Serbia Bans Dog-Walking Because of Coronavirus, Pet Owners are Furious

Daily Stormer
March 30, 2020

Understand – these people are living in urban apartments. These dogs have no choice but to poop on the floor, or in some kind of designated pooping room.

It’s bizarre and cruel. Coronavirus hysteria is getting seemingly purposefully sadistic.

Washington Times:

Pet owners in Serbia are furious over the populist government’s decision to ban even a brief walk for people with dogs during an evening curfew to contain the spread of the new coronavirus.

Angry dog owners have flooded social networks, warning that the ban could harm their dogs’ health and cause frustration and anxiety for both the animals and their owners.

Veterinarian Nenad Milojkovic said protecting animal rights is a test for a society during hard times such as an epidemic. He said skipping the evening walk could worsen the condition for the dogs with urinary problems and “aggravate basic hygienic conditions in people’s homes.”

Dogs need their walks.

The website Cheerful Canine lists the following consequences of not taking dogs on regular walks:

  • Your dog won’t get enough exercise (and their needs vary by breed)
  • Your pup will get bored and become destructive
  • Your dog won’t be properly socialized
  • Your four-legged friend won’t be as well-trained
  • The bond with your dog won’t be as strong

What do governments think happens to humans who are forced into social isolation?

Humans also need their walks.

People are literally going to snap like in Rimworld.

We’re going to see insulting sprees, we’re going to see stabbing sprees, we’re going to see fire-starting sprees.

But I suppose it’s reasonable and necessary.

Especially in a place like Serbia, with its out of control death toll from this insanely deadly doom virus.