Serial Groper Joe Biden Says He’ll Be More Mindful of Personal Space and the Twitter Mob Eats Itself

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 4, 2019

Groping Joe won’t be groping in public anymore, apparently.


Former Vice President Joe Biden acknowledged Wednesday that his tendency toward physical displays of affection and encouragement has made some women uncomfortable, and he promised to be “much more mindful” of respecting personal space.

“Social norms have begun to change. They’ve shifted,” the 76-year-old Biden said in a cellphone video posted to Twitter . “And the boundaries of protecting personal space have been reset. And I get it. I get it. I hear what they are saying. I understand.”

Wearing a suit and open-collared shirt, Biden also teased an announcement of his political plans, promising to “be talking to you about a whole lot of issues.” Shortly after the video was released, a union announced Biden would speak at their conference in Washington on Friday.

The video was Biden’s first direct comment on what has tripped up his preparations to enter the 2020 Democratic presidential campaign. He did not directly apologize but seemed to be seeking to ease some people’s discomfort, which has raised questions about whether he could wage an effective campaign.

The interesting thing about this is the reaction of the Twitter mob. There are conspiracy theories, competitions to see who’s the most victimized, women defending him, women attacking him, men congratulating him, white knights m’ladying, and more. Much more.

Here’s some examples of that.

There’s many more from where those came from.

Women will defend anything.

White knights will defend any front-hole.

…and Joe Biden will grope any person, regardless of age and sex.

Also regardless of species.

He’s a true progressive that’s making the most out of this situation by “assuming responsibility” and saying he’ll change and adapt.

What effect all of this will have on his candidacy is yet to be determined. The media reported on his groping years ago, Twitter mobs shared videos of him groping kids years ago, and no one really cared then.

Now this horse is saying she felt uncomfortable when Biden inhaled a bit of her soul through her hair and everyone is talking about it.


If someone wanted to hurt Biden, you’d guess they’d choose to push the issue of him groping young kids. There’s plenty of videos of him doing that and people are more likely to feel sympathy towards those kids than towards Donkey from Shrek.

Saying “okay I won’t twist the nipples of prepubescent girls anymore” is likely to be received much worse than “okay I’ll be more mindful of people’s personal space from now on.”

This just seems like a big win for Joe.

In actuality, this is probably all staged to get the whole “Creepy Joe” meme out of the way.

Steve Bannon recently came out and said that the winning ticket is Kamala with Beto as VP.

It’s more likely that the winning ticket would be Biden/Some Ape.

So for now, we should just assume that any publicity Joe gets is part of a conspiracy to push him through the nomination process.