Self-Help Sunday: Don’t be a Foam Cuck, End Soap Use Now

I have not used normal industrial soap really in my entire life, due to the estrogens in it, instead buying natural soaps. These don’t tend to be much more expensive than the estrogen soaps, but they are difficult to find. Due to the idiotic coronavirus hoax, I was unable to get my normal soap, which is made of olives.

I wasn’t going to use the industrial petrochemical soap, so I just didn’t use any soap at all. I scrubbed my body with a rough pad, and as if a miracle, my skin became significantly healthier. I am now more than two months into #NoSoap, and I can guarantee you, this is a superior way of living life.

The musk will become you, and your essence will be the musk itself. That is to say, your musk will be your true essence.

I have very sensitive skin, and would typically get various kinds of small irritating rashes and zits and so on, and virtually all of that is gone now, completely. The only place I get any problems at all is on my hands, where I still use soap.

But Do You Stink on the #NoSoap Train?

I don’t know how badly I stink because I cannot smell myself. I am surrounded by underlings who would not honestly answer questions about my musky odor. But I did ask someone who would have answered honestly recently, and he told me I smelled better than usual. (Note: I have never used deodorant, so there has always been a potential for body odor.)

It makes sense I would smell better than usual, as even the natural olive soaps were messing with the balance of my skin bacteria. Now that the skin bacteria is achieving its true natural balance, I should be smelling like a true natural man. I have also been strongly attractive to women as of late. This is always true, because of my handsomeness and charming demeanor, but it’s been even more true since I quit soap. Girls I speak to in public are becoming smitten, and getting aggressive with me. I believe this is due to my manly skin bacteria emitting a healthy musk filled with pheromones.

Here’s the deal I’m going to make you, reader: quit soap and see your life unfold with the glory of true skin bacterial balance and true pheromone-laden musk. Then, you can keep half your yearly soap bill and send the other half to me for telling you this. It’s still a large amount of money for you, and you’re only giving me my rightful cut for sharing this information.

But I Work and Wear a Suit?

I still don’t know the answer for people who have to work in a white collar job and wear a suit. Probably, such individuals are forced to wear antiperspirant deodorant, which is literally the worst thing on earth. It is much worse than even the worst petrochemical soap. However, if you are wearing that deodorant, you can still cut the soap, because your natural skin bacteria will not create a stink other than through the sweat of the underarms.

We need new innovative solutions for people who wear suits, and I don’t know what they are, other than staying in air conditioned rooms all the time and thus avoiding the creation of sweat. The sweat is the problem, because it is always going to have a strong musk, and the body produces large amounts of it. Specifically, white people’s bodies produce large amounts of it, and wearing a suit is bound to make this occur.

However, for those of you working from home because of the hoax, now is the time to stop using soap.

You do need to take a shower regularly, and you might want to take it more often. You need the water on your body to remove the stench of the sweat, and you need to scrub under your arms and on your crotch to remove some portion of the musky bacteria that is created from the musk-zones. The concept of a “stench” like the one that black people have from not bathing is created by letting dead bacteria rot on the skin and letting bad bacteria grow by feeding on excessive dead skin cells. That is the secret: you have to remove the dead bacteria and the dead skin cells through regular harsh scrubbings of the underarms and groin. Scrub between your buttocks as well. In fact, scrub down everything, completely.

Use a rough scrubber made of natural fibers, such as anything that looks like any of these:

Then, have a normal wash cloth for your face and in particular your ears. Behind the ears is a main zone of bacterial activity, and you cannot really hit that area with one of these scrubbers.

For your hair: I don’t know. I don’t have hair. However I will say that I have stopped using any soap on my scalp, and I now just scrub it with the same scrubber I scrub my body with and I am having no problems. In fact, I was still experiencing some dandruff from the harsh Nigerian winter, and that is now gone (though it may be gone because of the weather warming, I don’t know, but I tend to think it is because of the equalization of my true bacterial fauna).

If I had hair, I would probably rub coconut oil or olive oil in it once or twice a week, leave it in for 30 minutes and then wash it out with water. I would not use shampoo, which is an estrogen riddled mess just like soap.

The #NoSoap life is not an easy life. Some people don’t even really scrub themselves, they just lather up with soap and then rinse it off. That will not do if you’re riding the no soap train to a pheromone paradise of musky glory.

I’m telling you: all of these skin problems are gone.

Let Me Tell You a Story…

In a moment of weakness, I recently washed my crotch with soap, and I got a bunch of little zits on my thighs. It was horrible. Little infected hair type zits, all along my inner thighs, because my healthy bacteria did not know how to respond to this abuse.

I want you to understand: I have told you this story not to weaken you, but to strengthen you. Now it is up to you.

Never again.

You probably do need to wash your hands throughout the day, because that is just a fact of life sometimes. However, I recommend avoiding soap as much as possible when washing the hands. There is no reason for it, other than in extreme circumstances.

Let your bacteria grow.

Know healthy bacteria, know peace.

No healthy bacteria, no peace.

One love.

One musky magnificence.

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