very definition of ‘victim blaming’?”

The Spectator article goes on to point out that “the headlines have been conspicuous by their absence.”

There is not one mention of the Cologne attacks, aside from in news reports. Why is that? Is it because they are not deemed important? Perhaps we don’t care about vicious attacks against German frauen?

Or is it because the details of the story—that the men appear to have been of ‘Arab or North African origin’ who did not seem to speak German or English, and that there is a possibility they are some of the 1.1 million migrants to have entered Germany last year—make it too controversial to touch?

Actually, Prendergast’s otherwise incisive article was not completely correct. The feminists have actually started small-scale protests against the mass sex attacks—but all of them have blamed men in general, and deliberately ignored the fact that all of the attackers were nonwhite refugee criminals allowed into Germany by the Angela Merkel-created invasion.

This sort of “blame men but don’t’ mention race” mentality lies behind the Mayor of Cologne’s ridiculous claims that German women just need to keep an “arm’s length” from strangers in future, and a demonstration this week by a few hundred leftist feminists in front of Cologne cathedral.

That demonstration “demanded more respect for women” and the participants carried posters saying they were “against sexism and against racism” (gegen sexismus, gegen rassismus).


Even prominent feminist “naked artist” Milo Moiré (best known for her degenerate “paint-filled eggs dropped from her vagina” nonsense “art”) did a totally nude demonstration in front of the Cathedral demanding that women should be respected “even if they are naked.”


It is noteworthy that this feminist “artist” did not try this stunt on New Year’s Eve, when the thousands of nonwhite criminal invaders were rampaging through the city center.

In its commentary on the mass sex attacks in Cologne, for example, the Canadian feminist website Feminist Current announced that “It’s time to consider a curfew for men.


Completely ignoring the obvious racial aspect to the attacks, this feminist mouthpiece went on to say that a “curfew for men” would “say, unequivocally, ‘The problem is you, men. You are the problem, and therefore, it is you who must be stopped.’

The feminist rant went on:

Think of it as a mass grounding for men. After a designated period of time, we’ll allow them back on the streets after dark to see how it goes. If the sexual assaults and harassment continue, well, it’s back to the curfew.

I mean, really, they asked for it.

This refusal to mention race as the primary driving factor in all social behavioral patterns, history, psychology, and the construction of society itself, is the reason why feminism—and its ideological allies: liberalism, communism, and social democracy—are all doomed to failure and collapse.

This does not mean that these people are not aware of race—in fact, they are some of the most racially-conscious people around—but their awareness of race extends only as far as to be anti-white.

If, for example, a mob of 1,000 white men had engaged in mass sex attacks on black girls in a city in America, then it can be taken as guaranteed that “artists” like Milo Moiré and websites like Feminist Current would make specific mention of it—and most likely screech as much about “racism” as they do about “sexism.”