Senate Confirms CIA is an Honest Group That Would Never Lie to Hurt Trump or Russia

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 4, 2018

The House Intelligence Committee, led by the TRUTH-WEAPON Devin Nunes, decided the Russian conspiracy was a hoax created by a conspiracy to hoax a conspiracy.

But the Senate, without going into any detail, has decided that the CIA is a trustable organization that would never lie about anything – especially not to hurt Donald Trump or Russia.


The Senate Intelligence Committee endorsed the intelligence community assessment (ICA) that Russia meddled in the US presidential election, taking the word of the people involved that everything was done properly.

The committee finds that the ICA is “a sound intelligence product,” and “believes the conclusions of the ICA are sound,” said the report released on Tuesday by Chairman Richard Burr (R-North Carolina) and endorsed by ranking member Senator Mark Warner (D-Virginia).

Numerous media outlets pointed out how the bipartisan Senate report disagreed with the House panel’s conclusions from back in April. The #Resistance was all excited too.

The report says that Putin himself ordered this vague “meddling.”

What was the meddling?

Oh so the meddling was the preference itself?

Like, did he use telepathy?

As far as why he would hold such a preference – wouldn’t it just be obvious?

Hillary Clinton campaigned on shooting Russian jets over Syria to protect ISIS – which would effectively be a declaration of World War III.

Trump understood that this conflict with Russia has no actual substance, and is in fact a globalist conspiracy.

What does this document even say?

The actual document, however, is long on faith and assertions and short on evidence. Time and again, the committee claims that their own conclusions, as well as those of the ICA, have been confirmed by “open source” information. That’s the catch-all phrase of the veritable cottage industry of self-proclaimed experts on “Russian bots” and trolls, who have used the “Russiagate” panic to get embedded in social media.

The ICA document was on par with pissgate in terms of quality and fact. There were certainly no legitimate citations, other than to talk about how RT is an English-language news organization owned by Russia.

The January 2017 ICA document was similarly short on evidence and padded out by a seven-page report on RT activities in the US, based on “open-source” information dating back to 2012. Here is the only instance in which the committee actually criticizes the ICA, saying it “fails to provide an updated assessment of this capability in 2016,” especially since “this information was available in open source.”

Either way, none of that matters, because the “ICA does not comment on the potential effectiveness of this propaganda campaign,” the committee report says. So why bring up RT to begin with, let alone make it a large chunk of the entire assessment?

Every news organization in America, other than Fox News, is run by Israelites.

Russia is allowed to run a news site in English.

Basically, the ICA made all of these public claims about a Russian conspiracy, had nothing to back it up, then just added a bunch of pointless filler to a report and said “HERE’S THE PROOF.” The SIC was just like “YEP, THERE IT IS.”

As for the evidence the committee itself has managed to dig up, it has largely consisted of admissions by social media giants that RT may have promoted some tweets and Facebook posts, and that some people posted in Cyrillic.

The second valuable finding in Tuesday’s report debunks the fraudulent talking point that “seventeen US intelligence agencies” blamed Russia for allegedly interfering in the election, while also providing an excuse for why only a handful of analysts from three agencies were involved.

“Only three agencies were represented in the drafting process, because of the extreme sensitivity of the sources and methods involved,” the committee says.

Yeah, “17 intelligence agencies” was an NYT fake news meme.

Politifact needs to do another update if we’re now saying three.

That one really had some legs. I must have heard “17 intelligence agencies” 17 million times when they were still engaged with that particular blood libel bit.

Here is where it gets interesting. The committee “had to rely on agencies that the sensitive information and accesses had been accurately reported.” In other words, they had to take the agencies’ own word for it.

Secondly, the senators “heard consistently” from the intelligence personnel involved with the report that they were “under no politically motivated pressure to reach any conclusions.” Certainly, if you ignore the facts that President Barack Obama was a Democrat and it was Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party that originated the claim that Russia had interfered in the election.

Hillary Clinton personally paid for pissgate.

O’Comey, O’Brennan, Clapper, etc. were all Clintonoids.

Another claim taken on faith was that the so-called Steele Dossier “did not in any way inform the analysis in the ICA – including the key findings – because it was unverified information and had not been disseminated as serialized intelligence reporting.”

Yet the dossier was used by the FBI to secure four FISA surveillance warrants on a former Trump campaign aide, which were conducted by the NSA. Personnel from both agencies took part in writing the ICA.

Anyway, the Senate is coming out with this right now because Mueller is drowning. Rosenstein can’t hold this together. So they need another thing to point at and say “SEE IT’S NOT REALLY A HOAX DESPITE APPEARANCES.”

But the bottom line is that all the Senate Intelligence Committee did was say “oh yes, the CIA is telling the truth – look at the RT network, for example, and what about these Tweets?”

There is zero substance. RT is not a crime, Tweets are not a crime. This is fake news.

The Senate did not do an investigation like Nunes did.

It’s just… it’s so boring at this point.

I feel like I have to report on this. Because no one else really does. RT and Sean Hannity do, but they don’t ever give the full story.

Honestly, my reporting on the Russian Kookspiracy should have already won me a Pulitzer.

No joke.

They’ll give me one some day.