Senate Morons Taking Forever to Print Them Trillions

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The Senate voted to break a filibuster Saturday and advance a massive $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package after months of furious negotiations, clearing a major hurdle for President Joe Biden’s agenda even as it will soon face an uncertain future in the House.

Eighteen GOP senators joined Democrats to shut down debate on the bill Saturday afternoon. Senators are confident the bill will pass, but it’s now just a matter of how long that takes with the exact timing of a final vote still unclear. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced on the floor Saturday that the Senate would reconvene Sunday at noon to resume consideration of the bill.

“We’ve been working hard all day on amendments and hopefully we can come to some agreement tomorrow but the time is burning as we go forward,” Schumer said.

Earlier Saturday, freshman Sen. Bill Hagerty’s spokesperson Judd Deere had made clear that the Tennessee Republican would not consent to speed up passage of the bill. An agreement to tee up additional amendment votes or speed up final passage requires all 100 senators to sign off, which means final passage of the bipartisan bill doesn’t look likely until Monday night or Tuesday morning — unless there’s an agreement.

“He will not consent to accelerate this package that adds to the deficit. The Senator is not objecting to votes on amendments, but the body should follow regular order as it works to complete this legislation,” Deere said.

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