Self-Help Sunday: Being an “Alpha Male” and/or a “Real Man” is the Only Way to Keep a Woman

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 9, 2018

Here’s the thing guys. If you really want to get a girl to stick with you for life, you have to be a real man. You have to be an alpha male, capable of controlling her with a firm hand. If you are a real man, you can guide a woman along the correct path, and a woman will never leave a real man.

You just have to have the right attitude: the alpha mindset.

All of these men having problems with women cheating on them and divorcing them and taking their children and money?

Well, they’re not real men.

If they were real men, their women wouldn’t have left them.

No true alpha male’s wife would divorce rape him.

Men who claim that it is impossible to make a relationship with a woman work are just not strong enough to do it, and they’re cowardly and unable to control their women.

You can all go out there and get wives, who will be totally traditional, like out of the middle ages, and the only thing you need to do is have the right attitude, and be in control.

If she ends up leaving you and taking everything from you, well, then I guess it turns out you weren’t a real man and were not alpha.


What I just wrote above is an argument I’ve been seeing a lot on the right-wing internet, often from boomers as well as from women. Probably also from virgin NEETs who are getting it from boomers and/or women, and just severely desire that it is true, so go around claiming it is true.

In actual fact, it is a horrible, harmful lie.

The actual reality is that all of the various ways of regulating a woman’s behavior are now illegal in Western countries.

One of these people making this argument recently came at me with saying that to keep a woman in line, you just need a “firm hand.” When I said that the firm hand will not work on a SWAT team when she calls the cops on you, she said it was a metaphorical “firm hand,” and suggested that I must be some kind of pathetic loser if I needed to beat a woman to keep her in line.

I replied:

What is this metaphorical “firm hand”? Is it like the force from Star Wars?

Are you some kind of hypnotist?


>you really think that women need to be physically beaten to be put in line?

is like asking

>you really think that you need to shoot a man to stop him from committing a crime?

All power is necessarily backed up by the threat of physical violence, in every single scenario of power dynamics. That is the way reality works.

Only 25% of police officers in America will ever fire a gun while on duty, for their entire career. But they all carry guns, every day.

If cops did not carry guns or any other form of weapon at all, and in fact everyone in society knew that the only thing they could do if you commit a crime is talk to you sternly, would there be more or less crime?

The fact is that in a modern male-female relationship, you have exactly zero leverage whatsoever, and she can ruin your life for any reason or no reason at any time. She can simply say “I’m not happy” and men with guns will come and remove you from your own home, take your children away from you, and then take half of everything you own and a huge portion of your future income.

The idea that you can counterbalance that with some kind of metaphorical “firm hand” is absolutely fucking retarded. It is caved-in head Wojak tier gibberish, and it is not good faith “because I’m just a complete fucking retard” gibberish – no one believes that gibberish – this is spread by stupid whores and beta male pussy worshipers, and it is intended to try to bully men into believing they are weak or pathetic because they have had 100% of their power taken away from them by an authoritarian Jewish occupation government.

And this is the truth.

Always, at any point in history, men had the ability to use force against women. They usually didn’t have to use force. But the threat of force was always present. Now, you can’t even lock a woman in a room – this is kidnapping, and is a serious felony you can go to prison for. Seriously, if your wife goes into a manic state – as all women do occasionally – and you lock her in a room to cool off, you can go to prison for up to five years.

And if you hit her, you can go to prison and then be denied a right to even visit your own children when you get out.

Furthermore, if a woman says you’re abusing her, even if you didn’t do it, you can be charged based exclusively on her word. Family courts are like military tribunals, in that they are not required to follow normal, established law regarding the presumption of innocence.

So, listen to me, because I’m only going to tell you six million more times: if you are in a long-term relationship with a woman, you have turned over all of your power to her, in total. You have no ability to do anything but hope she doesn’t decide to ruin your life on a whim.

People spreading this “just be alpha” nonsense are doing it maliciously, for the purpose of harming men. If we give them the benefit of the doubt, we can pretend they just really, really want things to go back to traditional systems, and they’re willing to sacrifice as many men as necessary to try to make that happen.

