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I don’t understand what this meme means. I’ve been looking at it for like ten minutes and I don’t understand it. I thought I did for a second, then I lost it. Anyway, the whole “voter ID” debate is permanently solved by mail-in voting. You don’t need an ID to vote by mail!

If anyone still had any remaining illusions about how we’re going to vote our way out of our problems, you can go ahead and give up forever.


As first reported by the L.A. Times, California’s universal voting by mail will become a permanent feature for every registered, active voter in the state after Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 37 into law on Monday.

California is first, but every other state is next.

(Kinda funny that the guy who won an election through mail-in ballot fraud is the one deciding to make it permanent.)

And it is simply not possible to prevent fraud with a mail-in system. This mail-in system is the worst possible form of mail-in system, designed to maximize fraud, but any mail-in system makes fraud inevitable.

The voting thing is completely and totally over.

Anyone talking about voting at this point is stupid and dangerous, or an outright shill, intent on confusing you and wasting your time.

We need to spend our energy in more productive ways.

New York: Black Lives Matter Pushing Back Against Vax Mandate! Tue, 28 Sep 2021 12:46:08 +0000

Better black than vaxed!

A week ago, Nicki Minaj fans marched against the CDC, after the sexy rap star told the truth about the deadly vax causing ball-swelling and other issues.

Now, Black Lives Matter itself is standing up against the snakes trying to force this deadly injection on us.

Here’s a clip from last week of a BLM figure ranting, after blacks were kicked out of restaurants for not showing their vax papers.

Here’s one of the offending restaurant videos from earlier this month.

Now BLM is organizing against this vax system.

Fox News:

A leader of the Greater New York chapter of the Black Lives Matter movement is chastising New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio over a COVID-19 vaccine mandate and vaccine passport process for residents, equating it to “modern day freedom papers.”

Chivona Newsome, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter Greater NY who also ran as a candidate for New York’s 15th Congressional District in 2020, spoke out against the “racist” mandate in a statement to Fox News.

Although Mayor Bill De Blasio ran on progressives values, nothing in his tenure will attest to his campaign promises,” Newsome said. “The September 13th vaccine mandate is racist and specifically targets Black New Yorkers. The vaccination passports are modern day Freedom Papers, which limit the free will of Black people.”

She is actually threatening a George Floyd style “uprising” against these vax mandates.

Who would have thought black people would ever do something useful, post cotton gin?

She’s claiming that the vax mandates are a racist conspiracy, of course.

Newsome also accused De Blasio of failing “to protect New York’s most vulnerable” throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, adding that the “social distancing and mask requirements resulted in Black New Yorkers being brutalized and arrested while their White neighbors received masks and refreshments.”

“The vaccination mandates infringe upon the civil liberties of the Black community,” Newsome claimed. “It’s more than where we can dine or enjoy entertainment, it will result in loss of income. As of Monday, September 27, Black health care workers and educators will lose their jobs.”

According to Newsome, De Blasio was “fully aware of the hesitancy and distrust people of African descent have about vaccination and their interactions with government and law enforcement,” yet he still “chose to disenfranchise and force the very people who elected him into poverty and second-class citizenship.”

Newsome vowed to prevent the vaccine mandate from being used as “a free pass to racism” and said that Black Lives Matter Greater NY plans to “demonstrate” until the vaccine mandate is “abolished.”

“It is the duty of Black Lives Matter Greater NY to fight for the liberty of Black people,” Newsome told Fox News. “The vaccination passport will not be a free pass to racism. Our organization pledges to demonstrate until the vaccine mandate is abolished.”

Obviously, claiming that the vaccine is “racist” is both dumb and confusing – but whatever.

I don’t really care what reasons black people have for standing up against the vax. I stand with them, and support them in all of their efforts to bring down this vax system.

I’m not really hopeful that they’re going to organize successfully.

As we know very well, the “Summer of Floyd” was organized by Jews. It was totally funded by George Soros and other Jew groups, and it was effectively planned by the Jewish media, with dates and times being publicized. Then you had the entire Jewish “community organizer” structure ensuring that these people showed up to the riots.

Without that Jewish infrastructure, I do not believe that blacks can even organize a riot, let alone a sustained political resistance movement.

However, if they just don’t cooperate, and use their platform as infallible paragons of morality to push back against the vax – that’s very, very helpful.

Black Lives Matter is literally doing more to protest these mandates than the GOP.

In fact, I can guarantee you that somewhere on Twitter and somewhere in Congress, conservatives are saying “see – Democrats are the REAL anti-vax-mandaters…!”

You cannot even begin to grasp how smug and smart a conservative feels when they say a Democrat is right about anything, and they are then able to denounce their own beliefs in order to say the Democrat is wrong about the thing that they agree with them on.

That last sentence there should be better, I think, but I can’t really think of a way to fix it right now.

But I mean, Democrats have said that both black people and vaccines are the core of their moral system.

This really does create a crisis for them.

