Serbian License Plate Crisis Escalates (Another Fitting Place to Kick Off a World War)

From the Domenica del Corriere, an Italian paper, a front page a drawing by Achille Beltrame depicting Gavrilo Princip killing Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria in Sarajevo.

The globalists want a war to destroy the systems of China and Russia and bring them into the fold (of the anus).

As we are well aware, massive conflicts usually start with some small, dumb thing.

World War I started with a masonic style Serbian nationalist cult called the “Black Hand.”

I don’t really remember the story very well right now, but they allegedly arranged for the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand because they thought that would trigger a conflict which they believed would be good for their goals. There are various theories about it, which I’m not an expert on, but in general, it is supposed that they were probably being manipulated by someone else.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is: if there is going to be a Third World War, between ZOG and Russia/China, then it will be started by some dumb event that no one expected or was thinking about, which will then spiral out of control.

So I’m always interested when I see things like what is going on in Serbia right now.

I’m not interested specifically because it’s Serbia – I am also very interested in issues in the Ukraine, on the China-India border, on the India-Pakistan border, and ethnic tensions between Russian diaspora and natives in various former USSR nations, among others.

But it is interesting that this is Serbia.


Police in self-proclaimed Kosovo say they have arrested 10 Albanian citizens for attacking ethnic Serbs. Ethnic tensions have escalated in the breakaway Serbian region, with Serbia, Russia and NATO getting involved.

The 10 Albanians were detained on Monday in the city of Mitrovica in northern Kosovo, after they attacked a group of Serbs visiting a government building on official business, the police reported. The city itself is predominantly Serb, but the incident happened in the southern part, which is overwhelmingly populated by ethnic Albanians.

Eight detainees were kept in custody and charged in connection with the alleged attack, while two others, identified as minors, were released, the report said. The police pledged to hold the underaged assailants accountable for their actions.

The incident highlights the ongoing escalation of ethnic tensions in Northern Kosovo, which ratcheted up last week due to a row between Kosovo and Serbia over the issue of the opposing sides’ non-recognition of the legitimacy of each others’ vehicle licence plates. Kosovo authorities decided to no longer recognize plates issued by Serbia, forcing drivers of vehicles who want to cross the border to buy temporary Kosovo-issued plates instead.

The license plate crisis has already escalated to the point that Russia has sent in military advisors and NATO is mounting at the border.

Serbia does not recognize Kosovo’s independence and never treated its licence plates as legitimate, so it has been issuing temporary plates for cross-border traffic for a long time.

The Kosovo move was perceived as discriminatory by the local Serb population even as the authorities insisted it was reciprocal. Many Kosovar Serb truck drivers responded by blocking border checkpoints in the north in a gesture of protest. The Kosovo government deployed special police forces to the border in response, further fueling resentment of the Serbs.

As tensions in Kosovo grew, Belgrade got involved too, with President Aleksandar Vucic ordering a military bulid-up along the border and saying that troops would intervene if Kosovar Serbs were targeted with violence. Serbian military planes and helicopters were reported flying along the border in an apparent show of force.

Russia, Serbia’s long-time ally, showed its support by sending officials to inspect Serbian troops in the border region during the weekend. It also stated that the responsibility for the latest escalation was with the Kosovo side and called on them to return to the status quo.

Meanwhile, NATO’s KFOR mission in Kosovo on Monday ramped up patrols along the border, touting it as an attempt to de-escalate the situation. 

It would be fitting for the war to end all wars to have started over license plates in a fake country that most people have never even heard of.

No one can really explain the whole thing with the Black Hand and the assassination of the Archduke, but it has the context of the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the inability of the troubled Austro-Hungarian Empire to administer what was in effect a group of Russians, who had just broken free from centuries of brutal and often homosexual Islamic rule.

Here’s a good video describing what the Serbs were recovering from:

Anyway, although the thing was dumb in itself, there was all of this other context.

