Serbia: Shit Show in the Streets, Protestors Storm State TV HQ

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 19, 2019

Serbia has got some issues to sort out.

New York Times:

Thousands of Serbs protested outside President Aleksandar Vucic’s official residence in the capital, Belgrade, on Sunday to push for greater press freedom and free and fair elections, an intensification of rallies that have been held every weekend for more than three months.

Demonstrators broke into the state-run television network’s building on Saturday to express their anger at what they said was scant coverage of their protests.

Mr. Vucic won a commanding victory in the 2017 presidential election and critics say he has used that dominance to turn the levers of state — the news media, law enforcement and the courts — against his opponents.

This was an interesting maneuver. One of the opposition leaders personally stormed the news station to demand that he be put on the air. Yellow Vests, are you paying attention???

I don’t know whether the opposition guy, Borko Stefanovic, is any good or not, because the whole Balkan situation is always confusing.

That being said, if I had to judge… well, my golden rule is that I always support the opposite of whoever the kikes like.

An attack in November on an opposition politician, Borko Stefanovic, prompted the growing protests, which have cast a harsh light on Mr. Vucic and on whether he is prepared to embrace Western principles of free speech or follow a model of authoritarianism dressed up with the trappings of democracy that can be seen in countries such as Turkey and Russia.

Lol there it is. 

That was easy. The Jews don’t like Vucic, the current president, got it.

… or Turkey or Russia, for that matter.

Riot police officers used pepper spray against a small group of the protesters on Sunday after they tried to bring a truck with loudspeakers closer to the president’s residence, Reuters reported. The demonstrators blew whistles and shouted, “Resign!” as Mr. Vucic gave a news conference inside the building.

Dude looks rather homo, imho.

Referring to the episode at the television building, Mr. Vucic said, “I am not afraid.” During his televised address, Mr. Vucic repeatedly labeled opposition leaders “fascists, hooligans and thieves,” The Associated Press reported.

I think when he says “fascists” he means “bad” or “Western” or possibly just “Croatian.”

“There will be no more violence,” The A.P. cited Mr. Vucic as saying. “Serbia is a democratic country, a country of law and order and Serbia will know how to respond.” 

He’s using liberal buzzwords tho, wtf…


All I know is that Vucic is no Milosevic. He’s no strongman. If NATO backs the opposition again like they did back in the day, then we have another Venezuela/Syria/Ukraine situation brewing in Belgrade.

Gonna have to keep my eye on this developing situation.