Democrats are actively and aggressively celebrating the fact that anti-vaxers are being purged by Biden’s mandate.

As I’ve said six million times, we’re not getting out of this. It is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets any better.

But the less stability there is, the quicker the system will collapse. And the black opposition to the vax is a very big point of instability.

The current Biden plan is to make it so the pure blooded are not allowed to work, and then to ban them from receiving social welfare services. Obviously, black people don’t really work anyway. But they do receive welfare.

What they are probably going to do is say that unvaxed whites can’t receive welfare, but that unvaxed blacks can. But that’s going to be really weird and confusing.

Right now, the official government policy is that “race doesn’t exist,” so I don’t think there is anything preventing white people from claiming to be black in order to receive welfare while unvaxed.

My biggest worry right now is that the Bidens will come out with some crazy offer to the blacks if they take the vax. Like, give them a new car or something.

The good news is, we can safely protest the vax if we have blacks with us. Antifa has been showing up at anti-vax protests to attack people who are against government mandates (they’re anarchists, you see). At one protest, Antifa shot a guy for refusing the vax.

If you’ve got BLM signs at your anti-vax protest, they probably won’t shoot you. But I guess they might, actually.

After Getting His First Booster, Biden Now Says We Need 98% Vaccination Rate Tue, 28 Sep 2021 05:30:36 +0000
Imagine that the people setting up these photo-ops say, out loud: “we want to show a woman of color giving the vaccine.”

Remember when it was “70% for herd immunity”?

Well, now it’s 98%.

You’re going to have to make some very serious choices in the near future.


US President Joe Biden had his third dose of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine administered live before the White House press corps, insisting the ‘unvaccinated’ were a problem for America and urging everyone to get their shots.

Biden was injected on Monday at a televised event inside the Eisenhower Executive Office building, telling the reporters he was doing so because the regulators had declared the Pfizer-made boosters “safe and effective.”

A CNN reporter pointed out that Monday’s booster event was historic – the first time a sitting president was getting the coronavirus vaccine on camera. While Biden took both of his original doses on camera, that was before he was sworn in. His predecessor Donald Trump, who recovered from Covid-19 in October 2020, was reportedly vaccinated before he left the White House, but not publicly.

(Trump is a confirmed dumb boomer, but there is zero chance he is dumb enough to take this fake vaccine. I don’t really believe Biden is taking it either. He is so old, it would quickly kill him.)

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommended the boosters last week, but rejected the White House’s call to apply them to the general adult population. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) went a step further, expanding the booster advisory to “those in high risk occupational and institutional settings” on Thursday.

Biden doubled down on calling the current situation with the coronavirus in the US “a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” and repeated a joke he made on Friday about being over 65 and therefore needing a booster shot.

“Please, please do the right thing. Please get the shot,” he said at the event. “It can save your life. It can save the lives of those around you. And it’s easy, accessible, and it’s free.”

Asked how many Americans needed to be vaccinated, he said maybe 98%. “But I’m not the scientist. I think one thing is for certain. A quarter of the country can’t go unvaccinated and us not continue to have a problem,” he added.

“About 23% haven’t gotten any shots, and that distinct minority is causing an awful lot of damage for the rest of the country,” he said.



My position is simple: you can inject me with a bullet through my skull, but you’re not injecting me with this vaccine.


No matter what.

If that is not your view, then you might as well give up now.

Resisting is not going to get any easier any time soon.

If you’re not a Christian, then honestly, I don’t see what you’re fighting for.

Biden is likely going to make his booster schedule a regular thing.

“Fireside booster with Grandfatherly Uncle Joe.”

I want to see a poll:

What percentage of people went along with the vax out of fear of the virus, and what percentage went along out of fear of the government?

Clearly, no one who is left unvaxed at this point fears the supposed virus, so they are all going to be going along out of fear of the government.

The government knows that, and they are now just actively, nakedly trying to make people afraid.

Female “Shaman” Charged with Starting California Wildfire After Allegedly Trying to Boil Bear Urine to Drink Tue, 28 Sep 2021 05:15:12 +0000

Wait… what?

New York Post:

A California “shaman” charged with starting a wildfire that is threatening thousands of homes claimed it started by accident — while she was boiling bear urine to drink, according to local reports.

Alexandra Souverneva, 30, faces up to nine years in prison for allegedly sparking the Fawn Fire, which has destroyed 41 homes and 90 smaller structures and is threatening 2,340 others, officials have said. She has pleaded not guilty.

She is now being eyed for possibly starting other fires across the Golden State, according to the Redding Record-Searchlight.

As the fire in Shasta County raged on Wednesday, Souverneva claimed she’d been hiking and trying to get to Canada, according to documents obtained by the outlet.

She told forest officials that she was thirsty and had come across a puddle of what she believed to be bear urine — and tried to make a fire to boil it, according to documents obtained by the outlet.

She found it was “too wet for the fire to start,” so she downed the water that she thought was animal urine and continued on her way, the report said.

