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I wrote on Tuesday that the bio front hole individual Margaret Atwood is trying to erase the existence of the trans community by falsely claiming that women exist.

“Women” do exist, but that word is exclusive to trans women. Bio front holes have no claim to the word “women,” and when they try to claim control of that word, they are literally killing trans women by disenfranchising them.

The proper terms for a bio front hole are thus:

  • Bio front hole
  • Individual body with a vagina
  • Menstruating individual
  • Individual who menstruates
  • Birthing body
  • Biological vaginal entity
  • Bipedal bio entity with a front hole

Nowhere should the word “women” enter into the conversation, unless we are talking about trans women, who are the only real women.

It’s not me saying this – it’s science.

Science is the ultimate determiner, and science has determined that so-called “women” simply do not exist. They are a social construct invented by the patriarchy to oppress trans women.

Bipedal menstruation bodies like Atwood are angry that their power is being taken from them. They’re angry that they’re being kicked in the face and dragged down to wear they belong: in the dustbin of history.

I’m certainly not the only person who feels that science should come before the stupid, meaningless and pathetic emotions of these menstruating individual bio holes.

The gay Jew David Oliver has stood up for science and pushed back against Atwood’s attempts to incite violence against trans women.

He writes:

“‘Woman’ is in danger of becoming a dirty word … struck from the lexicon of officialdom, eradicated from medical vocabulary and expunged from conversation,” wrote Rosie DiManno in an Oct. 15 guest column in the Toronto Star. DiManno posits that an attempt at inclusivity – i.e. saying “person who menstruates” instead of “woman who menstruates,” to honor transgender men and nonbinary people – actually erases women from the conversation.

Atwood’s apparent endorsement of the article sent shockwaves through the trans community, at a time when they are still reeling from the fallout of Dave Chappelle’s transphobic Netflix special which led to a staff walkout on Oct. 20. USA TODAY has reached out to Atwood’s publicist for comment.

Advocates for the trans community say Atwood’s choice of sharing this piece is simply one of many that threaten the group’s livelihood – serving as a dog whistle for anti-trans legislation and sentiment.

“Atwood’s recent tweet is disappointing but not surprising,” says Lydia X. Z. Brown, a disability justice advocate. “Casual trans-antagonism – anti-trans oppression – is widespread in society, just as casual ableism and racism are. Unfortunately, many people coming from privileged perspectives falsely believe that any perceived increase in visibility or attention for marginalized communities is an attack on them, which is the sentiment echoed in the article Atwood shared.”

Florence Ashley, a jurist and bioethicist in Toronto, is wary of Atwood’s large platform. “It is difficult enough getting people to understand how trans rights are not taking away from cisgender women’s rights without people sharing poorly researched and argued columns,” Ashley says.

Now, concerns linger whether Atwood may head the way of other famous writers who express an inkling of transphobia. (Atwood has doubled down on her defense of the writer, who has raised eyebrows writing about the community in the past.) Think J.K. Rowling and her transphobia.

“This tends to happen a lot, where we see a famous person drop some small hint that maybe they’ve been consuming anti-trans content online, and then immediately upon the backlash, drum a whole lot more,” Reed says.

That really is the true threat.

Atwood has a big platform to spread this anti-science, anti-Semitic lies that promote her own twisted ideas of privilege. This will lead directly to violence, as bodies with menstruating front holes become angry that they can no longer claim the title of “women” since real women – trans women – have taken that identity from them.

Atwood is stoking rage in biological hole individuals, which is going to lead to murder and genocide.

The first step is for her to be banned from Twitter.

The next step is to cancel the show the Handmaid’s Tale. This show has really led to bio front holes believing they are special, or that they matter, or that they are women. Front hole individual bodies can’t matter until the lives and lived experiences of trans women are RESPECTED.

Many people wondered if Atwood was Jewish. No, she is not.

Jewish people tend to respect trans lives, and don’t go around spreading anti-scientific tropes and canards about how women exist.

Feminists learned for a long time that “women are better than men at everything.” That was true, at the time. Now, however, scientists have studied “gender” and found that there is no such thing as “women,” and that trans women are the only real women. A goy feminist hears that and is confused and upset, and lashes out to defend her menstruation privileges, whereas a Jew feminist hears that and starts cackling with joy at the prospect of true equality on the horizon.

Jews know that if you start saying thinks like “women have vaginas” that the next step is firing up the gas chambers to “gas the kikes.” That’s why every Jew that I’m aware of is a trans advocate, and in fact, Jews like David Oliver of USA Today are at the forefront of the program to completely erase “women.”

Just so, a body with a vagina quickly goes from saying “women have vaginas” to “it’s time to fire up the steam chambers and gas these kikes.”

After all, Adolf Hitler himself believed in the false trope and anti-Semitic canard that “women have vaginas.”

Anti-trans leaders like Margaret Atwood believe that “six million is not enough.”

Meanwhile, Jewish feminist biological birthing holes respect trans existence.

TERFism is truly a goy phenomenon – hence its direct links to anti-Semitism, Nazism, Adolf Hitler, and the Holocaust.

Goyim hate science, they hate trans lives, and most of all, they hate the Jews.

This is why for so long Jews have rightly been calling for a crackdown on the goyim, to finally put them in their place once and for all.