But as I say, these people saying this are often women, who desire for men to behave in a certain way, instinctively, and have absolutely no ability to understand how callous, self-absorbed and lacking in conscience and empathy women are because they are women themselves.

Furthermore, if you disagree with this, they will start calling you a weak man, saying you are just not good enough to be deserving of a wife, that you’re pathetic in various ways. And most men will back down when hit with that, even on the internet. I don’t, because precisely zero of my own personal self-esteem is based on what women think of me. None of my identity is tied to my success or lack thereof with the unfairest sex.

And as if you should have to be some kind of super-alpha action hero-tier man in order to have a wife. The average woman is average, the average man is average – that is the definition of “average.” So by these definitions, an average man deserves an average wife. That is the order of things. Telling men they have to become superheroes – somehow – in order to be deserving of something so basic as getting married and having children is pathologically evil.

And that is all I ever hear the average man saying he wants: an average woman, to be his wife, to birth his children. That is the normal basic position of any man.

However, the belief of a woman is that the entire world should belong to her, by default, because she is effectively incapable of understanding that other people exist. She believes that she is the center of the universe, and that all that exists in the universe exists to serve her. And what we have here in the West is a situation where women’s most base biological urges have been unleashed.


There is no level of “real man” that will keep a woman from leaving you. In fact, there are pussy-tier men whose wives do not leave them. And as much as you may try to find some defining factor that determines whether or not a woman decides to abandon a man and take everything from him, the fact is, it appears to be completely random, save for the fact that it happens less often to rich men with high social status. But it happens to them too.

If you don’t have any children to steal, she will go ahead and steal your dogs. Understand me: this is as much about spite and hurting you as it is about anything else. 

Obviously, no one marries a woman they expect is going to leave them. So you are effectively playing Russian roulette.

That is the reality.

No one actually knows what the statistics are. We have divorce statistics, but if you’re a millennial, how many people do you know who are legally married? Most people do co-habitation, possibly with the theory that eventually they’re going to get married, but the woman almost always leaves the man after a few years.

The Alt-Right “Trad” Meme is Retarded

We’re not going back to the “tradlife” until we have the ability to use state power to take away women’s rights, eliminating abortion, no-fault divorce, child support, family courts, etc. and reinstating child marriage.

You are never going to convince a woman of anything using arguments. Women, like black people, respond only to one thing: power.

The idea that you are going to convince women to give up a thousand cocks to be your tradwife because she’ll be happier is the epitome of a lack of basic understanding. This is not like trying to convince a heroin addict to come to Jesus, because that might at some point actually work. It’s more like trying to convince a wolf to become a vegan.

I hate to have to remind you that the main guy promoting this “trad life” bit ended up sleeping with his mother-in-law. It’s not a real thing. It’s like dressing up in SS uniforms or tricorne hats.

There is no way you’re going to resurrect traditional marriage without the power of the state behind you.

Until then, you just have to deal with the situation as it is and do the best you can to make your own personal life work.

“Good Women” are a Stupid Myth

It’s a basic point but it bears repeating: there are no “good women.” Conversely, there are no “bad women.” Women are interchangeable, in that the only measure of their quality is based on their external influence. They have no inner-drive at all.

These same people who talk about being a “real man” will say retarded things like “you can find a good girl in a church.” Well, firstly, if there are any good girls, someone better than you is going to get them. Because unless you are extraordinary, you are normal, so you aren’t going to get an extraordinary woman. Secondly, there are no good girls.

Women and cuck men want to perpetuate the myth of female agency in order to keep promoting the idea that “somewhere out there,” if you just work hard enough, you will find a “good one.”

In actual fact, you can see that when guys go and get women from traditional societies and bring them to the West, they become even bigger bloodsucking whores than Western women. Because they get a taste of power and just go completely nuts.

“So What’s Your Solution Then, Anglin?”

When I say this, people will then say “so what is your solution?” as if the only option to having a solution is believing an obvious, plain lie. I don’t accept that you cannot call out a lie without presenting some solution to the problem.