Souverneva eventually got trapped in the brush amid the inferno and had to call the fire department to help her, according to the report.

She was asked to empty her pockets and fanny pack — which had CO2 cartridges, a cigarette lighter and an item “containing a green, leafy substance she admitted to smoking that day,” according to Cal Fire officer Matt Alexander.

Workers at a nearby quarry reported seeing a woman toss two small CO2 cartridges that matched the ones found in her bag on the same day the Fawn Fire ignited, Alexander said in court documents.

On her LinkedIn, Souverneva lists “shaman” as her current occupation and indicates that she was a doctoral student at SUNY’s New York College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry.

An attorney for Souverneva told her initial court hearing that she’d made statements to law enforcement that indicated a possible mental health crisis “or something to do with drug abuse.”

“She is also under suspicion for starting other fires,” said the attorney, who was not identified by the paper.

Alexander said in a report that “there is a high possibility she is responsible” for a fire the previous evening, too.

Women shouldn’t be allowed to do anything.

It’s always going to end up with some destructive, weird thing.

Alabamans Told They are Destroying Reality by Refusing Vax Tue, 28 Sep 2021 04:45:26 +0000

Way down yonder in the Chattahoochee, it gets hotter than a hoochy coochy.

Yall country folks better be ready for your boosters.

Down in ‘Bama, you’ll folks best be thinkin’ bout how we gotta work to keep folks safe.

Yall wanna go to the Nascar or the honky tonk, you gotta use your app to show yall done got yall’s boosters.

That perty lady is just tryin’ to keep you’ll folks safe.

Get your shots, partner.

Yahoo! News:

Vaccinating Americans with their first or second shots is more urgent than giving boosters, according to one infectious disease expert, given that unvaccinated individuals generally experience the worst outcomes when infected with COVID-19.

What I’m seeing here on the ground level in Alabama and other areas with low vaccination is that a lot of the morbidity, a lot of the bad outcomes, are not in individuals who lack a booster,” Dr. Ellen Eaton, assistant professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Division of Infectious Diseases, said on Yahoo Finance Live (video above). “It’s individuals who have not rolled up their sleeve for their first or second vaccine, individuals who aren’t fully vaccinated.”

A recent CDC study found that between April and July 2021, unvaccinated Americans were nearly five times more likely to be infected with COVID-19, 10 times more likely to end up hospitalized for COVID-related complications, and 11 times more likely to die from COVID-19 than their fully vaccinated counterparts (Another CDC study found that between May 1 and July 25, 2021, unvaccinated residents of Los Angeles County were 29 times more likely to be hospitalized.)

If we ain’t done took that vaccine, then them terrorists already won.

The FDA recently approved for emergency use a third dose of the Pfizer (PFE)/BioNTech (BNTX) vaccine for individuals who received the Pfizer vaccine and are 65 and older or at high risk but stopped short of recommending boosters for the general population.

“I’m glad we’re having really robust, independent reviews by both the FDA’s advisory committee and the CDC to make sure that we have the data that we need to make these decisions,” Eaton said. “But from my standpoint, a lot of the outcomes that we’re seeing, the severe disease, is not because of a shortage of boosters. It’s really because we have low vaccine uptake in general.

In Alabama, just 41.7% are fully vaccinated while 52.1% have received at least one dose. In comparison, the rate of those fully vaccinated in the U.S. is 55.1%. Many of the cases in Alabama are concentrated in rural areas, where hospital capacity is much lower than in other parts of the state.

“We know that only 41% of Alabamians are fully vaccinated,” Eaton said. “In our rural areas, it’s a much lower percentage. We know vaccination is very regional and we know this virus can cross county lines quite easily. So until our whole state is really vaccinated, I think that we’ll pause in terms of giving too optimistic of projections going forward.”

Eaton, like many other public health experts, is focused on overcoming vaccine hesitancy.

“We do still have hesitancy,” Eaton said. “I do still encourage all my colleagues and other providers and family members and loved ones to continue to talk about your vaccine experience, continue to share data and evidence. We need to flood the social media space with facts and truth.”

President Biden made similar remarks during a press conference on Friday.

“We still have over 70 million Americans who’ve failed to get a single shot,” he said. “To make matters worse, there are elected officials actively working to undermine, with false information, the fight against COVID-19.”

Yall folks know it ain’t just that commie Beijing Joe that wants you to take the vax.

Our boys Trump and Ted Cruz also been tellin’ ya that if you wanna see that Nascar race down at the honky tonk, yall gotta get them boosters.

Ain’t nothin’ faggy about it, folks.

Fact is, it’s them British faggots sayin’ that yall should be worried about this vax.

Real men is rollin’ up they sleeves and takin’ them shots, cuz that’s the kinda folks we got down here in ‘Bama.

(So the boosters are so unpopular that they’re backing off and now saying “just at least take the first two.” Of course, anyone who takes the first two is going to take the booster, because after the first two, their immune systems are completely destroyed, and their only hope is these boosters – which won’t work anyway, but which will seem reasonable to a person who has already surrendered his soul to some skank in a white coat.)