Most People Think Pete Buttigieg Shouldn’t Get Months Off Work to Molest Kidnapped Infants Wed, 20 Oct 2021 12:13:52 +0000

SUPPLY CHAIN CRISIS WORSENS: The cost of shipping supplies is up 300%. ABC’s Mona Kosar Abdi reports on the new record in the ongoing shipping backlog that’s leaving store shelves across the country empty.

— ABC World News Now (@abcWNN) October 19, 2021

Pete Buttigieg, the fully anal Secretary of Transportation, has been on indefinite leave from his job after kidnapping infant children to molest.

According to polls, 65% of Americans do not believe that “homosexually molesting kidnapped infants” is a good reason for a cabinet member to take weeks off from his job.

Jen Psaki says that between rounds of [REDACTED], Buttigieg checks in on Zoom.

Of course, there’s a shipping crisis happening right now, so it’s considered especially egregious that Anal Pete the Poop-Sucker is taking such serious time off of work.

Frankly, it seems like no one in the Biden Administration actually does anything.

It looks like a Potemkin Government that just pretends to do thing, while in the back, there is something completely different going on.

Clearly, no serious person would try to make the claim that Biden himself is running anything.

But who in his government is running anything?

Logically, one can assume that there is a secret crypto-government running things from behind the scenes.

Handmaid’s Tale Author Reveals Herself as a TERF CIS Bigot QAnon Conspiracy Kook Wed, 20 Oct 2021 10:11:06 +0000

Middle-aged female novelists are the number one threat to the trans community.

Every time a middle-aged female novelist says “well, women should be allowed to exist though,” at least 1 million trannies commit suicide.

It’s a good thing the schools are teaching children to be trannies, or else we’d be running out of trannies, with all of these middle-aged white female feminist novelists saying women exist and killing so many in the tranny community.


Author Margaret Atwood is the latest public figure to be labeled transphobic, with critics piling on after she shared a story lamenting the potential loss of the word ‘woman’.

Although Artwood’s tweet that landed her in hot water on Tuesday only included a link to an oped critical of gender-neutral language, the mere fact of her sharing the article was enough to rile up detractors and put her on the defensive against the left-wing Twitter mob.

“Why can’t we say ‘woman’ anymore?,” Atwood tweeted, sharing an oped by columnist Rosie DiManno published in the Toronto Star.

In the piece, DiManno argues that the insistence by some on the absolute adoption of gender-neutral language is destroying the idea of womanhood and making it more difficult to discuss issues related to women-specific issues like pregnancy.

“Well-meaning people,” she wrote, are left “tongue-tied, lest they be attacked as transphobic or otherwise insensitive to the increasingly complex constructs of gender.”

Atwood, who is most famously the author of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, was labeled a TERF (trans-exlusionary radical feminist), a label critics have given to ‘Harry Potter’ author JK Rowling and comedian Dave Chappelle in recent years for their criticism of sects of the transgender movement.

JK Rowling invented Harry Potter and then she went on to exterminate the trannies.

It’s very similar to the story of how Adolf Hitler wrote the book Mein Kampf and then exterminated the Jews.

People say “well, Rowling and Atwood aren’t saying ‘exterminate trannies.'” But what people don’t know is that Hitler never said “exterminate the Jews.” There is not one single document that shows a plan by the Nazis to kill Jews. Everything was just “wink wink wink – kill the Jews.” Just so, these middle-aged white female feminist novelists are wink-winking as they exterminate trannies.

It’s time to cancel The Handmaid’s Tale.

This is right-wing extremism.

Many are quite reasonably having total psychological breakdowns as a result of this woman trying to exterminate the tranny race.

Atwood has responded by doubling down on the false and hateful anti-scientific claim that women exist.

Women do not exist and it’s time to shut these holes up in the name of tranny supremacy.

Women are not even human.

The only real women are men who take hormone injections and wear dresses.

A so-called “woman” is nothing more than a creature with a biological hole.

“Women” need to learn their place and accept that their lives are meaningless. They are nothing but worthless bio-holes.

Related: Women=Canceled: Democrat Party Adopts Language to Totally Dehumanize Bodies with Vaginas

Removing women from existence is the only way we are going to stop all of these trannies from committing suicide.

We also need to cancel pink pussy hats. Look at this group of QAnon theorists claiming vaginas are pink.

Real women – that is, trans women – have brown pussies.

These hate-filled QAnon conspiracy theorists at the pussy marches say things like “I am a nasty woman.”

Bitch, you’re not a woman – you’re a body with a hole.

Accept it.

It’s time for these entities with holes to stop claiming that pussies are pink. A real pussy is a brown asshole.

That’s called “science.”

Maybe instead of spreading false conspiracy theories about the existence of women, these biological front hole creatures should consult a real scientist first.

The existence of women is one of many false theories being spread by QAnon.

We need to stop pretending that statements like “We can’t say ‘women’ anymore?” is free speech. It’s not free speech. It’s hate speech.

The Attorney General has recognized that reading Lawn Boy at a school board meeting is a form of domestic terrorism.

So why is Atwood’s tweet not in the same category?

We need to stop pretending that hatred will simply disappear on its own.

It’s time to start putting people who deny the validity of the trans experience in prison where they belong.

Margaret Atwood should be in the special political prison with the 1/6 domestic terrorists, in solitary confinement 23 hours a day and getting beaten and tortured by blacks.

That’s the only way we’re ever going to have democracy in this country.

