Serbia: Faggots March in Support of Invasion

Daily Stormer
September 20, 2015


Thanks, Jews.


Hundreds of gay and human rights activists at Serbia’s gay pride event have called for solidarity with migrants passing through the Balkan country in search of a new life in Western Europe.

The pride march was held Sunday in the capital Belgrade under tight security with thousands of riot police in full gear deployed in the downtown area to protect the gathering.

Police say several extremists have been detained. In 2010 extremist groups and soccer hooligans attacked a pride march in the conservative Balkan country, triggering clashes that left more than 100 people injured.

It’s going to be really great for you guys when Europe is Moslem, huh?

I mean, right?

“He who puts the blessings of his penis in the anal cavity of another man, Allah looks finely upon, GRIDS be upon him.” -Muhammed Koran Surah 132