Keep it up, Black NFL Players! The More Blacks Take Knees During National Anthem, the More White People Rise

Stuff Black People Don’t Like September 10, 2016 Here we go! With rumors [black] members of the Seattle Seahawks will take a knee during the national anthem, another black player took a knee during the kickoff game of the 2016 NFL season.   [Brandon Marshall Kneels During National Anthem, Denver CBS, September 8, 2016]: Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall kneeled during the ...

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Bill Clinton Says Syrian Migrants will Pay the Pensions of Detroit Blacks

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer September 4, 2016 Bill Clinton appears to have completely lost the plot. Nothing he has said during this election cycle has been beneficial to his wife. Breitbart: In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump blasted Bill Clinton’s suggestion that the United States use Syrian refugees to rebuild Detroit. The populist billionaire denounced Clinton’s ...

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Assange Says All the Info He has on Trump is No Different Than What He Says Publicly

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer August 27, 2016 DO IT JULIAN DO IT Breitbart: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has said that the information they have on Donald Trump is not “more controversial material than what comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth every second day.” “We do have some information about the Republican campaign,” Assange said. “I mean, it’s from a point of view of ...

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