Here’s Your Chipmunk Jewess Hero, Goyim! Tue, 19 Oct 2021 07:40:20 +0000

When @BariWeiss describes the kind of madness that we have all witnessed, @BrianStelter pretends as if he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Such gaslighting is of course a big part of the problem. |

— Mike (@Doranimated) October 18, 2021

Bari Weiss is a fat Jew woman.

In terms of politics, she’s on par with gay Jew Dave Rubin, orthodox Jewish supremacist Ben Shapiro, hypnotist Jew Sam Harris, and fat Jew Eric Weinstein.

Along with their token goy Jordan Peterson, these people are called “the intellectual dark web.” Weiss coined that term.

She quit the New York Times in a public spectacle to make herself a figure who is supposed to be some kind of “reasonable centrist” concerned that “wokeness has gone too far.”

However, she is still fat.

When she appeared on Joe Rogan, it was clear that she doesn’t really know very much about anything at all, and can’t really talk about subjects in any sort of depth.

We learned in that interview that her entire purpose is to defend the Jews.

She defended Zionism explicitly.

She also attacked Tulsi Gabbard for not loving Israel enough.

(Bitch looked like garbage on that show like wow bitch put on some lipstick at least bitch wow.)

She’s just a dumb millennial. Like as dumb as any millennial bitch you’ve seen. She sifts through the right-wing, and finds easy talking points that are not offensive to Jewishness, then goes up and says “I’m the figurehead spearheading a movement for reasonableness!”

So, it wasn’t surprising that she was who CNN brought on to “push back” against their narrative.

I’m not really against anything she’s saying in that clip – but it’s all very basic, and very superficial.

We have underlying problems that aren’t going to be solved by saying “it’s not really racist to talk about the coronavirus.”

This is obviously just a filter – she takes people who might not be fully on board with child trannies dancing at gay nightclubs and says “we can still be reasonable, like in 2011.”

CNN can bring her on without worrying she’s going to come on and say “GOOGLE BLACK CUBE.”

She just goes with very safe, very benign and dull talking points.

Everyone feels good.

White Supremacy is In the Air Tonight as Phil Collins Bans “Wetbacks, Pakis and Spooks” from the Alamo Tue, 19 Oct 2021 06:15:11 +0000
The Alamo was built by blacks from cotton. Then, when it was attacked, blacks defended it using cotton cannons. Phil Collins is working to bury these facts, because he hates dark colors of skin.

I’m pretty sure I got that headline right. But to be honest, I just grazed the text of this news article.

From what I can tell, Collins thinks that the so-called “lesser races” shouldn’t be allowed in his museum. He wishes that it would rain down and cleanse the streets of vibrancy. For Phil Collins, a 100% white world is just another day in paradise.

He’s shown his true colors – white supremacy.

Phil can’t hurry love for you – the whites.

He thinks tonight, tonight, tonight is the time for blacks to die.

Word is, Phil hates blacks so much because they are good dancers – after all, he can’t dance.

For a long time, Phil was an idol to me – a short man with a round head and male pattern baldness.

I can’t support him anymore. I’m pulling my support for Phil Collins.

I just smashed my entire collection of Genesis albums.

Then I sent him a message on WhatsApp and said “go ahead and lose my number, Phil – because I CAN stop loving you.”

Before I blocked him, he replied “well, I guess we will just have to live our separate lives.”


Phil Collins has been drawn into a race row after a US museum, which will house his memorabilia from the Siege of the Alamo, was accused of “glorifying” white figures while ignoring Latino, Native American and black fighters.

In 2014, the Genesis frontman – who has a longstanding interest in the legendary 1836 battle between less than 200 Texan rebels and approximately 6,000 Mexican soldiers – donated his collection of weapons, clothing, letters and artifacts from the event to the state of Texas. The trove is estimated to be worth £10 million ($13.78 million).

His donation was made on condition that, by 2021, the state would build a museum dedicated to the Battle at the Alamo – a 300-year-old fortified mission in the city of San Antonio that is now a tourist landmark attracting around 1.6 million visitors annually – to display the collection.

Although a £15 million ($20.68 million) exhibition hall is due to open next summer, it has been criticized by Hispanic-Texan activists as an “expensive palace glorifying the Alamo myth” of a heroic struggle between a handful of white defenders against a Mexican horde led by General Santa Anna.

This isn’t a myth – it’s literally what happened.

If any part of it is a myth, it’s that Santa Anna was a squat little fruit-picker.

If he’d been an actual Mexican, he probably would have gotten bored and left after the second day of the siege, gone somewhere and gotten drunk and then impregnated a 10-year-old.

Its critics argue the museum and Collins’ collection will help perpetuate that narrative – bolstered by Hollywood movies – about the 13-day siege and subsequent 90-minute massacre of a small band of fighters led by American folk heroes like Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie.

According to them, the museum should reflect the contributions to Texas independence by Tejanos (Texans of Mexican descent) as well as Native Americans and black slaves. In addition, they want greater emphasis on the historical context regarding slavery and colonialism.

“We’ve got to bring other stories and people to the forefront because for too many years they’ve been the afterthought,” Ramon Vasquez, a spokesman for the indigenous Tap Pilam Coahuiltecan Nation, told The Times newspaper.

However, local politicians and conservative groups want the museum to remain largely focused on the core participants of the battle. The situation has even seen armed protesters turn up at the Alamo.

