Serbians Lash Out in Rage After Drone with Greater Albanian Flag is Flown Over Stadium During Football Match

Lee Rogers
Daily Slave
October 16, 2014

The Serbian and Albanian teams confront each other over the Albanian flag.

During a soccer (football, if you will) match in Belgrade, Serbia between the Serbian and Albanian national teams, a drone with the Greater Albanian flag appeared over the stadium.  A Serbian player eventually removed the flag, angering the Albanian players which caused the two teams to brawl on the pitch.  Many of the Serbian fans who were already expressing their disapproval at the flag stunt ran on to the field, charging after the Albanian players.

The match was called off but not before Serbian fans hurled objects at and attacked the Albanian players as they ran off the pitch.  Footage of what happened is shown in a few of the clips embedded below.

Albanian fans did not travel to Belgrade for the game at the request of Serbia, due to the political history between the countries.  This meant that the stadium was primarily filled with nationalist Serbs.  Albania has supported the independence of Kosovo, an area of land that is currently recognized as an independent country by most of the puppet Jew states of Europe as well as the United States.  Serbia however does not recognize its independence and continues to claim autonomy over it.

A Serbian fan attacks one of the Albanian players during the brawl.

The incident appears to have been a political provocation by Albania.  The Serbs have blamed the Albanian Prime Minister’s brother Olsi Rama for the incident.  He was sitting in a VIP box.  Rama was apparently able to get around the ban of Albanian fans attending the match due to this status as an American national.  He has since denied that he had anything to do with the flag incident.

Although I do not claim to be an expert on the internal politics of Serbia and the history of Yugoslavia’s breakup, there seems to have been a Jewish agenda to undermine the Serbian people for sometime now.  The bombing campaign by NATO forces in the 1990s, which went through without UN approval, is just one piece of evidence suggesting this.  The support for Kosovo’s independence by all of these Jew puppets is another.  It is my impression that the Serbs represent a strong group of White people who still believe in traditional values.  For instance, the Serbs certainly haven’t taken kindly to the faggot pride parades that the Cultural Marxists have tried to cram down their throats.

The Jews understand that a strong organized group of White European people can end their games of manipulation and lies forever.  I believe this is why there has been such strong support from Jewish controlled institutions for splitting up what used to be Yugoslavia into multiple different pieces.

It is also worth noting that a majority of Albanians practice Islam, or at least identify as Muslim.  There is also a large Albanian population of Muslims inside of Kosovo.  So what you have here with this flag incident is a political provocation by a country with a large Muslim population towards a White European nation.

This is a situation that we should monitor closely because it represents a key proxy within the larger context of the Jewish agenda to invade Europe with hordes of Muslims.  Even though I can’t say for sure that Jews were behind this particular incident, it certainly fits in with their disgusting agenda and their biological desire to create discord.