Seniliphobic Trump Attacks Biden for Being Mentally Infirm

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 6, 2020

Donald Trump wrecking Joe Biden for being senile is going to be fantastic.

I did want Bernie to win, because I thought it would force some important issues into the public discussion. Basically, support for Israel’s war machine would be a big part of the debate, and a lot of people would have to start asking “what exactly is this thing where we give Israel all this money and fight all these wars for them? Do we do it because of the Holocaust?”

But now we’re going to have Donald Trump making fun of Biden for being senile. Which is going to be much funnier.

Can you even begin to imagine how funny these debates are going to be?

“Joe, get it together! Spit it out, Joe!”

The Guardian:

Donald Trump attacked Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities on Thursday night during an event in the former-vice president’s hometown that could set the tone for an ugly general election.

Appearing at a Fox News town hall in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Trump – who has faced repeated scrutiny over his own mental acuity – said there was “something going on” with Biden, in what may prove a rehearsal for Republican attacks during the presidential election.

Thursday marked Trump’s first public event since Biden’s surprisingly strong performance on Super Tuesday, when he won 10 out of 14 states available to propel him into the lead in the Democratic primary. Trump said he had been “all set” to face Biden’s rival Bernie Sanders, whom he called a “communist”, until the recent vote.

“Then we have this crazy thing that happened on Tuesday, which [Biden] thought was Thursday, but he also said 150 million people were killed with guns and that he was running for the United States Senate. There’s something going on there,” Trump said.

Biden – who did say those things – has a track record of gaffes and has turned in bumbling debate performances, but Trump’s line of attack raised the unedifying spectacle of an election focused on two men in their 70s attacking each other’s alleged cognitive decline.

Unedifying to whom?

That is going to edify the heck out of me.

Because Biden is going to respond to Trump calling him out as senile by saying Trump is insane. But he won’t be able to get his words out to say that.

We all see these “gaffes,” but if you watch a longer clip of Biden, these funny clips that get shown are not “gaffes,” they are just the funniest parts of hours of rambling nonsense.

Watch this two minute clip.

Two minutes of just completely nonsensical rambling.

And the pressure on him is making it much worse. He is half as coherent today as he was six months ago, so by the time the debates with Trump get started, he’s going to be half as coherent as he is now.

But he’ll still be cool.

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