Militia groups reportedly helped stop a plan to move a 17-meter-tall marble cenotaph bearing the names of the fallen settlers from outside the church building. Last year, the monument was apparently spray-painted with graffiti saying, “White supremacy, profit over people, the ALAMO.”

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m really sick of hearing these people whine.

Frankly, much more than the non-stop violence, and the welfare leeching – I’m sick of the whining.

These people literally offer nothing.

Nothing. At. All.

But they are not content to simply live in our country, to abuse us, to feed off of our wealth. Instead, they must make constant demands of us, claiming we’re not doing enough for them, that all of their problems are our fault, and that we need to really start paying a lot more attention to them.

“Nigga, y’all white muthafuggahs best be put me in dat Alamo museum, nigga. I be botta be pop off on that rassis white bitch Phil Collins. He be is deny dat we been did dat Alamo. We been did all dat shit, nigga. Y’all crackas ain’t did shit, bitch. Now make dat bitch ass Alamo museum about black people, nigga. Shieeet.” -The Blacks

It just never ends.

At this point, I’m ready to get on board with Phil Collins and his genocide agenda.

Women are Better Incels Than Men Tue, 19 Oct 2021 00:06:29 +0000

Celibate women could join some aboriginal tribe.

Pomidor wrote this article without an opening line.

I don’t understand this article, but I’m posting it anyway.

The Guardian:

When a woman named Alana coined the term “incel” in the late 90s, she couldn’t have predicted the outcome. What started as a harmless website to connect lonely, “involuntary celibate” men and women has morphed into an underground online movement associated with male violence and extreme misogyny.

But it is not just incel men who struggle to find sexual connections in the modern world. Some young women are turning to online “femcel” spaces to discuss the challenges they face as involuntary celibates.

Theirs is a non-violent resistance. Rather than blaming the opposite sex for their unhappiness, as some of their male counterparts do, femcels tend to believe their own “ugliness” is the root cause of their loneliness. Posting anonymously on platforms they have designed for themselves, they argue that they are invisible due to their abnormal appearance, and that our beauty-centric, misogynistic culture prevents them from being accepted. There is anger and open grappling with self-esteem, but no extreme hatred and no sense of entitlement within the community.

Meanwhile, a far greater number of women would not describe themselves as femcels, but live unintentionally celibate lives. They share many of the femcels’ concerns.

Caitlin, 39, doesn’t call herself a femcel, but she hasn’t had sex for almost eight years and doesn’t think she will find another sexual partner. “I’m not conventionally attractive and I never get approached by men,” she says. “They don’t look at me. I’ve had therapy to try to address these issues, but dating feels like a barren wasteland. It’s worse as I get older, because I’ve missed that short window to marry and have a family.”

She never tells people that she is celibate, because it makes her feel “abnormal” and inadequate. “I feel a lot of anger and hurt that my life has ended up this way. I struggle to cope with the fact I may never find a partner. Society makes it harder because, after a certain age, people tend to pair off and form their own insular units and life gets lonely for single people.”

Although Caitlin is not morally opposed to casual sex, it is not an experience that feels right for her. She has had two short-term relationships, which ended in heartbreak. There is a popular notion among incel communities – and even in wider society – that women are privileged because they can get sex at any time. Not only is that untrue, as many women will testify, but also, as Caitlin points out, not all sex is enjoyable. “Generally, men who aren’t in a relationship with you don’t make it a pleasurable experience,” she says. “The risk of rejection afterwards is high, which makes the sex even less enjoyable. As a woman, you want to be desired, not treated like a piece of meat.”

Caitlin is aware that men also struggle with self-esteem issues linked to appearance, but believes the pressure is greater for women. “I’m not especially drawn to someone’s looks or height. I prefer to get to know someone and develop an attraction. But I feel that a man who didn’t find me attractive straight away would never learn to become attracted to me. I see lots of beautiful women dating men who aren’t good-looking, but rarely the other way around. Men have more ways to attract a partner than looks.”

The article then shares a few stories from women aged 49, 53, 37, and 28.  These women never say if they were celibate in their teenage years.

Then, a sex psychotherapist says that the fact old women can’t have sex with the men they want to have sex with is a consequence of misogyny, and that misandry is a reaction to misogyny.

According to Silva Neves, a sex and relationship psychotherapist with the UK Council of Psychotherapy, it is not uncommon for women to struggle to find a partner they find physically attractive, especially as they get older. “Society places a higher importance on women’s beauty,” he says. “We absorb and internalise this misogyny on every level and even women are more likely to criticise another woman’s body than a man’s. You often see women putting more effort into their appearance as they age because they have been taught it’s important in a way that men haven’t. But a lot of women complain that they struggle to be attracted to men, because they have let themselves go.”

While many men still prioritise beauty, Neves says women’s other successes, such as education, wealth or a good career, may be deemed threatening. In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, Richard Vedder, an economist and senior fellow at the Independent Institute, a libertarian US thinktank, said that men make up only 40% of the university student population in the US. Women are outperforming their male peers academically and delaying having families in pursuit of financial independence and a career. While this might be considered a positive step forward for society, it has left some men feeling adrift.

Neves argues that while misogyny and misandry are both unacceptable, they have very different roots. “Misogyny is an ideology which dictates that women should be seen as objects, without the same rights as men. Misandry is mostly a reaction to misogyny and informed by evidence. We shouldn’t put all men in the same bag, but at the same time it’s hard to criticise women who have had negative experiences.”