That is what I foresee happening soon: some dumb event is going to bring to a head all of these boiling tensions.

I don’t think that the US is going to just start shooting Chinese ships or bombing Russians in Syria, or that China is going to invade Taiwan, or that Russia is going to roll tanks across the Donetsk border.

It will all be triggered by something very dumb, like some Serbian politician getting shot over license plates. A skirmish would break out, Russia would send in troops, America would send in troops to defend Albanian terrorist colonists, then something would happen between Turkey and Greece, then Israel would start bombing Syria more aggressively, or invade Lebanon, then a US ship flying the Philippine flag would attack a Chinese fishing boat, then India would send troops into Tibet, the US would start moving ISIS into Iran and Western China… and so on.

I don’t know if that will ever evolve into a serious war, as I just can’t see the West having the will. But I do think that there is going to be some series of events similar to what I just described in the near future, which will at least bring us to the brink of a world war.

The more silly the West gets with the trannies and the forced vax and so on, the less likely a real war becomes, in my view. There is zero chance China or Russia would trigger a war, as their strategy is clearly to just wait for the West to completely destroy itself, then clean up their own neighborhoods of the filth the West has spread into them, and then continue on with civilization.

Honestly, the worse the West gets, the more optimistic I am about the future. I think it is more or less undeniable at this point that the people running the West are completely unhinged and do not really have any clear plan beyond building a technetronic slave grid and then turning themselves into cyborgs so they can live forever in some pedophile virtual reality kingdom.

Frankly, I often feel like I’m talking out of my ass when writing about geopolitics, but this is what you have to understand: there is no group of experts, anywhere, that is not doing that. I at least have an honest understanding of the basic dynamics at work between East and West. If anyone else has that, they’re not willing to share it, and instead spread gibberish. Literally, no Western think-tank is capable of publishing honest information about what is going on. They all write about Taiwan as if it is a part of America, and that the singular purpose of the existence of the American nation is the defense of hardcore anal rimjobs and x-treme anal ramming on the streets of Taipei.

The fact that the entire Western system is completely based on lies creates a totally ridiculous situation where they cannot present accurate information in their military strategy papers. I have absolutely no idea how you can run an effective military strategy when you are prohibited from speaking honestly about what is going on geopolitically.

I do not think that the entire Western world, including France and Germany and so on, would be willing to become involved in a World War with China in order to prevent Beijing from exercising control over their internationally recognized territories.

Of course, the whole thing is bullshit – this is not actually all about anal sex in Taiwan. The goal of the Western powers is regime change in mainland China. The Ukraine-Russia thing is more or less exactly the same situation.

But they have to publish that China and Russia are the aggressors, and therefore, nothing they publish is coherent.

China is obviously honest about their objectives, but they do not have any better understanding of what the US is doing/thinking than any random person.

The US economy is so intertwined with the Chinese economy, that it just does not seem feasible that there could actually be a war. And yet, every single indicator is that the US/NATO/ZOG is planning to somehow overthrow both Russia and China. And as I have said: their entire agenda is dependent on this. Western countries are purposefully destroying their own economies and their own populations. That would be fine if they controlled the whole world, but they don’t.

And the clock is ticking here. The illusion of US supremacy is fading as quickly as our senile fake president.

And who is even in charge of this?

Seriously – look at the people we are told are in charge.

Do those people seem like they’re capable of running a war against the Chinese? 

Say what you want about the Chinese. I have my own criticisms. But they’re serious people. They are not a bunch of decadent perverts and narcissistic control freaks, and they are not diabolical. They care about their own country, and defending their own interests, and they want their own nation to prosper.

The people running our country are trying to hurt us, or outright kill us, and they are doing that for reasons that you can’t even grasp ahold of and coherently explain beyond simply saying “because of the Jews.”

One thing is clear: this will not end without some kind of serious bloodbath.

My best advice is to avoid it as much as possible.