Self-Help Sunday: Nothing is Free

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 26, 2019

Very often, we feel like the world has gone completely insane and we are now inside of the middle of a Biblical apocalypse type situation.

It is worthwhile to consider eternal truths.

What I have found to be the most relevant truth to human life is that nothing is free.

Everything has a price. Not necessarily money. Not even usually money. You trade one thing for another. Sometimes these trades are good trades, sometimes they are not so good trades, like in that Stephen King book “Needful Things.” But you always get what you pay for.

I saw a post the other day from a woman talking about how when she was 21 and pregnant with a toddler running around, she was seeing her friends from high school on Facebook posting pictures of their college parties and trips around the world, and she felt like she was missing out. Someone replied that she wasn’t missing out on anything.

And I said “of course she was missing out – these sluts are having the time of their life.”

From what I have witnessed, there is nothing funner that being a teenaged or twenty-something whore, with this incredible power over men that they have at that age, going around everywhere and getting whatever they want from whoever they want.

Their predicament is that they are using this sexual power that they have for trivial fun times and power-tripping. They are spending their youthful beauty on frivolities instead of spending it on a man who will marry them and take care of them long past the time that their beauty fades.

By going on these sex-crazed adventures in college, on gap years, taking jobs in NGOs and whatever else these whores do, they are foregoing being able to find a man that is worthwhile. And then they get to 30, and men of quality simply are not interested in them. They can get married, theoretically, but it will be to either a much lower quality man, or – if they’re lucky – a high-quality man who is in his 50s, is divorced with kids, and who they will have to take care of when he ages. They will never have a big, happy family. They will never know the joy that I saw my grandma experience when she was surrounded by twenty-odd people who emerged from her body or from a body that emerged from her body.

And by gambling with their youth this way, they might end up like Theresa May – 60-something, no children, hated by everyone, breaking down crying on television in front of the whole world. And they will have nothing at all to show for any of it, other than memories of sex affairs and power trips.

This is the same dynamic with drugs.

Drugs are fun. Cocaine in particular is incredibly fun, and it increases productivity. Your whole life goes faster. But taking part in this sort of lifestyle is not free. You pay for it with your body. By the time you are 40, you start to break down, and you don’t ever make it past 55. So you’re trading 20 years of your life for living at high speed in your youth. Furthermore, you run the risks of trouble with the law and certainly, you are going to have relationship difficulties if you’re a lifestyle cocaine user.

Cigarettes are the same deal. They are enjoyable and help with brain function, but they give you cancer. And make your health a lot worse before you ever get cancer.

On a much more basic level, this is true of health.

Masturbation feels good, gives you a dopamine release, but excessive ejaculation lowers testosterone levels and leaves you feeling hollow and bored.

Cheap carbs are delicious. But if you consume them on a regular basis, you are going to be fat. You are trading your health for the sensual pleasure of the food.

On the other side of that, you can deal with the discipline and exertion that is involved in going to the gym – spend your time and energy on that – and be significantly more healthy.

The same is true with the amount of satisfaction you get from work. It’s going to be down to the effort you put into it.

This concept may seem too simple to be worth talking about. However, people still don’t get it, so it is worth talking about.

Women are so cartoonishly stupid that it isn’t surprising that they just go right along with the idea that they can go to college and party and get fucked and manipulate every man they meet and go on world tours and get a job where they just gossip and impede men while engaging in petty drama and romance – and then when they’re thirty, they can settle down with a charming man who loves them not for their body, but for who they are.

But you’d be surprised by the amount of men that don’t understand the idea that nothing is free.

I meet guys all the time who are working on get rich quick schemes. Intelligent adults who think they can somehow trick the universe. Pick-up artistry is the same sort of thing.

And ultimately, blaming Jews for your problems can turn out being something that makes you miserable, based on this principle of nothing being free. Jews are responsible for your problems – this is an empirical fact. But if you use that as an excuse to not exert effort to make your life better, your life is never going to get better.

We all have mostly the same problems caused by Jews – what with women, money, these hordes of brown people flooding our space, faggots everywhere, the crippling psychological effects of trying to deal with people who don’t understand such self-evident reality. That is the baseline that we are all at, because that is the reality we live in.

However, not everyone is doing the same in this fucked up Jewish nightmare and Biblical apocalypse situation. Some people are doing much better than others. And if they are doing better, it is not because the Jews fucked them less – it is because they exerted more effort into the things that make men’s lives better.

So please: blame the Jews. But hold yourself responsible for your own life. Spend your energy wisely and be the best that you can be.