Three Billionaires Declare Democracy has Failed, Demand Executive Action on Mass Non-White Immigration

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer July 12, 2014 Democracy is great as long as it serves the needs of the Jews and their sickening super-rich goyim allies.  When it stops serving the needs of this elite, parasitical minority, it is declared to be “broken,” and this tiny but vocal group of bloodsuckers begins to whinge. This week, the Jew Sheldon Adelson ...

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Former Australian Foreign Minister Confirms that the Israel Lobby Controls Australia’s Foreign Policy

Brenton Sanderson Occidental Observer June 29, 2014 In my series of extended essays entitled “The War on White Australia” I described how Jewish activism was pivotal in ending the White Australia policy and initiating the mass non-White immigration that is rapidly transforming that nation. In addition, I showed how Jewish activism was instrumental in establishing multiculturalism as the ideological and ...

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