I am not trying to march young guys off to their doom by selling them a fake reality. I refuse this plan. It is a very bad plan.

I am not telling people not to try things with women. Whatever. If you think you can do it, then do it. I’m just telling you, you have to understand the reality of this before getting involved in it, and if you go in with some nonsense perception that you can find a “good girl,” you will define whatever girl you fall for as a “good girl.”

You need to understand that any woman, no matter who she is, is very likely to destroy you. And prepare for that. Probably, having kids outside of wedlock is a good starting point. Then, it makes good sense to build a blackmail file on the woman. Get video of her snorting cocaine. Get video of her hitting the kids. Anything else you can think of, trick her into it and save it in a file.

That is not fool-proof. I don’t know that videos of her doing cocaine will help you keep your kids when she takes you to court. The system is so stacked in her favor, that the court might just completely dismiss it. But at least you’re going to be in a better place.

Also, if you get legally married for whichever social reasons, get a prenup. Even though judges can now just throw these out, you are better off having one than not. And figure out ways to keep your assets out of her hands in the case of a divorce. If the prize is lesser, so is the temptation.

Also: stay attractive. Do not get a “dad bod.” Stay in good shape (for yourself, foremost), and flirt with other women in front of your wife/common law wife in order to demonstrate to her that other women find you attractive, and you’ll have no trouble if she does leave. Women often abandon men out of sadistic spite, for the purpose of harming him, and if she knows you’re gonna be smashing some chick younger than her as soon as she files papers, she’s much less likely to do so.

Furthermore, the more money you have the better. Because if you have a lot of money, you can bury the bitch with lawyers. Also, as stated above, women are somewhat less likely to leave men with money. Because the main reason they leave you is that they have found, or think they can find, something better than you, because no matter how good you are, a woman always thinks she can do better.

Furthermore, keep her as helpless as possible. Certainly do not be in a situation where she makes more money than you. But if you’ve got the money, keep her out of the workplace. The workplace will always make her feel like she can exist without you (she can no matter what, because the state will pay for her life and force you to pay for her life, but you don’t want her to be reminded of that). If she is out of the workplace, she is more likely to feel dependent on you. Also, always do the basic PUA stuff and keep emotionally detached, don’t ever let her see you vulnerable, don’t do anything to increase her self-esteem.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been married for 20 years and have three kids: she is always looking for weaknesses that she can exploit. Don’t ever show any kind of weakness in front of her, no matter how much you want to. Same thing with apologizing: do not. ever. apologize. 

If I’m just giving general advice here: you also shouldn’t look for serious relationship prospects that are not significantly less attractive than you are. Remember, you are trying to have a family, and basically every woman looks like crap after you’ve had sex with her enough times, seen her disgusting private behavior and so on.

Also: yes, you can marry some used-up 28-year-old whore. If you want. I don’t know that this works better or doesn’t, however. If you marry her at 28, she has a kid by thirty, by the time the kid is 5 she’ll be 35 and probably want to “feel sexy.” She will probably go screw some other guy. I don’t think marrying a baby-crazy old woman who’s hit the wall is really going to increase your chances all that much. You’d think “well, she’s going to be too old,” but the truth is that guys are thirsty out there and will have sex with 35-year-old women. Furthermore, our country is filled with colored people who will have sex with even elderly women. So by choosing a used-up old whore, you’re probably not really increasing your chances of success.

Just Understand This

Just understand: if you put yourself in a serious relationship with a woman, you have put your entire life in her hands. You have almost no recourse, at all. And she might seem the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen. But she can snap, at any time, for no reason, and decide she wants to go on a slut adventure.

Reality and objective truth exist, and they are not subjected to your personal emotions.


Don’t “date.” Only look for women who you would actually be interested in having children with. Or having casual sex with. Don’t look for a “girlfriend,” that’s pathetic. And a total and complete waste of time.

You can spend that time focusing on making money, which you can then use to try and keep the kids in a divorce.

I’m trying to protect you guys.