Several Issues on a Monday Afternoon

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 13, 2015

Get your crap together, mate.
Get your crap together, mate.

So, it’s been a while since I’ve done my weekly round-up.  It’s hard to find the time, you know.  Easy to let such things slide.  I miss doing them though, should try and keep up.

Anyway, a few little issues need brought up, so we’re doing a bringing-up session.


I am putting some money in to try and get some money off the monthly bill, which is suffocating me.  Apparently, there is some issue I don’t understand that is causing resources to be used inefficiently, which has resulted in these huge monthly bills.  Several people have already given up trying to fix it, but I’m going to get some more people until it costs more than I have.

Please don’t bother to volunteer to help unless you are some type of famous or well-known person.  I am sure there are readers who can and would help, but the issue is that anyone could email me and be like “yeah sure I’ll help you I love the White race give me the passwords” and cause more problems than we’re already dealing with.

Feminism Debate No Longer an Issue

I am proud to announce that the feminism debate is no longer an issue, and we can move forward.  I let the issue cool for a while, then wrote a little piece about it yesterday, and it seems that virtually all commenters now get it.  Presumably (hopefully), this extends to the non-commenting readership, which is several hundreds of times the size of the commenting readership.

Women: Can't live with them.
Women: Can’t live with them.

In the comments section of yesterday’s piece, there was only one troll, which was openly a woman, who did nothing but prove the entire point I’ve been trying to make – that women are purely emotional and so incapable of logical processes.  There were a couple of white knights, but they are probably women posing as men.

The one openly female dissenter kept spamming a link to an article about how men marry Asian women at a rate higher than women marry Black and Latino men – I’d like to address that little issue, briefly.

Firstly, “marriage” is the key word there.  Black men almost never marry, even to Black women.  The actual rate of mixed-race relationships is exponentially higher among women than it is among men.

Second, following from the key word there – “marriage” – the men who involve themselves with Asian women are looking for a serious and traditional relationship.  Women who go with Blacks and Latinos are looking for excitement.

Third, Asians are a vastly superior race than Blacks or Latinos, and the problem with breeding with them is esoteric, whereas the problems of breeding with the lower races are completely obvious.  The problem with mixing with Asians is that it destroys the racial integrity of the folk and produces children who lack the better qualities of either race.  Mixing with Blacks is obviously just disgusting and bizarre for an entire laundry list of reasons.

Fourth, feminism among White women is the reason White men marry Asian women – because even the White women who aren’t whoring it up with monkeys are still, for the most part, whores – or so fat as to be below the standards of any self-respecting man.  It’s just a fact.  There are some that have good fathers that aren’t, but they are rare and probably already married by the time they are 22, so not available at the bar or on Tinder or any of the few other outlets left for men to meet women.

This is your life.
This is your life.

The reality is that women are completely out of control.  And yes, it is all women.  All of them who are not in the control of some man are out of control.  And very few are in the control of any man, at least in Anglo countries.

Men who marry Asian women are attempting to re-establish a natural dynamic – to re-establish order.  They are not the problem.  Women are the problem.

And yes, as always, I will put this part: the reason that women are the problem is that men have failed to be men.  And the reason that happened was the same reason anything else ever happens: the Jews did it.

Hey - don't shoot the messenger.
Hey – don’t shoot the messenger.


The term “MGTOW” has been thrown around in the comments section.  This means “men going their own way.”  Regardless of any associations this term might have, I would say that is the basic concept that needs to be encouraged in pro-White circles.  Right now, attempting to find and hold on to a serious relationship is like banging your head against a brick wall.  And I am against you banging your head against a brick wall.

This concept means different things for different people, but the basic idea is to focus on yourself and your own personal goals rather than trying to deal with women.  After many years of dealing with women myself, I have come to the conclusion that this is the only life-path which makes sense for me as an individual.  The endless amounts of energy you can pour into women simply amounts to nothing, and this is just a fact.  If you’ve got some special situation, then I applaud you for finding it, but for the majority of us in the 35 and under crowd, there simply isn’t any hope at present, and the best decision we can make in our lives is to give up on women completely.

