Trump Deletes Tweet of Video Where MAGA Boomer Shouted “White Power”


Trump has deleted the tweet.

Here is the original video.

The media really went nuts about the boomer shouting white power.

Maybe Trump didn’t hear it when he watched the video, or maybe it didn’t register in his brain that it mattered if his supporters were saying that. I don’t know.

I wish he wouldn’t have deleted it though.

Original Article Follows. 

The Villages is a boomer retirement zone in Florida. The old folks there are having a race war.

President Trump retweeted a video of it where an old MAGA boomer shouts “white power.”

This is going to unleash some hell.

The video will probably be deleted by the time you see this.

But wow, that is funny.

It’s hard to believe he didn’t see the guy shout “WHITE POWER.” I think instead he’s trying to signal to white people.

Which is whatever. We know he’s not going to do anything. But he needs to say whatever he needs to say to get reelected.