Self-Help Sunday: Do Not Compare Yourself to Steroid Twink Hollywood Actors

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 28, 2019

I mentioned Chuck Norris in an earlier article today about the attempted spook coup at the NRA, and it got me thinking about Chuck Norris.

In my opinion, 70s-80s Chuck Norris is what you should be aiming for at the gym.

Modern movie stars are all on these futuristic drug cocktails that give everyone all of these self-esteem issues or at least unrealistic ideas about what men are supposed to look like, but Chuck is a solid, realistic example of something that anyone with a will to achieve it can achieve without drugs.

(Note that Lou Ferrigno, featured in the last picture, was an early era roid guy.)

You don’t have to get up to Chuck’s level, and some people will be able to go beyond Chuck’s level, but prime Chuck is the person I would point to as a measure of the median of a physically fit person in their 30s-40s.

Because the modern steroid twinks are a total and complete hoax.

Chris Evans in Captain America

Chris Evans at the beach a few months later

I’m not even a hater, and if people want to roid up, whatever. I don’t think it is safe, because I’ve seen what it can do to people emotionally and psychologically (physically, it actually does seem to not be that dangerous), but my whole thing is: these people should say that they’re on roids.

What is sickening is that the “men’s health” industry goes along with this obvious hoax.

Look at the difference between Chris Pratt as Parks and Recreation star and Chris Pratt as Marvel Movie Action Star.

There is less than a year between those two photos.

And not only is his body transformed into its opposite, his entire facial structure has changed.

But “Men’s Health Magazine” wrote about this and said this:

Chris Pratt is living proof that change can actually happen. If you’re ready to lose fat and build lean muscle with proper nutrition and workouts, check out MetaShred Extreme by Men’s Health.

I didn’t click the link to “MetaShred Extreme,” but unless that is a website selling testosterone and anabolic steroids, these people deserve to be fucking sued.

All of these publications will print “follow the workout of x movie star to get ripped – here’s how!” and then be like “he does HIIT fasted and then eats 3 pounds of lean chicken before doing maximum reps on the peck deck.”

Chris Pratt is actually supposedly a good person and does public stunts where he talks about Jesus and so on, so it’s especially disgusting that he won’t come out and be like “you know, we’re doing comic books, so we have to have comic book bodies, no one should expect to be able to do what I did without drugs, and no one should do these drugs unless they’re under the supervision of a $700/hr Hollywood doctor/trainer.”

Here’s Josh Brolin – who is nearly 60 – less than a year before playing Cable in Deadpool 2 side-by-side with what he looked like during the filming of Deadpool 2:

And another:

Let’s just go through a few more of these “incredible body transformations.”

Vin Diesel:

Jake Gyllenhaal:

Zac Efron:

Every single modern Hollywood male sex symbol is on drugs.

Other than probably Brad Pitt.

The biggest I ever saw Brad was in Troy, and that still just looked like good genetics with a good, solid diet and gym routine.

The only “unnatural” thing that Brad does – which he also did for his famous Fight Club body – is cut heavily, below fat levels that you could healthily maintain for very long at all.

Basically, I think when a shirtless scene is coming up, he doesn’t eat for a week while also running sprints every day.

That’s a little bit of a trick, but it is a fair trick – not like pumping yourself full of drugs and then saying you did HIIT and ate chicken breast.

Brad Pitt, as is my understanding, doesn’t really live the “Hollywood lifestyle” of nonstop drugs, alcohol and sex, so he is able to just stay naturally healthy.

I wouldn’t necessarily promote Brad as the ideal in the way I would promote Chuck as the ideal, because he has very good genes, as you can see in his facial features, and most people are going to have a hard time getting to that level. But it is within the realm of the possible without drugs.

Bruce Willis is another actor who never did drugs, and though he’s never been especially impressive, he has stayed fit and trim into his sixties.

Saint Mel never did drugs throughout the better part of his career.

However, after the whole Jew issue, when his wife left him and his entire life was destroyed, he did get roided up.

Not saying I blame him. I am just saying, that is a thing that happened.

If my wife of 26 years left me because I called out the kikes, I’d be ready to go out and fuck some women half my age and wouldn’t mind a booster. Furthermore, if you’re going to do roids, the only real time to do it is after you’re 50 anyway.

Point Being

The reason this is an important topic is that I think a lot of men don’t even bother to get into health and fitness because they see these fake steroid actors and think it is just impossible.

Basically, I think that the feminist bullshit about “standards of beauty” is actually true for men.

Remember when they had to remove a fitness ad from the London subway for “body shaming” even though it was just a normal looking slim woman?

That bitch isn’t on futuristic body-transforming drugs. She’s just meeting the basic level of physical health. But this is supposedly shaming women.

And yet this was called “unrealistic body expectations that demean women.”

And all of this is aside from the fact that what a woman looks like is 6,000,000 times more important than what a man looks like, because a woman’s only actual value is her body, whereas a man’s value is his intellect and competence.

Being physically fit is important for your own image of yourself, and it is important for your general mental health. And most men now are not physically fit, even though historically, basically everyone was physically fit, because it was unavoidable to be so, simply because pretty much all food was healthy and life itself required a certain amount of physical activity that modern life does not require.

Testosterone problems cause fatness and a lack of strength, but getting in shape actually raises your testosterone, which clears your head and makes you more competent in other areas of your life.

So keep your goals realistic, but do something. Do not tolerate being fat. Do not tolerate having no muscle mass. Do not tolerate bad posture. Seek to look like the average man looked 100 years ago, and you’ll do fine.

You can check the Daily Stormer Health section for more informations.