Seriously, Bro – No One Wants H1-B Citizens

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 13, 2019

Ann Coulter is correct: H1-B people are not “highly skilled.” They are brought in by tech companies to do menial “testing” tasks because it is cheaper than hiring American workers.

Just so you understand: 3/4ths of H1-B visa holders are from India. The bulk of the rest are Chinese.

I talk to a whole lot of people who work in the tech industry. These are jobs that in fact white people with a high school education could do. There is no actual skill involved, all you have to do is know how to use a computer.

The idea that Donald Trump thinks people want H1-B’s to get citizenship because they’re “talented and highly skilled” – and views this “legals first” as “owning the libs” shows what a disconnected boomer he actually is.

I have gone so far as to say – and to honestly mean – that I would prefer MS-13 gang members to Indian tech workers because at least they’re less annoying. This isn’t a joke – I’m telling you, if I was given a choice between the two, I would pick MS-13.

I would not even need to pause and think for a moment.

It is no contest.

I remember when the media was printing sob stories about how Pajeets were in tears because bad orange man was going to stop them from coming here and feasting on the corpse of the American Empire.

Now Trump is using them as a bargaining chip to get the wall built.

But a bargaining chip with who?

Or should I say: with whomst? 

I don’t see even the Democrats talking about how they want these Pajeets. They’re always on about illegals, refugees, the diversity lottery and so on. I’m sure if you asked them, they’d say “yeah, we want all the brown people on earth here, so yes, those also.” But they’re not out there talking about it.

This is something that actually conservatives support – this whole “legal immigration” thing. I do not think they understand what it means, because all these disgusting “people” are doing is providing low-wage work to multinational corporations, and ruining neighborhoods.

I’ve heard from guys who move into nice houses in nice suburbs, and they’re surrounded by these stinking curry monsters.

Are you going to invite them to your BBQ?

These people are so weird, they won’t just stare at your daughter, they will bring your daughter up in conversation, “so beautiful, I am seeing her and I am feeling a tingle inside of the tippy-top of my penis.”

At least the MS-13 gang members will stay in their ghettoes. Also, MS-13 are not taking jobs from Americans – “hitman” and “meth trafficker” are both jobs that Americans legitimately do not want to do.

I don’t even want immigrants from white countries, let alone from fucking India.

I want the whole thing shut down – completely. Right now. Just close the border.

Get in front of this, Mr. President.

I understand you don’t feel you can say “white people” – okay, fine. But understand that we do not want anymore brown people, at all.

This was an extremely distasteful tweet, and I hope it was an accident.