Serious Question: Would you Stare-Rape This Chick?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 19, 2015

As a man, there are certain behavioral decisions that your biology makes for you. One of the most important of these is: who do I stare-rape?

For instance, would you stare-rape this chick?


Currently consulting my biological mechanism which measures such things, I’m thinking: it’s unlikely. She isn’t really very pretty, and has a swarthy Semitic thing going on.

However, it would depend mainly on what the bottom half of her looks like. Then add what she is wearing. And perhaps even more importantly, how she moves/walks.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to be stare-raped is up to the woman. And all women know this. Even the hottest woman on earth will not be stare-raped by the horniest man on earth if she is dressed and moving in a manner which does nothing to imply sexual availability.

Because stare-rape (and yes, for those without the psychological capacity to interpret sarcasm, I am using this term ironically) is a mating behavior. Men look at women in a sexually aggressive manner in order to communicate that they are interested in the woman.

Women, in fact, have vastly superior peripheral vision to men. So, when you are staring at her, she knows it, and she will respond either positively or negatively (this response is probably unconscious, just as your stare-rape probably is). If she responds positively – which will usually involve glancing in a direction slightly near you but not directly at you with a blankish look on her face, unless she is particularly bold and/or especially interested in which case she will look directly at you and may or may not smile) – and the situation feels serious or important (meaning you feel some type of emotional intensity), it is then your job to escalate the encounter, which is best done by moving towards her and saying something pointless in a provocative way, or giving a normal greeting in a slightly provocative way.

Stare-Rape Need Not be Serious in Intent

Most commonly, stare-rape and a woman’s positive response is simply playful human behavior. You stare-rape, she glances, you smile, both of you get a positive release of chemicals in the brain because your value has been confirmed, and nothing more takes place.

There is nothing weird about this.

Women know there is nothing weird about this, but they complain about it, as they complain about so much normal masculine behavior, as a means of trying to bully men into manning-up and acting like men again. That is the main purpose of all feminism – an attempt to push men into reasserting their role as aggressive rulers of society, and dominators of women.

If a woman responds with outrage to your flirtatious stare-rape, by looking directly at you with feigned outrage, smile widely, wink, and blow her a kiss. If you want to be especially alpha, smirk and throw your hands in the air. She will then either continue to act outraged and walk away – while feeling great about herself because of the chemical rush in her brain which is confirming her as valuable – or she will come at you aggressively, in which case she is demanding that you dominate her.

Either way, at that point, you will have won the interaction. A victory for you personally, and for the male sex as a whole.


  1. CelticNationalist

    Stare-rape? How about they issue a ban on ‘distance-rape?’ These feminists are proactively working to segregate predominantly white men from white women, as white men are notoriously the vilified scum of the earth in the eyes of these treacherous activist dykes sucking up to the browning of future generations. Saying that though, she looks like a typical filthy Jew, wouldn’t surprise me if that was factual.

  2. I’d let her suck it just to get even with the males of her kind that might of been with a European woman!

  3. Non queer females ‘stare’ at attractive females also. Just for a nano-second, but it happens. Does this bother the lesbo dyke-kike feminist.

  4. Thought provoking Andrew. Thanks for your thoughts.

    Women can walk away with their heels like they always do. They know they can “cherry pick” situations if you know what I mean?

    Maybe men “stare rape” because of feminism or maybe they just look without any intentions and just like looking because of beauty. They may not even want to date! And also is because women are hard to get.

    If women stopped looking at men as “rapists,” “misogynists,” “murderers,” and “pedophiles,” there would be more harmony between both sexes.

    If we had a normal 1950s type societies we wouldn’t be talking about bullshit like this!

  5. Don’t the pick-up artists call this “pre-selection”?

  6. Hey sweetie, I’m sure your jew psychiatrist will have something to take away all of your pain. Maybe he can sell you on 5 years of psychotherapy at $150 an hour to tell you your just processing your desire to have sex with your father. Or you could just not listen to what your man- hating, ugly, lesbian jew professor taught you.

    Or maybe you could go to the middle east and wear a burka instead.

  7. The only thing women hate more than too much attention is none at all!

  8. “I need feminism because stare-rape needs to stop!!!”

    1) Don’t flatter yourself, toots.

    2) Exactly how will “feminism” stop you from being “stare-raped”, especially when it’s being done by predatory Negro males?

  9. TestosteroneReactionary


  10. Ehh, I prefer the old fashioned variety myself. Kids these days . . .

  11. She’s alright, but has a creepy stare. I’d really need to know what’s behind the sign.

  12. Why “stare rape”, I’m sure she will gladly do anal for $20.

  13. Alpha white men lay 85% of the woman they desire. These ultra desirable men impregnate most women but never support their offspring. Homely or financially challenged men wind up as the cuckold. Unemployed black men have the time to impregnate hundreds in their lifetime, in the jungle most of his offspring would die.

  14. Stare rape, thought crime, black lives matter. Who thinks up these crazy fucking terms?

  15. fake Catherine Burns

    STARE RAPE? Man i thought this was another click-bait sexy nazi russian link, and to get this… big letdown.

  16. She looks rather Persian to me.Maybe the accepted Bat Cowl would neutralize her fears,and put them to rest.

  17. My wife wants to be mattress grl for Halloween, bludgeoning people with her mattress while bleeding profusely like marathon grl, ordering people to stop stare-raping her.

  18. What does a Nigger get after sex?,15-life.

  19. The Stare Rape needs to stop…but only when it’s committed by men I find sexually unattractive.

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