Good to know!

Wait, What Year is It? Mon, 18 Oct 2021 02:00:31 +0000


— Libs of Tik Tok (@libsoftiktok) October 17, 2021

Ayo hol up.

Lemme just…

Well, I’ll be darned.

No wonder all this weird crap is happening!

It’s the current year!

Making Babies is the “Grandest Act of Climate Destruction” Mon, 18 Oct 2021 01:15:54 +0000

The Science says: don’t have kids.

The most important thing is that you cease breeding, goy.


About four years ago, my wife and I, who are both in our thirties, briefly thought we were having a baby. For the next few nights my dreams were of nuclear flashes lighting up the sky, of the earth cracking open and of waves lapping at the front door.

Humans are swiftly making the planet uninhabitable. Why would we want to bring another human being into the world? I’ll admit that my climate anxiety is as melodramatic as it is severe. But polls show that I’m not alone and the figures of declining birth rates speak for themselves. For a population to sustain itself, the average woman has to have 2.1 children in her lifetime. In the US — thanks in part to fears about the future of the planet — that figure is now around 1.7.

This is quite something, given that procreation is hardwired into the human psyche. Passing on our genes is the biological reason we were born. It’s why we want sex, arguably why we ‘want’ at all. To choose not to have children is to prune oneself from the genetic tree — to defy human nature. It’s not much to help the planet by recycling or driving an electric car. But to not have children? That sounds extreme. Yet to me and many others, so too is the threat we all face.

Everything inside me says ‘have children’, but it’s everything outside that makes so many of my generation say ‘no’. The scientific consensus is clear: unless we all take drastic steps to limit our carbon emissions, the planet will become uninhabitable, and I don’t believe humanity will coordinate those steps in time. The choice for parenthood is based on hope for the future, so of course it’s affected when that future looks hopeless.

Yeah, if things are looking like humanity will go extinct, let’s just preemptively extinguish humanity, just in case. You know, to be really sure.

The only people capable of riding that stupid train of thought are white.

For me, there are two levels here. Let’s get the semi-altruistic one out of the way first because, to be honest, it’s the lesser half: the pitter-patter of each new pair of carbon footprints is disastrous for the world.

If you’re serious about reducing your climate footprint, there is nothing more powerful you can do than decide not to have kids. The facts are clear and brutal. One academic study set it out a few years ago: if you live car-free, you save 2.4 tonnes of CO2 equivalent (tCO2e) per year. If you avoid airplane travel, it’s 1.6 tCO2e saved per round transatlantic flight. Eating a plant-based diet saves 0.8 tCO2e a year. But not having a child, in the developed world at least, saves 59 tonnes (tCO2e) emission reductions per year. So having a child inflicts far more harm on the planet than all the jet-setting and steak-eating you might do: it wipes out any climate good we can as individuals hope to achieve during our lifetimes.

If they’re really serious about reducing their climate footprint, there’s something even more effective for them to do than not having kids: killing themselves.

But these climate cultists don’t love the planet that much.

It doesn’t really matter though, because these are the same people that took Bill’s mystery juice.

Black Man Rapes Woman on Public Train, Media Complains People Stood by and Watched Sun, 17 Oct 2021 07:00:31 +0000
Fiston Ngoy. Note: If you name your son “Fiston,” there’s a high probability he will grow up to be a sex criminal.

No one should be surprised by this. I don’t believe anyone can be surprised by this.

I mean, come on.

White people have been taught for a year and a half that black people are above the law, and that if you try to stop them from committing crimes, you will be charged with a crime and go to prison.

We’ve all had it drilled into our heads that blacks are 100% above the law, and that the real crime is saying they can’t commit crimes.

Then we’re all supposed to be outraged no one would intervene when a black is raping a woman on a public train?

NBC News:

A 35-year-old man in Pennsylvania is facing rape and assault charges after a woman was sexually assaulted on board a public transit train Wednesday night as riders witnessed the attack but did not intervene, authorities said on Friday.

The woman was assaulted at around 11 p.m. while riding the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) Market-Frankford line towards the town of Upper Darby.

“The assault was observed by a SEPTA employee, who called 911, enabling SEPTA officers to respond immediately and apprehend the suspect in the act,” Andrew Busch, a SEPTA spokesperson, said in a statement.

SEPTA officers arrested the man, later identified as 35-year-old Fiston Ngoy, according to Upper Darby Police Superintendent Timothy Bernhardt.

Surveillance video captured the entirety of the assault, giving investigators enough evidence to charge Ngoy with rape and assault, Bernhardt told NBC Philadelphia.

The video also shows how riders, who also witnessed the attack, did nothing to help the woman being assaulted, according to Bernhardt.

“It’s disturbing,” he said. “I’m shocked, I have no words for it. I just can’t imagine seeing what you were seeing through your own eyes and seeing what this woman was going through that no one would step in and help her.”

Come on!

Come on!

This is stupid!

Everyone can imagine not stopping a black man committing a crime!

It’s not just the cop saying “why didn’t people step in” – that’s the headline. The media itself is whining about this!

How dare the media try to shame people for not stopping black crime?

You’ve all seen this video (and so many others like it):

The reason that security guard didn’t try to stop the thief is that he knows he can get accused of racism.

Why would anyone think it would be different with rape?