Who Does Liz Cheney Represent? Mon, 27 Sep 2021 16:31:46 +0000

Liz Cheney was on 60 Minutes this week.

The fact that this woman is a representative in a supposedly representative democracy really gives the lie to the whole sham.

She does not represent anyone.

I have never in my life met a single person who holds the views of Liz Cheney.

Her views aren’t really even real, other than one: she wants a bunch of wars all over the world, because her family makes money off these wars. Anything else she says is just dressing for this core personal value of being aggressively pro-war.

In the interview, she apologized for opposing so-called “anal marriage” and homosexual pedophile child kidnapping AKA “gay adoption.”

She said it’s “freedom for everybody.”

Okay, now do pedophiles and people who have sex with dogs.

No, wait – if we’re doing “freedom,” let’s talk about the coronavirus.

Cheney is and has always been a hardcore lockdowner.

She also said that waterboarding is “not torture.” I don’t even know what that means.

Cheney made a point to denounce Donald Trump as evil, and said that anyone who doesn’t vote for her is evil like Trump.

Apparently, this makes her “good” in the eyes of Democrats.

But Democrats aren’t voting for her.

Who is voting for her?

Who in Wyoming said: “I feel that my values are represented by Liz Cheney”?

If no one said that, then what exactly is this government we are suffering under?

But hey, the good news is, Liz Cheney made a cute tweet about Donald Trump.

Frankly, making any jab at all against Trump, from Twitter, is a total self-own.

Me, I like politicians who aren’t considered safe enough by the establishment to not be censored (except I don’t like Trump because he’s a vax shill).

New York Times Says Republicans are Going to Destroy the Economy by Cockblocking Debt Ceiling Mon, 27 Sep 2021 16:06:22 +0000 Yahoo! News published this as the headline:

The Times itself has sterilized it:

But they are predicting hell being unleashed.

Or rather, they’re admitting it.

It’s not really a matter of “predictions,” but simply a matter of time before the big thing happens.

It’s not as accurate, meaningful, interesting, or entertaining as my own material on the topic, but let’s take a peek at what they’re saying.

New York Times:

For nearly two decades, lawmakers in Washington have waged an escalating display of brinkmanship over the federal government’s ability to borrow money to pay its bills. They have forced administrations of both parties to take evasive actions, pushing the nation dangerously close to economic calamity. But they have never actually tipped the United States into default.

The dance is repeating this fall, but this time the dynamics are different — and the threat of default is greater than ever.

Republicans in Congress have refused to help raise the nation’s debt limit, even though the need to borrow stems from the bipartisan practice of running large budget deficits. Republicans agree the United States must pay its bills, but on Monday they are expected to block a measure in the Senate that would enable the government to do so. Democrats, insistent that Republicans help pay for past decisions to boost spending and cut taxes, have so far refused to use a special process to raise the limit on their own.

Observers inside and outside Washington are worried neither side will budge in time, roiling financial markets and capsizing the economy’s nascent recovery from the pandemic downturn.

If the limit is not raised or suspended, officials at the Treasury Department warn, the government will soon exhaust its ability to borrow money, forcing officials to choose between missing payments on military salaries, Social Security benefits and the interest it owes to investors who have financed America’s spending spree.

Yet Republicans have threatened to filibuster any attempt by Senate Democrats to pass a simple bill to increase borrowing. Party leaders like Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky want to force Democrats to raise the limit on their own, through a fast-track congressional process that bypasses a Republican filibuster. That could take weeks to come to fruition, raising the stakes every day that Democratic leaders decline to pursue that option.

The problem is further compounded by the fact that no one is quite sure when the government will run out of money. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the United States in waves, frequently disrupting economic activity and the taxes the government collects, complicating Treasury’s ability to gauge its cash flow. Estimates for what is known as the “X-date” range from as early as Oct. 15 to mid-November.

Yeah, the virus did it.

The virus overrode the government’s ability to make decisions.

There was no possible response to a virus than to completely collapse the economy, because otherwise, someone could die.

And the entire global economy is of lesser value than one person’s life, despite the fact that literally hundreds of millions of people are going to die as a result of this plan to save “even one life.”

Amid that uncertainty, congressional leaders and President Joe Biden are not even attempting to negotiate a resolution. Instead, they are sparring over who should be saddled with a vote that could be used against them, raising the odds that partisan stubbornness will propel the country into a fiscal unknown.

It all adds up to an impasse rooted in political messaging, midterm campaign advertising and a desire by Republican leaders to do whatever they can to protest Biden’s economic agenda, including the $3.5 trillion spending bill that Democrats hope to pass along party lines using a fast-track budget process.

Republicans say they will not supply any votes to lift the debt cap, despite having run up trillions in new debt to pay for the 2017 tax cuts, additional government spending and pandemic aid during the Trump administration. Democrats, in contrast, helped President Donald Trump increase borrowing in 2017 and 2019.

