Eric Holder Says He Didn’t Politicize the DOJ

Daily Stormer February 6, 2015 Black man vs. abstract concept: abstract concept wins again.  Flawless victory. Breitbart: U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice has been called the most politicized and radical DOJ in American history. But as he prepares to retire from his high position in the Obama administration, Holder is striking back at his detractors by claiming ...

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Jeff Sessions Appears to be the Only Republican Serious About Immigration

Brenda Walker VDARE January 15, 2015 Jeff Sessions has returned to the Senate from his uncontested re-election with his continuing tireless defense of American workers from the open-borders billionaires looking for cheaper labor. He is also focused on honing the Republican message regarding immigration, judging from his recent 25-page paper, The Immigration Handbook for the New Republican Majority. In his ...

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