Blacks are now learning that because of the George Floyd thing, because of the BLM movement, they can get away with any crime. They are taking advantage of that.

As they continue to realize that they can just literally do whatever they want, you’re going to see more and more crimes.

Blacks are being let out of jail after committing murder. A school shooter was recently let out.

So, you know – whatever.

But don’t come at me because it’s rape and be like “oh my God, why didn’t you stop it???”

Just think it through – if I, Andrew Anglin, stepped in and stopped a rape by a black man, what do you think the headline would be?

It would be “White Supremacist Attacks Black Man on Train.”

There is 100% certainty of that.

They would build statues of Fiston Ngoy.

“Fiston, mah nigga. How they done been do him like that?”

So if some other white guy, who doesn’t have a history of complaining about black people on the internet does it, what are his chances of being labeled a racist? They’re definitely not zero. If they have one politically incorrect meme on their Facebook page, they end up with about the same chances as me.

These people created a lawless society, where blacks are allowed to do literally whatever they want, and police resources are redirected to parents who read Lawn Boy at their school board meetings.

These cities are going to keep getting crazier and crazier, and “rape in broad daylight while onlookers do nothing” will become a common thing. But the media will stop reporting on it, because reporting on any type of black crime is racism now.

If you’re not afraid of the Bolshevik fed government, then you should be afraid of the blacks.

This is what is happening: they’re burning your candle at both ends.

You’ve got the government coming down on you from the top for being white, then you’ve got the blacks rising up from the bottom.


The woman was probably dressed like a slut. The word being used is “rape,” and that means penetration. Just grabbing at her breasts and groin would be “sexual assault.” So the basic logistics of doing a rape in a public place implies she was in total slut clothes.

Also, this guy is probably some kind of African-African. I could see some black bitch naming her son “Fiston,” but “Ngoy” is not an American name. The website “Celeb Hook” is saying it’s a common DRC name.

You all know about them niggas.

It kinda likely that both:

  • The woman was white (or at least non-black), and
  • He’s a recent Joe Biden immigrant

Some crackhead niggas might do public rapes.

But if someone comes directly from Africa, a lot of times they get around white women, dressed sexy, and just can’t control themselves.

It would probably be kinda great if he turned out to be a recent Biden American. They’re already blowing this story up much more than they ever do with normal black crime, because you know – feminism.

The above NBC News article whining about how men don’t protect strong and empowered women who don’t need no man is written by two women.

So, I hope /pol/ and other researchers are able to dig up this guy’s history.

We’ve all seen loads of Negroes coming across the border under Biden’s open borders policy. They say “oh, they’re Haitians,” but a lot of them don’t look Haitian.

Just as a “right off the top of my head” example, when that story came out of those people all wearing Joe Biden t-shirts, a black was featured prominently.

It’s possible he’s Haitian, but I seriously doubt it.

They do all look the same, sure. But that real, real, dark skin is usually old world.

Haitians are blacker than American blacks, because they killed all the white people and allegedly killed all the mulattoes – but I kinda doubt they killed all the female mulattoes. Ain’t no nigga gonna pass up a light-skinned bitch with that good hair.

So, yeah.

Given that this is the action of a recent arrival, and given that there are a lot of African recent arrivals, I would say there’s a fair chance Fiston Ngoy is a Biden American.

Some Guy Talking About Supply Line Collapse Sat, 16 Oct 2021 13:13:34 +0000

This is an interesting video on the ongoing supply chain collapse.

The guy is sensationalizing a little bit, maybe.

But basically: all of that stuff I predicted back in April of last year is beginning.

You just can’t upset the economy like it was upset by this virus hoax and then have nothing happen.

Of course, this is all part of the plan. They want to create a global economic crisis, the solution to which will be you living in a tiny apartment in a high-rise tenement building and eating bugs, having no job and living off of a “UBI” credit system that puts spendable credits on your phone.

Basically, the plan is to totally downsize the entire Western world, which means none of your jobs will be necessary, and you will instead be told to live in a small room and masturbate.

Just like shutting down your movement with the virus hoax was a way to familiarize you with having no freedom, a breakdown of the supply lines would be to familiarize you with being poor.

At some point, the dollar will collapse, and most people will then be in total poverty, and they will then be happy to get a free room in a high-rise roach-infested building and buy bug food with fed coins on your phone.

Anyway, I’m so sick of saying this same thing over and over again.

I need to just write it out in a really orderly fashion, and then just point people to that.

Or I could just post this image summarizing it:

NYT: Fat Australian Pink-Hair Claims It’s a Right-Wing Theory That Australia is Under Tyranny Sat, 16 Oct 2021 07:30:51 +0000

Previously: Australian Female Cop Says Cops are Tired of Beating Up Innocent People

This is an op-ed by Van Badham:

This is Van Badham’s Twitter profile picture:

Badham is an Australian journalist who is studying the *checks note* studying the rise of QAnon disinformation campaigns.

She writes for the New York Times:

Ron DeSantis, the Republican governor of Florida who has made a name for himself as an extreme opponent of vaccine mandates, announced at the end of last month that Australia was “not a free country.” This was surprising news — most of all to Australians.

We have mostly spent pandemic lockdowns alternating between boredom, frustration, wine, a lot of Netflix and trying to locate our trousers before Zoom meetings. Recently, we’ve also become aware of a disturbing myth that appears to be enthusiastically fostered on the American right: Our experience of the pandemic, apparently, has been that of a violent police state. We must have been too busy taking out the bins to notice.

