Self-Help Sunday: Time to Drop the Soap, Foam Cuck

On Saturday, I exposed a reddit soap advertisement that was just an interracial cuck porno.

Since we’re talking about soap, I feel the need to note: soap is a total hoax. It is a completely unnecessary chemical compound, which you should not subject your skin to.

That interracial porno on reddit is talking about chemicals in soap, and talking about how their soap doesn’t have any chemicals. This is actually bullshit, because I went to their website – the brand is called “Dr. Squatch” – and their soaps are filled with “essential oils.”

People have known that essential oils disrupt the endocrine system for at least a decade, but it’s just now trickling into the mainstream. C|Net published an article about it last year, interviewing people who have done the research into these dangerous chemicals.

Because no one gives a shit about men, most of the scientific research on essential oils has been done with relation to how the xenoestrogens in them can help women during menopause. But they’re now admitting that all this does is disrupt women’s hormone systems, just like it obviously does to men.

There is no such thing as “safe soap.” It will all turn you into a bitch ass nigga, and gay. Stop using soap. Shower regularly, and scrub your body, and you will not stink.

Actually, frankly, if you go full natural, you will emit odor (a musk, frankly) – but it will be from not using deodorant, not from not using soap. The soap does nothing to prevent body odor, it’s just a total and complete scam. Conversely, deodorants legitimately block the secretion of sweat from your glands using aluminum to actually physically lock the perspiration inside of your body. All anti-perspirant deodorants are chemically designed to stop the secretion of sweat. And the fact is, yes, sweat has an odor.

That doesn’t have anything to do with soap, however. It’s a totally separate issue. If you have to work in an office, and wear a suit, I frankly don’t know what to tell you, as you really don’t have any choice but to use anti-perspirant deodorant. I fully understand that you can’t walk around an office smelling all musky. However, you can cut out the soap, and that will help.

Basically, sweat is a way for your body to expel toxins (no, this is not a new age conspiracy theory). You can look up many diagrams.

These deodorant company lunatics actually admit what they’re doing.

What this does is lock all of the toxins your body is trying to release inside of your glands, and this has – shockingly, I’m sure – been linked to breast cancer (as well as all of the various endocrine problems we rail against). It should be obvious that locking bodily excretions inside your body is a bad idea. The concept of anti-perspirant deodorant is similar to sewing your anus shut, and letting your feces absorb back into your intestines.

Eventually, blocking the release of these excretions through the sweat glands (lymph nodes) can form tumors that spread to the breasts.

This is a big part of why you have this explosion of breast cancer in the modern era (this and birth control pills – which are a separate issue, which I’ve talked about before).

But yeah, I mean if you wear a suit in an office, I don’t really think you have any choice. If you work anywhere else, you can just make sure to scrub your pits real good, and you’re going to cut down on 80% of the musky odor – at least until things get hot.

But remember: when it comes to bodily scrubbing, you want the harsh stuff, and you want it natural (a plastic scrubber defeats much of the purpose).

I recommend going for loofah. It’s cheap and you can get it anywhere (I think even Walmart).

Something like this is ideal, it lasts about a month:

Something like this (braided loofah) is great too, but it is a bit more expensive:

These things are probably the easiest, and eBay is saying you can get 9 of them (basically a year’s worth) for $20.98.

(With these more streamlined loofah products, just make sure there’s no weird stuff in them.)

Potential Soapless Issues

Firstly, as stated: smell is not going to be a problem with no soap, as that is entirely related to deodorant.

If you get oily skin, you can use apple cider vinegar, if you get dry skin, you can use coconut oil. But pretty much, unless you’re in some super-dry or super-humid climate, just scrubbing your body normally is going to be fine.

I have very pink skin, and used to sometimes get weird zits, like, on my arms or whatever, and also rashes, and since I stopped using soap, that has all gone away.

(Note: I haven’t used anti-perspirant deodorant since I was a teenager, as it used to cause the glands under my arms to swell up, and I thought, “this can’t be good.” So I’ve already long ago come to terms with the fact that I am going to have a musk, and people who are around me are just going to have to deal with that. I very rarely get complaints, and the number of complaints have GONE DOWN since I stopped using soap, as I think it has done something to balance the bacteria on my skin which has helped with the perspiration odor.)

Also: you can shave without shaving cream in the shower. Let the hot water run over your face for 30-60 seconds, and it will open up your pores, and the hairs will just slide right off, regardless of what kind of razor you’re using (as long as it is sharp).

What I will say is this: get a good scrubber and scrub hard. Shower before you go out, every time. That is: if you go to work in the morning, shower before then, and then if you come home and you’re going out at night for an event, shower before that also. And change your clothes. Unless they are jeans, which can be worn two days in a row, without underwear. Also, don’t wear underwear, as it makes your balls too hot, and also causes chaffing.

I have previously called for people to stop using soap, and I have yet to get a single negative response. Every response has been positive. In the near future, I will publish some of these positive responses, so people can get an idea of just how good this plan is.