Seditious Traitor McCabe Says He Still Thinks Trump is Working for the KGB, Maybe

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 20, 2019

The entire book tour of Andrew McCabe, the former acting FBI Director, has been shocking to the max.

First he went out there and said that he plotted with the filthy Jew terrorist Rod Rosenstein to overthrow the President of the United States by invoking the 25th Amendment and declaring him unfit to serve, now he’s saying that he believes he might be a sekret agent working for the KGB.

“Do you still believe the President could be a Russian asset?” CNN’s Anderson Cooper him during an interview Tuesday.

“I think it’s possible. I think that’s why we started our investigation, and I’m really anxious to see where Mueller concludes that,” McCabe answered.

Apparently, he believes that genuine belief that Donald Trump is a Russian agent would justify attempting to remove him from office. In actual reality, this would be no different than a schizophrenic man killing his mother with a machete because the TV told him she was going to chop him up. Being a complete lunatic is no more an excuse for seditious conspiracy than it is for murder.

If McCabe and his gang of alleged true believers in a Russian conspiracy by Donald Trump had evidence of this conspiracy, they could have used that evidence to have Trump legally removed from office, rather than plotting a conspiracy – in the same way that a man can have his mother arrested if he has evidence she is planning to chop him up.

I absolutely do not believe that McCabe, Rosenstein, Comey or any of these other conspirators genuinely believed or presently believe that Donald Trump is a Russian agent. All three of them worked on faking the evidence to get the FISA warrant based on the #pissgate dossier which they knew was fake and paid for by Hillary Clinton.

We know all of this stuff. It is all in the public domain.

There is not even any evidence that Russia “interfered” with the election, let alone any evidence that Trump told them to do it, or whatever it is they are suggesting.

And no one actually knows what they are suggesting. That is something that is never addressed by the lying Jew media. What they appear to be saying is that Putin sent Trump in to win the presidency to stop Hillary Clinton from creating a no-fly zone in Syria and shooting down Russian jets to protect ISIS and starting WWIII.

If that were indeed the case, then you would have a situation where I think most people would have to agree that it was right and proper for Russia to interfere in American politics in order to prevent billions of deaths and the complete destruction of civilization in a massive nuclear war.

I mean, right?

But that is the level of caved-in head logic the Jew media is currently on – “the American people were trying to vote for a president who would start a nuclear war to protect ISIS terrorists in Syria, and the evil Russians thwarted democracy by preventing her from being elected.”

We are hearing now that the Mueller report is about to be released, and the media is already moving on to the next thing, implying that it will not have any real conclusions at all. Politico on Monday published an article about how Mueller is turning over all his investigations unrelated to Russia to the Southern District of New York, which will then do large-scale criminal investigations into decades of business deals Trump did in New York City.

The media is going for a last big bang with the Mueller Russia hoax before moving on to talking about how Donald Trump was a criminal businessperson.

They say that Mueller is turning over four key people who have agreed to cooperate: Allen Weisselberg, the Trump Organization’s chief financial officer, David Pecker, the CEO of the National Enquirer’s parent company, Michael Cohen, Trump’s longtime lawyer, and Rick Gates, who served as Trump campaign deputy.

Three of those four men are Jewish.

So I don’t think they’ll have trouble lying. We know that Cohen already has.

So even though the Mueller probe is (probably) ending, the legacy of this fishing expedition will live on in a barrage of federal investigations.

Furthermore, Jew terrorist Adam Schiff is now the head of the House Intelligence Committee and will begin launching hysterical investigations against Trump from his position there, presumably with the aid of the same team of Jewish collaborators.

Trump could have avoided all of this by shutting down the Mueller probe when it first started. Now, even though he will be shown not guilty of the extraordinary and bizarre claims of that probe, he will still be dealing with the fallout for the rest of his term.

There are still things he could do to shut this down and free himself from this Jewish claw, but the fact that he has so far refused to defend himself in any way other than tweeting indicates he is going to continue to allow these Jews to gnaw at his heels and inhibit him from getting anything done.