Last week, the myth of our enslavement propelled aspirational allies into the streets. In the United States, Poland and Britain, distinctly non-Australian protesters assembled outside Australian diplomatic missions, denouncing the country’s decline into thuggish autocracy. A #SaveAustralia hashtag trended.

If Australians on Twitter were confused about what they required saving from — the sunshine? free health care? low Covid deaths? — it was perhaps because they weren’t visiting the dark corners of the internet where the myth has taken form. There, propaganda that depicts Australia as a blasted hellscape is being generated and shared.

Confected for an American audience, it seems to be part of an international right-wing campaign to recruit those frustrated by lockdowns, unsure of vaccines and animated by appeals to personal liberty. Australians, trying to get their kids to bed before bingeing on “Ted Lasso,” have been enlisted as unwitting props in an American culture war.

These anti-lockdown protests, never attended by more than a few thousand people, are small by Australian standards. And unlike Americans, Australians are not politically inclined to demands for liberty and choice as much as we are for fairness and solidarity. (The name of the national anthem is “Advance Australia Fair.”) As Australia’s First Nations people knew and settler-colonial Australians learned on arrival, individualism is far less useful than collaboration on a continent where everything from the weather to the insects is trying to kill you, all the time.

Even as some lockdown restrictions ease, Australians continue to comply with public health orders, which even now enjoy overwhelming public support. But where lockdowns remain, far-right activists have seized a rare chance to march on empty streets.

I don’t even really know how to comment on this.

I think this is an “I’ll just leave this here” type moment.

There’s an official list of things Australians are not allowed to do if they’re not vaccinated.

The country is not getting any less weird.

Australian defenders of this elitist new order of tyranny recently attacked Tucker Carlson for simply talking about what was happening in Australia.

The NYT piece is clearly an announcement that the American media needs to start doing some damage control. People are hearing about this – seeing clips on social media and so on. And the argument that people are just not supposed to talk about it might be kind of thin.

If the liberal media starts just saying “oh actually it’s not tyranny, these are just safety precautions because of a virus, and actually right-wing QAnon people in America are just making this all up anyway,” then a certain number of people will just take that and repeat it.

Related: Australian Government Attempts to Shut It Down as Melbourne Protestors Stand Their Ground

The Coronavirus Vaccine Doesn’t Work, So You Have to Keep Taking It Forever, Latest Science Reveals Fri, 15 Oct 2021 11:12:47 +0000  

If something doesn’t work, just keep doing it.

The Guardian:

Scientists have urged eligible people to have Covid booster shots after a major survey in England found evidence of “breakthrough infections” more than three months after full vaccination.

Researchers at Imperial College London analysed more than 100,000 swabs from a random sample of the population and found that Covid infection rates were three to four times higher among unvaccinated people than those who had received two shots.

But while full vaccination drove infection rates down substantially, from 1.76% in the unvaccinated to 0.35% in the three months after the second dose, infection rates rose again to 0.55% three to six months after the second shot.

The finding suggests that protection against infection, with or without symptoms, starts to wane several months after full vaccination, though other studies show that vaccine protection against hospitalisation and death is far more robust.

The possible increase of breakthrough infections over time reinforces the need for a booster programme,” said Paul Elliott, head of the React study and professor in epidemiology and public health medicine at Imperial. “It’s an incentive for people to get their booster dose when it becomes available to them,” added Prof Christl Donnelly, a statistical epidemiologist on the study. The results came as new Covid cases in the UK rose to 42,776, the highest recorded since late July.

This definitely means you are going to have to keep taking these every few months.

Basically, they’re giving you antibodies for the common cold. Those antibodies don’t last very long when they’re acquired naturally, and they don’t last very long from this vaccine.

If you have to take the first booster, there is no reason you wouldn’t need to keep taking it over and over again.

Female Police Officers – The Future is Here, Wow Fri, 15 Oct 2021 08:09:33 +0000

The absolute state of these female officers 🙈

— Rasta Redpill (@RastaRedpill) October 13, 2021

In the above video, two female cops totally fail to arrest one skinny junkie.

Female cops sort of summarize the total failure of the liberal project.

They’re right up there alongside high school girls getting raped – and sodomized! – by trannies in the bathroom.

Ultimately, all of this stuff is just really silly.

That’s why the number one thing they get angry about is when you laugh at it.

Remember – when the Daily Stormer was banned from everything, it was first and foremost a humor site (it still is, but back then, much more so).

The system is evil but it is also ridiculous and goofy.

Interview with Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Technology (He’s Against These Vaccines) Fri, 15 Oct 2021 04:50:31 +0000

Stew Peters has gone completely over the edge in terms of reasonableness. He’s way, way out there in kooksville with Morgellons disease and nano 5G brain squids and so on.

But this interview with the inventor of mRNA vaccines, Robert Malone, was interesting. Here’s Malone’s Wikipedia page, just so you can get an idea. They’ve edited it heavily since he started speaking out against this deadly vax, but it still admits he invented mRNA vaccines.

He’s been doing a lot of interviews, but you can count on Stew to push it to the limits. If you don’t want to go all in, you can watch his interview with RT, which he did the same day as the interview with Stew. It’s 16 minutes instead of an hour.

