Seth Rogen Denounces the Existence of Israel

Some right-wingers make a big deal about Israel, to the point of openly shilling for the Palestinians.

I’m against Israel, for an entire list of reasons, but none of those reasons is because I’m concerned about the ethics of stealing someone’s land. It’s idiotic to take that position, as you end up indicting America itself.

You should also consider the other people who hold this same position.


Jewish actor Seth Rogen has courted controversy after saying that Israel’s existence “doesn’t make sense,” and that young Jews are misled to believe the state was created peacefully, without displacing thousands of Palestinians.

“If it is truly for the preservation of Jewish people, it makes no sense, because again, you don’t keep something you’re trying to preserve all in one place especially when that place has proven to be… pretty volatile,” Rogen told comedian Mark Maron on his ‘WTF’ podcast on Monday.

Rogen – who has been promoting his upcoming movie, ‘An American Pickle,’ a comedy-drama which tells the story of a Jewish immigrant who comes to the US in 1920 – told Maron that the idea of the Israeli state had been spoon-fed to him and many fellow Jews since childhood.

“And I also think that as a Jewish person… I was fed a huge amount of lies about Israel my entire life,” he said. “You know, they never tell you, that oh by the way, there were people there.”

“They make it seem like it was just sitting there, oh the f**king door’s open!”

Rogen then said that he is prepared to be torched by Zionists for his remarks, which are very much at odds with the prevailing narrative promoted by the Israeli government.

While half-jokingly observing that it was “scary” to challenge the status quo and that he was “100 percent afraid of Jews,” the comedian said that he would not backpedal.

“It’s scary. But we’re Jews – we can say whatever we want. If anyone can say whatever they f**king want about this shit, it should be two famous Jewish people.”

Other Jews came out to support the fat Jew comedian.

White nationalists have zero dogs in the fight between the Jews and the Arabs, and we should be working toward establishing governments in our countries that have zero dogs in this fight.

There are billions of Moslems on earth, and it is their problem that the Jews took their land. If they want to fight for their land, I do not think the US or UK should stand in their way.

I’m sick of paying for Israel. I’m sick of my government being used by Jews to push the agenda of Israel. Mostly, I’m sick of what Jews are doing domestically in my country – such as promoting Seth Rogen movies.

None of that makes me want to become a freedom fighter for the Palestinians, and I’m extremely suspicious of people who claim to be promoting a right-wing agenda who are overly occupied with talking about the plight of the Palestinians.

Because I mean, seriously – who cares?

We know who cares.

Jews control the anti-Israel movement just as much as they control the pro-Israel movement, and it is all about making a problem that is not our problem take precedence over our own problems.

The other fact that needs to be considered here is that most of us have a desire to get the Jews out of our countries. While Israel exists, we have a very easy place to send them.