Senile Old Bat Pelosi and the Jews Announce Articles of Impeachment

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 10, 2019

Nancy Pelosi appeared before the media today with a gaggle of kikes and some old nigger.

She had several senior moments before handing the mic to the Jew Jerrold Nadler, who said that he is introducing two articles of impeachment, for high crimes and misdemeanors.

This Jew looks like he rapes children.

The first article, the Jew said, is for “abuse of power.”

Jews would know about that issue, I’m sure.

The Jew then talked about how he hacked the election with the Russians in 2016, just like he’s doing it in 2020 with the Ukrainians.

The second article is “obstruction of Congress.”

Jew Nadler then thanked the Jews Adam Schiff and Elliot Engel – both on stage – for making this whole thing happen. The way these people were thanking their Jewish producers, it was like an Academy Award acceptance speech. And I guess it isn’t too far from that, is it?

Then the Jew Adam Schiff got up there and started spewing his vitriolic hatred.

Look, I am the number one person talking about how Jews control everything. But this was mind-boggling to me. This is literally an open Jewish conspiracy against the president of white people.

Obviously, nothing is going to happen. Other than this same circus show that is already happening. It’s just going to be this endless Jew circus, with all of these monsters running around in a frenzy, whining.

The most sorrowful thing is that this will continue to dominate the news.

Just yesterday, it was released that the government had been aggressively lying for 18 years about the war in Afghanistan. That should be a big deal. But that news is completely buried under this stupid Jewish hoax.

Everything will be buried under this Jewish hoax.

Then Trump will not be impeached, he will win in 2020, and he will owe his win to the Republicans who stood with him, and so he will continue four more years of their agenda, which is the same agenda we’ve had for the last three years – mainly just Israel First and harassing foreign countries like Venezuela, Iran and China with CIA shilljobs.

The full House vote on these articles is next week.