The Times is obviously a cartoonishly partisan paper, but it is mostly true that Republicans are no more “fiscally conservative” than Democrats, as a general rule.

I mean, Democrats are a lot worse, but the Republicans are so bad that it is a pointless competition.

But saying that “tax cuts cost the government money” is an ideological position which has been proved factually wrong – especially given that both parties support outsourcing American jobs to countries with lower taxes.

“If they want to tax, borrow, and spend historic sums of money without our input,” McConnell said on the Senate floor this week, “they will have to raise the debt limit without our help.”

Thus far, Biden and Democratic leaders in Congress have declined to do so, even though employing that process would end the threat of default.

Jon Lieber, a former aide to McConnell who is now with the Eurasia Group, a political-risk consultancy in Washington, wrote in a warning to clients this week that there is a 1-in-5 chance the standoff will push the country into at least a technical debt default — forcing the government to choose between paying bondholders and honoring all its spending commitments — this fall.

The article goes on to just keep blaming Republicans.

It’s dumb.

But here’s a protip you can take to the bank: they’re not going to default. At least not in this way.

They are going to default through inflation.

They are going to make sure that they pay their obligations with new money.

Then, due to inflation, the dollar will become nonviable, and they will introduce their token system, where you get credits on your phone every week (assuming you’re all vaxed up and not making racist statements on the internet).

This was the plan from the beginning, and the coronavirus hoax was really just an excuse to deal with this debt system that was not plausibly sustainable any longer.

The problem here is what that will mean globally, and I frankly have no idea. Obviously, Russia, China and the rest of the free world is going to have to come up with some other solution, probably with China establishing a new digital reserve currency.

But why would America want to allow that? And what can they do to prevent it?

No idea.

Missouri: Three Racist White Cops Allow Neo-Nazi Dog to Repeatedly Bite Innocent Black Man Mon, 27 Sep 2021 05:30:42 +0000

The black wasn’t even resisting arrest.

Actually, he was resisting arrest, but that’s not even relevant – because he was innocent.

All he did was break into a building while strung out on drugs, then threaten the cops when they confronted him about it.

ABC News:

The FBI has opened an investigation into the arrest of a Black man in Missouri during which cellphone video shows three white officers allowing a police dog to repeatedly bite him.

Woodson Terrace police Chief Randy Halstead said in an email to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that his department was “fully cooperating” with the investigations being conducted by the FBI and the St. Louis County prosecutor’s office into last week’s arrest.

Officers were called Monday morning to a report that a man had broken into a business in Woodson Terrace, according to a police statement posted on Facebook. The man appeared to be on drugs and threatened officers, and they warned him the dog would be used if he continued to resist arrest, the department wrote.

Cellphone video from an onlooker shows the dog biting the man’s foot as he yells out in pain. The dog’s handler holds it by a leash but allows the biting to go on for about 30 seconds.

After the officer pulls off the dog, the man appears to take a step to run but stumbles, and the dog lunges at him again, biting a leg for another 30 seconds until the officer stops the animal.

The man was treated at a hospital and released. He hasn’t been charged with any crimes.

Protesters gathered outside the Woodson Terrace Police Department on Friday to demand the firing and prosecution of the three officers.

Here’s the thing: dogs are born colorblind.

It’s not natural for them attack people simply because of the color of their skin.

So if a dog is doing that, it’s because he’s been trained to do so by his white supremacist owners.

That’s bad enough in general, but when the dog’s owners are police officers – you begin to see the level of systemic racism we’re dealing with here.

We simply have no choice but to abolish the police and send their dogs to reeducation centers.

Black lives depend on it.

National Guard to Replace Unvaccinated Healthcare Workers in New York Mon, 27 Sep 2021 04:00:59 +0000

Anglin wrote about this yesterday, but hey – Elvis is writing about it today.

It’s an important story, because a lot of nurses are saying “they need us.”

They don’t need you. They will replace you with the National Guard and then they will bring in foreigners.

The Guardian:

The governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, is considering using the national guard and out-of-state medical workers to fill hospital staffing shortages, as tens of thousands of workers are unlikely to meet a Monday deadline for mandated Covid-19 vaccination.

The plan, outlined in a statement, would allow the governor to declare a state of emergency and thereby increase the supply of healthcare workers to include licensed professionals from other states and countries as well as retired nurses.

Hochul said the state was also looking at using national guard officers with medical training to keep hospitals and other medical facilities adequately staffed.

Some 16% of the state’s 450,000 hospital staff, or roughly 70,000 workers, have not been fully vaccinated, the governor’s office said.

“We are still in a battle against Covid to protect our loved ones,” Hochul said.

“I commend all of the healthcare workers who have stepped up to get themselves vaccinated, and I urge all remaining healthcare workers who are unvaccinated to do so now so they can continue providing care.”

