Seditious Jew Calls for General Flynn to be COURT MARTIALED for Coup Joke!

Alexander Vindman was the seditious Jew, born in the Ukraine and for some reason allowed to serve in the US military, who served as the pointman for the attempted overthrow of Donald Trump in the first impeachment. His Jewish lies served as the basis for the claim that Trump was plotting with the Ukrainian government to have Joe Biden exposed for his crimes.

He had of course been hired by Donald Trump, which is how he was able to sell him out. It’s a long, stupid story that I’m not going to rehash, but it is example number 6,000,001 of Donald Trump being sabotaged by Jews that he insisted on hiring.

Can you imagine that even Bibi Netanyahu himself sabotaged Trump, being the first major world leader to come out and publicly congratulate Joe Biden on his “win”? Bibi was out there before even Angela Merkel or Justin Trudeau. Trump really, really likes getting stabbed in the back by Jews. After being totally censored by the Jews, he is still using his tiny public platform to celebrate them. It is actually shocking and borderline unbelievable. (This is your daily reminder that Donald Trump would have been successful at accomplishing his 2016 campaign platform if it wasn’t for the Jews.)

Vindman claims to have an identical twin brother named Yevgeny who also serves in the US military and tries to undermine our country in the name of Judea. Many believe that he is faking having a twin brother so it is easier for him to fake his own death if he needs to flee to Israel*.

So it is actually the brother who came out and claimed that Michael Flynn, who retired from the military in 2014, could be recalled into active duty and then brought before a court martial for making a joke about how America should have a Myanmar-style military coup!

He said that he would prosecute the case!

I just assumed that this must be something that is possible, given that Jews are extremely legalistic people (it is the basis of their entire culture), and so I doubted that Vindman would offer this service if it wasn’t an established law. But I figured: “this is probably something ancient, left over from the post-revolutionary period, or maybe something from the Reconstruction era.”

But, no. This idea of recalling someone to active duty to face a court marital is based on a 2020 ruling about a guy who left the military after serving in Japan, but remained in Japan, and then was accused of planning to have sex with an underage girl. This is a very, very specific situation where the Japanese authorities would have wanted the military to deal with a criminal who was in Japan because he’d served in the military, even though he had technically left the military. What’s more – it was set up by the military itself – an entrapment operation, in Japan, with a fake 15-year-old Japanese girl, who was really a military intelligence agent! (Here’s the play-by-play on

What’s more: the national age of consent in Japan is 13, and it was a local statute by which he’d committed a crime! Either that or some military law, which he wouldn’t have been under because he’d already been discharged!

So, what this sounds like is that the military wanted to get a ruling that they are allowed to recall someone to active duty in order for them to be court martialed. They used the “underage girl sexting entrapment scheme,” because of course no one wants to defend that.

Anyway, this Jew Vindman knew about the 2020 jailbait ruling, and wants to use that against Flynn!

Here is the clip of Flynn saying that a Myanmar-style coup could be possible in America:

As I wrote last week when it was first going around: I don’t think that kind of talk is helpful. I don’t think it is fair to claim, as the Jews are claiming, that this was a “call to overthrow the government.” I think it was an off-handed comment, made mostly in jest. It obviously couldn’t have been serious; Flynn knows better than anyone that the military is actually run by people like Vindman and his alleged twin brother – i.e., Jews – and therefore there is no plausible scenario in which a military coup happens in America.

I wrote that instead of talking about something totally impossible like that, we should be talking about something that is technically and in theory actually possible: red state secession. I think that should be the driving goal of the entire Republican Party, and I think that figures like Ron DeSantis, Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Green, along with a very long list of lower-profile elected officials, would be willing to get on-board with something like that.

I have not ever said that this is statistically likely, but I’ve said the clear fact: it is technically possible, while no other plan is even possible in theory. The federal government and the institutions of power aligned with it are destroying themselves with diversity. The world is changing very fast, and just because the satanic ruling class believes they have a plan doesn’t mean that this plan is going to work.

The only solution other than secession is to simply wait out the collapse of the American Empire, at which point we will say “NI HAO MA” to the eternal sunshine of Sino-Friendship.

So, we should be prepared for collapse, but we should also be working towards something positive. As I wrote earlier today, what Ron DeSantis is doing is very positive. In the long run, we win either way.

Honestly, I’m confident that when I am in my early to mid sixties, President of the United States and Supreme Leader Nick Fuentes will appoint me as the President of Harvard University. I don’t know what is going to happen between now and then, and no one does, but as this regime gets weirder and weirder, in my view, we’re also coming closer to the other side of it.

Remember to disregard the moronic and satanic Judeo-Christian cult, which has invented all sorts of dumb science fiction gibberish about the Book of Revelation. In the actual prophecy itself, after this sickening and satanic world empire is established, the people return to Christ and there is a period of a 1,000-year reign of Christianity, where there is peace and prosperity on the earth.

It’s clearly not realistic to expect that this current regime is going to last much longer. These people are quite literally planning to turn themselves into cyborg gods on earth, which is both stupid and impossible.

What’s also a fact is that all of these people who get the 666 vaxx are either going to die outright or be sterile, which is going to clear out the better part of the “human garbage” population.

The Judeo-Christians, the leftists, the cellphone people – all of our enemies are being destroyed by their own master.

Having Jews who control the military calling for bizarre technicality court martials over jokes is something I read as a good sign, as it shows just how totally unhinged this regime has become, and speaks to the fact that it can’t possibly last much longer – at least not in its current state of global dominance.

Keep your head up, stay fresh, etc.

*This is a joke, by the way**. We still have jokes here. In fact, we have more jokes than ever before, they’re just more subtle. I got exhausted by edgy humor. I was working like Nigger Coonskin*** to come up with edgy jokes everyday, and just got worn out. 

**I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually is faking having a twin brother so he can flee to Israel.

***Nigger Coonskin is not a slur or some edgy joke – he was the Walmart employee who worked at every Walmart at the same time. He was a really hard worker.