This doesn’t mean you aren’t open to the concept of a serious relationship if one were to creep up on you, it just means that you aren’t making it the focus of your life, that you aren’t walking around holding back tears because you have that feel when no gf.  You shouldn’t not have a girlfriend or wife because you can’t find one that likes you, it should be that you don’t want one because these women are below you.  It must be about you, because you are the thing which matters.  Manic women trying to screw-up your life and suck resources from you for their own ends are a bizarre distraction.

You should be worried about:

-Your health

-Your money

-Your ability to defend yourself

-Meaningful male relationships

-Your education and personal skill-set

in that order.  “Women” would be probably 15th on this list, way after your ability to cook your own food and keep your own house clean.

Your boys.  You must have your boys.
Your boys. You must have your boys.  And you must be ready to die for them.

You’ll notice I didn’t list “your ability to contribute to the cause” on there.  And that is, of course, the most important – because if we don’t figure out a way for our race to survive than your life doesn’t matter.  But in order to contribute to the cause, you need to have your own life in order, and this mean the things I listed above.

If someday in the future a fascist state emerges and removes women’s rights, it won’t take long for them to start behaving as they are supposed to behave, and they’ll be lining up to serve as wives for men who made this change happen.

And to you women who want to come on here and complain about how I characterize women – if you’re not like this, then what have you to be offended by?  What need do you have to share a collective identity with a bunch of monkey-loving whores?  If you want to prove me wrong, then go prove me wrong – go be a loving wife to a good man, and make his life easier rather than turning it into a living hell.

your tears
Your tears: They mean nothing to me.

And to you who want to whine about “but where will we get all the new White babies???” – this is simply a canard.  Go look around in public.  There are plenty of White babies.  There are still men willing to ruin their lives by getting involved with some woman who is going to rip them off for everything they’ve got, and they are still impregnating women.  There are also women over the age of thirty who have done their slutting around and trips to Asia who are having babies.  The demographic crisis is about our numbers in comparison to those of the hordes.  It isn’t about our actual numbers.  There are still plenty of White people on the planet.  Our numbers could be reduced to 25% of what they are now over the next hundred years and it wouldn’t really make any real difference.  Given the rate of technological development, population simply is not an issue.

Regarding the issue of your sex life – I don’t really know what to say.  Obviously, the amount of energy you must put in to get any type of sexual relationship involves a very bad input-output ratio.  Spending hours listening to some woman babble, while pretending to care about what she is saying, for a few minutes of pleasure is ridiculous, and if you feel you need it, it probably has to do with some beta aspect of your own self where you need the approval, rather than the actual sex.  Obviously sex is a need, but seriously – this effort.

True story.

Anyway, the promised series of articles is soon to be on the way, wherein I will break all of these issues down one by one.  And then Sven and I will do radio shows about them.

Need Writers

Right now, I am basically running the entire site myself, and it isn’t really something that can go on indefinitely.  I would very much like to get other writers involved, if they have experience.  This can include publishing here only, or cross-posting articles from your own blog.

There are so many other things I would like to be doing which just aren’t possible while I’m working at this rate to fill the site with normal news content, and I also feel that many writers out there would like to have their content featured here, given our massive audience.

So please, send me any samples of your work, or a link to your blog if you’d like to get involved.

If you’ve sent me something before and I didn’t respond (or if I did respond and then didn’t publish your work) send it again.  I am really trying to stay on top of emails, something which I haven’t done a very good job with in the past.

Serious Money Problems

We presently have serious money problems.  I have no idea what to do about this, but if it isn’t worked out, the site is going to have to be seriously scaled back; I would probably just turn it into a blog.  As I mentioned above, I am trying to get the monthly cost of the site reduced by fixing some issues with the server, but without the PayPal option I’ve been running in the red for several months.  I hope I will get this figured out soon, so as people can donate through credit card, but it is very hard to figure out.

If it is possible to send in cash, check, money order, international money order (for those outside of the US), or anything else along those lines, please do.  Also, I do still have bitcoin.  Can’t get kicked off of bitcoin, the SPLC doesn’t have anywhere to send the complaints to.

Details on how to contribute are here.

Christ help us.
Christ help us.

Hail Victory.

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