The plan comes amid a broader battle between state and federal government leaders pushing for vaccine mandates to help counter the highly infectious Delta variant of the coronavirus and workers who are against inoculation requirements, some on religious grounds.

On Sunday, Hochul attended a service at a large church in New York City, to ask Christians to help promote vaccines.

I need you to be my apostles. I need you to go out and talk about it and say, we owe this to each other,” Hochul told congregants at the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn.

Jesus taught us to love one another and how do you show that love but to care about each other enough to say, please get the vaccine because I love you and I want you to live.”

Healthcare workers who are fired for refusing to get vaccinated will not be eligible for unemployment insurance unless they are able to provide a valid doctor-approved request for medical accommodation, Hochul’s office said.

The real issue here is simple:


They solve the thing.

Man Gets Three Pfizer Shots, Gets Deadly Covid Anyway Sun, 26 Sep 2021 13:15:41 +0000

This guy is the Job of coronavirus.

Science allowed QAnon hoaxes about how the vaccine doesn’t really work and Covid doesn’t even exist to test him in order to force him to prove his devotion to Science.


An Oklahoma man has contracted COVID-19 after trying hard to avoid the virus.

Ted Hartley is a kidney transplant recipient and teacher. His wife told KFOR those factors put him at high risk for infection.

“We just felt gutted that after 18 months of focusing on staying well and not catching this that he still caught it,” said Regina Hartley. “They did a chest X-ray and saw that was in double pneumonia. They did a COVID test, and it came back positive.”

Pneumonia that isn’t Covid is a QAnon hoax.

But this man persevered, and continued to believe in the Science, without wondering if maybe it was just normal pneumonia that people have gotten all through history, which likely could have been triggered by the fact that these vaccines compromised his immune system.

His wife didn’t want to identify the school where Ted teaches math but believes he contracted the virus there. She told KFOR despite receiving three Pfizer shots, COVID overwhelmed his immune system.

“He went from fever one evening to be in the hospital the next evening. It’s scary,” said Regina.

Regina told KFOR Ted knew as a kidney transplant recipient, the medications that keep his kidney healthy also put him at extreme risk.

“You never know what person next to you is very immunocompromised and could end up in the hospital.”

As of Tuesday, Ted is now on his fourth day in the hospital, needing oxygen. His wife told KFOR Ted’s classroom is probably one of the safest, and he even asked the school board for approval to require students to wear masks.

He got all three shots, and believed in the Science.

Then when the Science gave him Covid anyway, he continued to deny the QAnon hoaxes, and believed that the Science had not abandoned him.

Throughout all of his trials and tribulations, with QAnon hoaxes testing him left and right, his belief did not waver.

Now, he will receive his reward in Science Heaven, which doesn’t exist, according to the Science.

If he keeps his faith in Science, however, he may live to get the fourth booster, which will finally give him the protection he needs.

George W. Bush Leads Soros-Funded Program to Flood America with Afghans Sun, 26 Sep 2021 08:00:52 +0000

George W. Bush is involved in running a George Soros-backed program to bury America in Afghan refugees.

The organization, Welcome.Us, is run by Jew Soros’ “Open Society Foundations,” along with other Jewish groups like the Schultz Family Foundation (Starbucks Jew), the Skoll Foundation (another Jew investment banking billionaire) and the Shapiro Foundation (Wall Street Jews).

Tucker Carlson covered this story on Friday as if it was some kind of surprise that George W. Bush would be involved in this kind of Soros conspiracy.

But as I’ve covered here somewhat extensively, the Republicans have been at the forefront of demanding that America be flooded with Afghans.

Related: Afghan Anne Franks Ficki-Ficki Female American Soldier at New Mexico Refugee Camp

Sean Hannity had different guests on every night for more than a week saying that Joe Biden was not bringing in enough Afghan refugees. Most hysterical was the “Jew conservative” Mark Levin, who said that these Afghans were like Anne Frank. But Ted Cruz and all of the other top Republican figures came on Hannity’s show to demand millions of Afghans be brought to America.

Donald Trump himself attacked Biden for not bringing in enough Afghans.

National File:

Former presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton are serving as Honorary Co-Chairs of an organization to support the welcoming of Afghan migrants into the United States of America following the U.S. defeat to the Taliban and failed evacuation from Afghanistan. The organization,, is funded by socialist billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

The Honorary Co-Chairs of Welcome.Us include Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton. The group’s National Welcome Council includes representatives from the New York Times, the Soros-funded Atlantic Council, Obama’s former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, Maria Shriver, establishment pundit David French, and Jeb Bush.

George Soros’ leftist donor organization Open Society Foundations is listed as one of the “Welcome Sponsors,” a “group of funders (that) chose to also enable the launch of Welcome.Us so that, together, we can amplify those efforts and mobilize the American people to support them,” according to Welcome.Us. Other sponsors include Rockefeller Brothers Fund and The group’s “Welcome Businesses” include Walmart, Facebook, Starbucks, Uber, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Gibson Dunn and Microsoft.

