Self-Help Sunday: Never Blame Others for Things You Personally Have Control Over

The Jews constantly talk about how everyone hates them, but they very rarely attempt to explain why everyone hates them. It is generally presented to people that every country on earth hates them for literally no reason.

However, if they do try to give you a reason, they will say that Jews are wrongly blamed for people’s problems. They will also say that people wrongly hate nonwhites because they blame them for personal problems, which they are not responsible for.

Obviously, Jews are responsible for a lot of problems. Most problems, in fact. They’re even responsible for most of the problems caused by other races. At the very least, they’re responsible for bringing these people into our countries.

So, there is a lot to blame on the Jews. They deserve this blame, and they should have to face justice for the crimes that they’ve committed against people and nations.

Most people in the know will dismiss the fact that Jews say people wrongly blame them for problems that they caused as basic victim-blaming. This is usually what is going on.

However, the reality is that there are some people who get involved in right-wing politics specifically so they can have someone to blame for their problems. This has been the bane of any right-wing movement for half a century. There are fat losers, who would be losers in any society, who want someone to blame their problems on, to explain why they’ve failed so badly.

We know there are extreme examples of this. But we also need to be aware that without even intending to, we can do it to ourselves, in smaller doses.

For the record, this is not a right-wing problem. People use leftist politics for this same purpose, and in fact they do it much more in leftist circles, as the right-wing is driven by intellectualism and romanticism while the left-wing is simply the establishment. If you’re just looking for someone to blame, it is a lot easier to join the left and start talking about “capitalism” than it is to join the right and talk about Jews.

Failed losers who get into right or left politics are looking for their own life to be validated, because they’ve decided that they’re unable to do that themselves. These losers are promised a revolution, after which they will be successful and respected members of society. In actual fact, these people, whether Antifa or neo-Nazis, are born losers who will never be successful in any society, because they are unwilling to take responsibility for their own lives. Simply looking at how weak and out of shape either group is shows you everything you need to know: they are incapable of taking care of their own bodies, and a person who cannot take care of his own body will never be able to do anything of value. They shape their lives around the idea of a coming revolution that will make them not losers anymore, and surround themselves with people who validate the idea that they will stop being losers after some kind of revolution. The revolution is itself a fantasy, a fiction that exists simply to comfort these failed people.

(You will note that as of late the fed-controlled neo-Nazi movement has shifted from talking about Jews to talking about “capitalism.” This is because the people organizing this stuff understand human psychology, they understand that people who will join a fed controlled neo-Nazi group are just losers looking for someone to blame for their failures in life, and they understand that the individuals involved aren’t intellectual or romantic and don’t really care what it is as long as they have someone to blame, and a group of people to reinforce the perception that their personal failures are not really their personal fault. Further, Matt Heimbach, a fat slob who led a gross neo-Nazi cult, has since become Antifa to fight against “capitalism.”)

The other aspect of this phenomenon is people blaming their parents for their personal problems. We talk a lot about baby boomers. The fact is, these people did permanently damage us, with their divorces, their negligence, their total inability to ever put any person before themselves, including their own children. That said, once you are no longer legally obligated to be in the custody of your parents, you need to simply recognize whatever they did to you as facts of life and not an excuse for things that you do.

What every man needs to do is this: whenever he is facing a problem in his life, he needs to identify whether or not he has the ability to change that situation.

Sadly, most of your problems you do not have the ability to change. Most of your problems are societal problems.

You do not have the ability to change society. That is the biggest issue all of us face, and this is entirely down to the fact that Jews, women, homosexuals and brown people control our government and institutions.

You don’t have the ability to change your family, or the behaviors of anyone else on earth.

Despite what feminist shills will tell you, in all likelihood, your problems with women have little or nothing to do with you. They are society’s problems. That is one that they really make you feel like is your fault, but whether you are divorced or an incel, it is not likely that it is your fault.

When we get to the issue of school and work, that is when you start to get into the territory of “your personal responsibility.” You have the ability to do well at school. There is no one to blame that on. Most likely, if you are reading this website, you are intelligent enough to have a successful career. (Or rather, you would have been before coronavirus – this point here is probably outdated, because the Jews did create a virus hoax for the purpose of destroying our economy and society, and many of us are going to face very serious financial problems as a result that we are not going to have any control over.)

The Jews are not forcing you to stay home all day and drink or play video games. As the boomers say: If you don’t have a job, your job should be looking for a job. There is nothing more harmful to a man than to not have work. Obviously, the better the work the better it is for you, but anything, including working at a gas station, is better than not having work. If a man cannot bring home money to pay for his life, then he is damaging his soul. If you’re in school, you should treat that like a job, and you should be at the top of your class.

The next thing is your mental health: you are responsible for this. No one else is responsible for it. If you had trauma as a child, that sucks for you, but no one is ever going to take responsibility for that, and no one ever can. This relates to your personal relationship with God, which is also something that is 100% on you. There are struggles with depression, struggles with stress, struggles with family life and women, but you have to tell yourself that it is your responsibility to fix them, and that the only person that can help you is God.

The same is true of addiction, which is an aspect of mental health. If you are drinking too much, or using drugs, you have to recognize that this is not the responsibility of the Jews, it’s not the responsibility of your parents or your ex-wife. I’m certain that all of those things drove you to drink, but it is your mouth, it is your hand that lifts the glass, and it is your throat that swallows. Only you have the ability to decide whether or not you engage in this behavior.

That brings us to the last thing, which is the most basic and the most important, and that is your personal health. If you are fat, then you are not in a position to do anything. You are in no position to meet women, you are in no position to raise children, you are certainly in no position to lead other men. Fat people need to have the singular goal of stopping being fat. You still need to work, of course, but if you can, you should work in a way that helps you to lose weight. Primarily, weight is about diet, rather than exercise, and you have total control over what you put in your mouth, chew, and swallow, and if you cannot manage something so very basic as that, you are never going to be able to manage anything.

Within the Daily Stormer’s self-help section, there are many advice columns about diet and exercise, which I promise will help you, if you have the will.

Will is what you need, and it is the only thing you will ever be able to attain. Never in your life are you going to have control over things that are beyond yourself.

Finally, I just want to note that it is possible for this all to go in the opposite direction. As I mentioned above, most men do blame themselves for their problems with women, no matter how badly they have been abused. Control of our families was taken away from men by the concept of “no-fault divorce” and by the family court system. We used to have control over our families, and we simply do not anymore.

The ability to even meet a woman and form a relationship was taken away from us by the program to normalize and make socially acceptable female promiscuity.

Furthermore, I want to say again that the economic collapse created by the coronavirus hoax may well leave you unable to get a job, through no fault of your own. You will then have new choices to make, and you will have to figure out what you have control of in this new situation that we are entering into.

You need to always go through and make certain that something is within your control. This is to say: it is your personal responsibility to figure out what things in your life are your personal responsibility. If you don’t take responsibility for the things you can control, this will make you a loser, and if you take responsibility for things outside of your control, that will lead to stress, depression and other mental health problems.

Say to yourself: “is there anything at all I can do to change this?” and work it through in your mind to come to the correct conclusion. The bottom line is that you cannot control other people, ever. You often have the option to get along with someone or not, but they are also making that decision about you.

I will close with this: start with your body and go from there. If you are fat, everything else is going to be nearly impossible. If you get your body under control, fixing the other areas of your life will be a lot easier.