SEETHING Brown People Attempt to Ban Danish Christmas Song About Blond Girl!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 26, 2018

Blond girls should be up in arms about this.

This is a direct attack on them. 

RT had a debate between a particularly inbred-looking Moslem and an irate blond woman recently.

The background to this story is that a jealous brown woman at a Marxist Universtiy got traditional Danish song banned because it associated Denmark with a young blond girl and therefore rayciss! 

Completely unsurprisingly, the brown community rallied behind her as well as the local SJWs and Jews.

The song in question:

Of course, most blond women are too busy getting drunk, getting tats and getting abortions to notice that they are no longer immune to criticism and are about to be completely broadsided by an anti-White woman media blitz.

Some women, however, are more perceptive than others.

They’ve gone out of their way to beat the curve. These trendsetters go out of their way to look more like this:

Personally, I think that this is a defensive instinct. Urban camo, if you will. Like when people cover up their fancy cars if they’re forced to park them in the city.

Blond dudes will start doing it as well, eventually. White people in the Occupied Territories will try their best to darken up their skin color to blend in better with the unwashed migrant hordes. Being white will put a target on your back, so they’ll be forced to keep it under wraps.

In fact, this will be far worse than the wigger phenomenon ever was.

Aping the culture of blacks will cease to be enough. Soon, taking up a foreign religion and getting a tan will become necessary.

In fact, in Europe, good-looking blond women are already being physically attacked by envious brown women. You scoff perhaps, but I have actually seen this happen with my own eyes when I was Vienna. Reflecting on what happened, it may explain why a lot of Viennese girls preferred short man-haircuts and man-like attire. They would get physically attacked by jealous foreign women or harassed by the foreign men otherwise.

This is because wherever brown people go, beauty begins to die. 

The debate today is about whether songs depicting blonds in a good light should be banned or not. The debate tomorrow will be about whether blond hair color itself should be allowed. The hardliners will say that it should be dyed away and then purged from the gene-pool by race-mixing. The liberals will say that it should just be covered up while in public with a head-scarf to not offend anybody.

After all, not everyone has blond hair, so really, isn’t it offensive for you to flaunt yours out in public? 

Some rabbinical scholars might even argue that sporting blond hair is a microaggression targeted at minority-majorities that inhabit formerly White countries.

I’m not even exaggerating here.

We’re only like what… 5(?) years away from that happening in Western Europe?