National File’s Patrick Howley goes into all of the details of the Welcome.Us plan to bury us with these strange brown people, but the most interesting part is that Republicans are so on-board with this agenda to displace the American people.

I don’t know anyone who would be shocked at this point by “Jews trying to flood you with immigrants.”

I think Hannity’s involvement is more shocking that George W. Bush’s involvement. Bush recently gave a speech on 911 saying that the true terrorist threat to America is white people who voted for Donald Trump.

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Bush was involved in the movement against Trump from 2016, claiming that any attempt to maintain a white majority in America was evil, and that we have to bury whites.

The thing that I think really needs to be noted here is that the government of Afghanistan – that is to say, the Taliban – is openly saying that they don’t want people to leave. This is similar to what Bashir al-Assad, the President of Syria, said when Angela Merkel was trying to steal his population in order to destroy her country of Germany.

All of these migrant programs are about hurting white people. There is no other purpose to these programs.

The biggest lesson to learn from the fact that Republican politicians and top Republican commenters like Sean “As Long As It’s Legal” Hannity are involved in this is that we do not have any representation.

Literally, Donald Trump called for more Afghans, and denounced Biden for not bringing in enough.

Here’s his statement:

No one is going to defend us, and we cannot possibly take over the government through any path.

So the only thing we can actually do is run and wait for this system to collapse.

I am offering that as the solution. You can go look at what other people are saying, and you should look at what other people are saying, but I think you are going to find that none of it makes any coherent sense if you try to work through it to its logical conclusion.

You’re not going to vote your way out of anything when they’ve already shown that they can get caught stealing an election and nothing will happen.

What’s more, there is no one to vote for – Donald Trump is trying to vax you and Ted Cruz is trying to flood you with every brown gutter race on the planet.

You have to leave the cities and wait for this system to collapse.

It will collapse.

It is already off the rails.

There is zero chance that this transhumanist globalist utopia is going to come to fruition.

But they are going to hurt a lot of people in the process of trying to establish it.

New York: Junkies Turn Midtown Into San Francisco (Shocking Development) Sun, 26 Sep 2021 07:00:46 +0000

I read the New York Post. It’s really the top tabloid, surpassing even Daily Mail. The latter has so many stories, and so much celebrity garbage.

But all tabloids are written by women, homosexuals, and other wide-eyed morons.

The New York Post is shocked and outraged that junkies just shoot up on the main streets of Midtown, something that wasn’t even happening in pre-Giuliani times.

New York Post:

The Garment District is Gotham’s newest shooting gallery, a disturbing heroin hotspot of addicts booting up in broad daylight.

The outgoing de Blasio administration appears unwilling or unable to address the crisis, as the quality-of-life disaster unfolds just steps from high-profile Midtown landmarks such as Macy’s, Madison Square Garden and the sparkling new Moynihan Train Hall.

The block bordered by 35th and 36th streets, and Seventh and Eighth Avenues, is “littered with used needles, broken glass crack pipes, trash, urine, and feces” as junkies shoot up and dealers brazenly sell drugs, lamented one neighbor on social media. “I’ve personally seen dozens of deals go down. I’ve seen a person OD and nearly die.”

During a single walk around the block last week, The Post witnessed three different people injecting needles in their wrists or fingers in the middle of the afternoon. Each addict sat on the sidewalk or in empty storefronts. Dozens of other junkies sat or lay nearly comatose, many of the men shirtless, on the same block.

“We are appalled and disgusted by the drug use and other illicit behaviors that are taking place on our sidewalks in Midtown Manhattan and throughout New York City,” Garment District Alliance President Barbara Blair told The Post. “We have been fighting to put an end to this crisis, however our city officials have unfortunately failed to address the problem and have allowed this public disorder to continue.”

In Death Wish, Charles Bronson was angry that the Jewish scientist from Jurassic Park raped and murdered his wife.

This led him on a crusade to kill all the criminals.

But he was killing violent criminals.

No one wants to go out and slaughter junkies.

I mean, I think someone should slaughter these junkies, obviously.

But as the Post points out, the wops of the NYPD would rather play with their phones than to arrest them on charges of “minor” fentanyl possession.

A big part of the glorious utopian future that the left is creating is that every formerly idyllic city center, where the elite and the upper middle class used to mingle for cocktails and shopping, is going to be covered with junkies.

You might wonder why it is someone would want to work hard on Wall Street in order to wake up every morning and trudge through a junkie jungle.

The answer is: I don’t know, maybe they are just working to get invites to exciting satanic pedophile rituals?

If not that, then we’re probably witnessing the total dissolution of the entire social contract, where no one has any stake whatsoever in this society.

New York: Governor to Bring in National Guard, Foreigners After Mass Nursing Walk-Out Sun, 26 Sep 2021 05:06:53 +0000

I’ve seen anti-vax people in the medical field saying “they can’t just fire all of us” and I’ve consistently replied “actually, they can – they don’t care if people die as a result, and they will just bring in foreigners to replace you.”

