DS EXCLUSIVE: The Jews Behind the Latest Trump Defamation and the Crazy Leftist Who Lied for Them

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 14, 2016


Gloria Allred

As much as they publicly state otherwise, the Judenpresse is actually disappointed in how little of an effect their stupid bullshit is having. If anything, all they’re doing by trying to make a mountain out of a molehill (the 2005 tape) while brazenly covering up Clinton’s astounding Wikileaks – revealing everything from collusion with the Justice Department to the fact that the US government knows Saudi Arabia and Qatar (who Clinton takes giant legal bribes from) are officially arming ISIS – is make people angry.

Really angry.

But the levee is about to break on the Jewish media complex, with every salvo fired at Trump exploding in their faces. The bigger the cannon ball, the more it hurts them, but the oligarchs at this point are willing to do whatever it takes to keep Trump out of the White House.

A few days ago, Jewish activist and lawyer Gloria Allred put out the word saying women willing to accuse Donald Trump of sexual assault would be given free legal support. While not openly saying it, the statement implies a step towards a class action lawsuit, and thus a big pay day. Additionally, other women who are going to the press with their easily debunked lies are emboldened by Allred’s vow of free legal collaboration, and so may feel free to libel Trump for ideological or personal reasons without fearing any consequences.

The timing of the New York Times piece and People Magazine accusation presenting blatant lies as facts is meant to poison the well of the election. There’s a good chance that by the time such a lawsuit goes to court, the women involved will have retracted their claims.

Natasha Stoynoff

Natasha Stoynoff, furthest to the left

But women, the target audience, aren’t buying it. The Natasha Stoynoff hoax was published with an extremely sanctimonious sounding preface by People Magazine’s homosexual editor Jess Cagle. The use of People Magazine, owned by UK based international Jew Marcus Rich, to disseminate this slander is no coincidence – there is a concerted effort by global power to manipulate women into voting against their own and their family’s interests. The polls, the tapes of Trump’s naughty language, the Hillary Clinton ads featuring fat and ugly women, the celebrities coming out against Trump – these are all engineered to tap into female hyper-conformity to catapult Hillary over the finish line.

The Stoynoff story basically posits that she was interviewing Donald Trump alongside his wife Melania, and that when Melania got up to use the restroom, Donald Trump tried to rape the reporter. Apparently Donald Trump was so aroused by this woman – who is barely fuckable even by Tinder at 2 am on a Tuesday standards – that he used a window of a few minutes to pounce on her without any thought. None of this struggle or exchange was caught on the audio tape she was using to record the interview, nor has anyone else in the vicinity (for example, Trump’s butler) corroborated it. Apparently, when Melania returned to complete the interview, everything was completely normal as if nothing had happened, other than Trump giving her an evil smile. This supposedly happened in 2005, yet has never been reported until yesterday.

Anyway, this is clearly an ideologically motivated fairy tale, with a sprinkle of detachment from reality on the part of Stoynoff. Looking through her Facebook, you will see a typical NYC unmarried career womyn you’d find in any given cronut line, with the canned liberal cosmopolitan fanaticism that accompanies this lifestyle:

Fawning over beta male liberal (except when it comes to Israel) Justin Trudeau

Fawning over beta male liberal (except when it comes to Israel) Justin Trudeau

nsii nsiii

Additionally, Stoynoff appears detached from reality. In fact, Stoynoff openly fantasizes about running up to famous and powerful men and kissing them, as well as taking innocent courtesy thank you letters from famous actors as sexually motivated.

Poor Natasha suffers from a common problem many modern women are having nowadays: they feel only very rich or very powerful men are worthy of their romantic attention. This phenomenon has been dubbed “hypergamy.” While this isn’t uncommon as a goal among women in their 20s, once they cling to this psychological delusion into their 30s and 40s it becomes something else altogether: a fantasy easy to get lost in, and dangerous if it intersects with reality in any way (like being around famous and powerful men for a living).

Judging from these Facebook posts (mind you, these are the public ones, imagine what is private), if anything close to what happened in her story is true, it is far more likely that Stoynoff tried to force Trump to kiss her:


Here she is talking about Leonard Cohen, an old Jew musician.

Here she is talking about running up to Leonard Cohen and trying to make out with the old Jew musician.

Kirk Douglas wrote Stoynoff a polite thank you letter, yet Stoynoff read into it like he was wanting to leave his wife to be with her. This is obviously not somebody who is sane, or trustworthy.

Kirk Douglas wrote Stoynoff a polite thank you letter, yet Stoynoff read into it like he was wanting to leave his wife to be with her. This is obviously not somebody who is sane, or trustworthy.

The good news is, even sans all this evidence omitted by the media, women themselves smell the stench of matzo balls from a mile away. Here are some comments beneath the People Magazine statement.


Virtually all the comments are to this effect.

When your lies don’t even work on People Magazine readers, you know the temperature on the oven is about to get hotter. Once people simply stop believing Jews and their lackeys, popular revolt is over the horizon.