I don’t agree with everything Malone says, but he is an expert – actually, he’s much more than an expert, given that he invented the technology – and he’s saying more or less what I’ve said: this vaccine is incredibly dangerous, and not even the “high risk” categories of people should take the vaccine.

Basically, this vaccine has wiped out the nursing homes. Do you know any old people that have taken this vaccine? Are they still alive?

Anyway, Malone is just looking at VAERS data, which is more or less completely worthless, but is the only data available. He initially said that only the “high risk” people should consider the vaccine, but after looking at VAERS data, he’s now saying that not even those groups should take the vax, because it is just too dangerous.

Stew Peters opening the segment by comparing Malone to Harriet Beecher Stowe is one of the quirkiest things I’ve seen really in all of October, and is the reason that I watch Stew Peters.

However, I refuse to go all in with Stew Peters.

Malone says all he cares about is the data, which makes him an enemy of science. From the beginning of this stupid hoax, data has been the bane of the science. Of course, he’s not looking at the data that shows that there is no virus, that it has not been isolated, and that all these people who are claiming it has been isolated are pointing to the same genome mapping machine from this “Illumina” company.

Again, I don’t want to bog people down in all kinds of different conflicting data. I try to keep my positions clear and clean, and not bring in other stuff (certainly not Stew Peters stuff). But it is pretty big news that the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology itself is openly rebelling against the science.

I think all of his materials about how we’re going to “breed super bugs” with vaccines is wrong. This is the same thing that AIDS hoaxster from France said.

But “I think it’s an insane push to vaccinate the entire population of Western nations” is a pretty good quote.

He took the vaccine himself and developed health problems from it. He refuses to say that the vaccine should be outright banned, but says there should be a “pause.” Then Stew says “why don’t we just stop it completely?” and he says that he can’t say that because they would delete his Twitter account.

This thread is okay:

He does memes.

This meme he shared seems to define his own situation:

It’s a situation that a lot of people who are old left or “reasonable centrists” have found themselves in after questioning any small aspect of the government/media agenda.

He’s promoting Robert Kennedy Jr.’s book on Fauci, which is apparently still available on Amazon (which I find kind of insane, actually).

Malone also says that the entire vaccine agenda comes from Anthony Fauci, who is a pawn of Bill Gates, and that all of what is going on right now is coming from Gates and the World Economic Forum. That is really the key point of understanding. Even if you believe the virus is real, if you focus on that point, then you’re basically making sense.

Of course, it doesn’t really make sense, because then you’re saying “they planned all of this and then waited for a virus to show up from a Chinaman eating a bat or a lab leak or something.” That doesn’t make sense. If they planned all of this over decades, as Malone admits, then what are the chances they would just make the plans and then sit around and wait for a real virus to show up?

There are two options:

  • They released their own virus that is so harmless that they have to hoax deaths from it, or
  • They just rebranded existing respiratory illnesses as “coronavirus”

Number one is technically possible, though the data doesn’t really support it, and it just becomes really complicated and convoluted.

Number two is the obvious answer.

There is no evidence of a new virus.

Stew Peters goes all in on everything but won’t ask the simple question: where is the evidence for the existence of this supposed virus?

Stew Peters should go all in and interview me.

Australian Vax World: Things You are Not Allowed to Do If You’re Not Vaxed Fri, 15 Oct 2021 04:40:25 +0000

Vax World is real and Australia is at the center of it.

These are the official government rules for what you’re not allowed to do in Sydney if you’re not vaxed:

If you are over the age of 16 years and are not fully vaccinated you cannot visit another person’s place of residence, except in limited circumstances.

If you are not fully vaccinated you can participate in a gathering for sport or exercise with one other person or with your household.

If you are not fully vaccinated you cannot visit a gym or indoor recreation facility.

If you are not fully vaccinated you cannot visit a recreation facility.

If you are not fully vaccinated you can gather with one other person or with your household.

if you are not fully vaccinated you cannot attend an outdoor event.

If you are not fully vaccinated you cannot visit a retail hairdresser, beauty salon or massage premises.

If you are not fully vaccinated you cannot visit a hospitality venue except for take away.

If you are not fully vaccinated you cannot visit an entertainment facility.

If you are not fully vaccinated you can only attend a small wedding service.

If you are not fully vaccinated you can only attend a small funeral or memorial service.

If you are not fully vaccinated you cannot attend a place of worship.

If you are not fully vaccinated you can only travel in a vehicle with people you live with.

If you are not fully vaccinated you can only travel in a vessel with people you live with.

If you are not fully vaccinated you can use a holiday home or short-term accommodation with people who are from your household.

If you are not fully vaccinated you cannot take a holiday outside the local government area you live in.

If you have not had any doses of a COVID-19 vaccine and it is not reasonably practicable to work from home, you cannot go to work if you are required to be vaccinated.

To be clear: Christians are banned from attending church.

There is not any such being as a “vaxed Christian.” It is an oxymoron, like “attractive lesbian” or “mentally stable tranny.”

I hope my Australian friends are holding up okay.

It’s going to get a whole lot worse before it gets any better.

We’re not even a quarter of the way through the beginning of the first part of this hoax.

You people in America need to understand: all of this stuff in Australia now is coming to America soon. That is more or less proved by the fact that the mainstream media in the US refuses to even mention Australia.

The best thing anyone can do is ride free on the open prairie.