New York Post:

New York is prepared to bring in medically-trained National Guard members and federal disaster teams to combat a looming staffing shortage at hospitals and nursing homes if workers don’t meet Monday’s COVID-19 vaccination deadline.

Gov. Hochul announced the contingency plans Saturday and said she was ready to sign an executive order declaring a state of emergency allowing qualified out-of-state workers to be able to practice in New York as well as recent grads and retirees.

Hochul has also said she’s looking to bring in foreign workers to supplement staff. She said Saturday she plans to work with the federal government to expedite visa requests for medical professionals.

Earlier in the week, Hochul announced an agreement to raise overtime pay at three state university-run hospitals, including SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn.

As of Wednesday, 16 percent of all hospital workers statewide were unvaccinated and as of Thursday, 15 percent of nursing home employees had refused to be jabbed, state stats show.

Anyone who does not get at least the first dose of the COVID-19 shot by Monday won’t be able to work and faces possible termination. Former Gov. Cuomo issued the mandate in August before he resigned.

The National Guard is a creative solution.

I imagine it will be a total disaster, but it is creative.

The foreigner workers thing was obvious, and exactly what I said was going to happen.

All you people need to understand: there is no stopping this train.

It is just going to keep on rolling, until it explodes.

By the way, this is Governor Hochul:

Democrat Kathy Hochul, winner of a special election for a House seat in New York.
Donald Trump Rally in Georgia Sun, 26 Sep 2021 01:04:19 +0000

Donald Trump had a rally on Saturday in Perry, Georgia.

I didn’t watch it, but I suspect he told people that the election was fake, that Joe Biden is bad, and that they should all go take their vax.

I’m very disappointed with everything Trump is doing these days.

He obviously has a plan to run in 2024, because it will get him attention from the media again.

The Democrats of course love this plan, as their entire political platform is “we will stop Donald Trump.”

It’s easy to stop Donald Trump when you rig the votes.

What would be difficult would be to have an actual political platform and agenda, which is something the Democrats are 100% opposed to doing.

America Gives Canada Permission to Release Kidnapped Chinese Tech Executive Sat, 25 Sep 2021 12:57:02 +0000

If I had to guess, this is an attempt to look less ridiculous to the Europeans.

BBC News:

A Chinese technology executive held in Canada on US fraud charges has left the country after a deal with prosecutors, following years of diplomatic tensions over her fate.

Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of Huawei, was detained on fraud charges in December 2018 at the request of the US.

On Friday, the US Department of Justice dropped an extradition request for her.

The case infuriated China and strained relations with the US and Canada.

It also prompted accusations that China had detained Canadian citizens in retaliation, which China denied.

“My life has been turned upside down. It was a disruptive time for me,” Ms Meng told reporters after being freed from Canadian detention.

“Every cloud has a silver lining,” she continued, adding: “I will never forget all the good wishes I received from people around the world.”

Shortly afterwards she boarded an Air China flight bound for the Chinese city of Shenzhen, AFP news agency reports.

The whole Australian-French-US-UK submarine fiasco, and the weird saber-rattling that followed, kind of made America look as insane as its leadership actually is.

If America is really planning on stirring up some kind of serious conflict with China, they definitely can’t have Europe just bailing on the entire NATO project, which is looking like what would obviously happen right now.

The problem is, the Chinese are so timid and careful that it is just impossible to make it look like “China started it.”

The US Military is constantly circling Chinese territory with war planes and racing warships back and forth through their waters, while making nonstop threats. The media doesn’t really report on it, but since Biden took over, the military has just started directly menacing China nonstop.

What exactly does Europe get from a war with China?

Europe surely believes in hardcore anal rimjobs, child trannies, and women getting gang-banged by blacks, but they don’t have the same desire to force it on the world that the US has.

The only reason Europe would go along with a war with China is if they felt the US had the ability to intimidate them into it. And even then, the people of Europe won’t go along with it, so the leaders, already pressed by enforcing the mandates of Lord Fauci, are going to be in a pickle. There’s a real chance that the US just looks so ridiculous at this point that Europeans would just be like “yeah okay, actually – no.”

So that’s why I think they released Meng. To make themselves look less deranged. Kidnapping a powerful tech executive who was on a business trip in Canada was a really, really wild thing to do. Like, imagine if Elon Musk was on a business trip in Malaysia, and the Chinese government ordered him kidnapped by Malaysian cops, claiming that he’d illegally violated Chinese sanctions against Taiwan. That would literally be the exact inverse of what happened.

What do you think America would do if that happened?

In China’s case, they just said “China people has a feeling this is very bad behavior and unfriendliness with a nasty spirit of rudefulness.”

There is no single person on earth who would willingly choose to deal with the Americans instead of the Chinese.

America is now like a belligerent drunken police officer with an assault rifle running around a resort hotel and forcing vacationers to have butt sex with each other.