Seduction is a Myth

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 28, 2019

There is a very simple concept surrounding the dynamics of sexual relations that no one appears to actually be talking about, and this is: seduction is a myth.

There is nothing that a man can do to trick a woman into having sex with him. If a man pursues a woman, unless he grabs her and rapes her, or drugs her and rapes her, then the decision to have sex with a man is made entirely by the woman.

This means that any form of “seduction” is simply seeking the approval of the woman.

This is the way it is with most animal species, as we can read about in the Wikipedia page on sexual selection:

For instance, in the breeding season, sexual selection in frogs occurs with the males first gathering at the water’s edge and making their mating calls: croaking. The females then arrive and choose the males with the deepest croaks and best territories.

The process of “seduction” is simply based on the ability of the male to perform in such a way as pleases the female.

As such, if we judge masculinity based on the ability of a man to be chosen by females, then we are allowing masculinity itself to be defined by women.

In a natural environment, this is not necessarily a bad thing.

Men are chosen for their ability to provide for the needs of women. So they are chosen for:

  • Physical size
  • Status among other men
  • Access to resources (wealth)

However, within the modern system, where all of the needs of women are already provided for them by the state, which takes resources from men and gives them to women using the threat of physical force, women’s choices of men have become bizarre.

Birds develop colorful and extreme plumes to seduce females.

A classic example of female choice and potential runaway selection is the long-tailed widowbird. While males have long tails that are selected for by female choice, female tastes in tail length are still more extreme with females being attracted to tails longer than those that naturally occur.

What are men getting into now in order to please females?

Mostly negative things:

  • Tattoos
  • Steroids
  • Compulsive grooming
  • Absurd fashion

These are not traditional signals of masculinity, but are signals of pretend masculinity, which women choose in a pretend society where there are no threats.

What’s more, the ubiquity of the birth control pill is changing the type of men that women are attracted to, due to lowering of their estrogen levels. Studies have shown that women who are on birth control are more likely to be attracted to a male who is compliant (feminine) rather than one who is good for breeding (masculine).

So an entire new strategy of male development has emerged, involving men purposefully feminizing themselves in order to become compatible with women who are on birth control pills.

The point being: men should not allow women to define their masculinity, and men should no longer buy into the concept that there is anything laudable or in any way admirable about a man who is capable of “seducing” women.

We need to completely do away with the association of masculinity with the ability to draw the interest of women. If you are drawing the interest of women, all you have proved is that you have conformed to the standards of women, and are now seen as acceptable by them. In other words, you have proved nothing.

Tattoos are stupid. They look stupid. The only reason that men get them is to impress women. Having a bunch of tattoos is simply a sign that you have submitted yourself to the will of women.

Men see that men with tattoos are doing better with women, so they go get tattoos. Through this mechanism, women are capable of manipulating the behavior of men on a society-wide scale.

This is a completely insane situation to be in. What we are doing is allowing women to drive us right off a cliff by gatekeeping sex, and thus gatekeeping the self-esteem of men, which we have allowed to be tied to a man’s success with women.

Due to the fact that women are no longer required to choose men who demonstrate traditionally masculine traits, such as strength, competence or wealth, what we have ended up with is a kind of extreme matriarchy, where all male behavior patterns are being determined by women, using a mechanism that has to do with nothing other than their particular, peculiar whims.

It is a death spiral.

The single plausible solution is to stop idolizing pussy, and stop connecting the ability to get the attention of women with masculinity.

Men need to be focused on their own goals and agendas.