Senate Candidate’s Leaked Memo Says Her Position on Israel will be Determined by How Much Money She Receives from Jews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 29, 2014

Shekels Talk: Michelle Nunn will sing and dance for the Jew state and advocate baby-killing if the price is right
Shekels Talk: Michelle Nunn will sing and dance for the Jew state and advocate baby-killing if the price is right

The National Review, a conservative magazine has leaked the memos Michelle Nunn, of a Democratic candidate running for Senate in Georgia.  This situation provides us with a harrowing look into the idiotic nature of the Jew-designed system of liberal democracy, and how it is used to Jew us over.

The Jews invented the modern system of democracy (technically, they hijacked and reinvented an existing system) because it is a dream method of controlling the people while giving them the illusion that they have influence over the way things are done.  They tell you you can elect officials to represent you, but the entire presentation of these individuals emerges from their controlled media and the system runs on money – and the Jews have the money.

One of the memos from Nunn says that her position on Israel will be based on how much money she receives from Jewish donors.  Of course, this is how all American politicians function – in order to get elected through the campaign system, they need funding, and then they owe favors to those who fund them.  The system could not be more ridiculous or corrupt.  It has zero to do with representing the people, and everything to do with giving the impression that you represent the people while serving those who put you in power through donations.

Every politician is willing to support the Jews and their genocide state because the Jews have the ability to fund any politician into power.  They will generally fund both Republicans and Democrats.  If someone comes up in either party who is willing to stand against their agenda on principle, they simply fund whoever their opposition is and get them removed from Congress.

The Hordes vs. The People

We also see in these memos the way politicians are willing to actively use hordes of non-Whites, along with sexual deviants, against the majority.  Though the Jewish desire to destroy us as a people is the first factor in the massive influx of immigration, and the capitalist desire for cheap labor the second, the third is the Democrats’ desire to secure votes.

Nunn openly stated in her memos that the campaign would be run on working against the White majority of Georgia – who disagree with her sickening liberal policies – and securing votes from minorities.

It is revealed she worked with a Jew strategist named Feldman to plan a strategy of bringing in non-Whites to support her anti-White agenda.

Much of the strategizing in the Georgia contest, as is typical in southern politics, revolves around race. But the Nunn memos are incredibly unguarded. One is from Diane Feldman, a Democratic pollster and strategist who counts among her clients Minnesota senator Al Franken, South Carolina representative James Clyburn, and former Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Feldman, who did not return calls seeking comment, is frank in her characterization of the demographic groups — Jews, Asians, African Americans, Latinos, and gays — that are essential to a Democratic victory. The Nunn campaign declined to comment about the document on the record.

Nunn’s strategists also say there is a “huge opportunity” to raise money from gays, bisexuals, and transgender individuals, who are described as having “substantial resources.”

This is Democracy

What is demonstrated her is not abnormal. It is the entire foundational process of the entire liberal democratic process. The system does not work for the people because it was never meant to work for the people. It was meant to work for the Jews and corporations who have the money to control it.

“Democracy” has been made into a sacred word meaning that the people can choose, but it is democracy which has stripped us of our choices, has broken down our basic human freedoms. It is only by abolishing this system and replacing it with a true and noble form of governance that our race will be able to flourish.