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You can’t believe the kind of hate I got for missing the Thanksgiving post.

I am thankful and I believe in thankfulness, and I’m actually just about as happy as I’ve ever been in my life, despite being isolated from my natural family, being broke, living in a shitty room, being hunted, writing the same thing every day and no one listening to me, the GTA remake, masks, morons, another season of Discovery, what happened to The Boss, black people, the decline in quality of cotton products at H&M and for that matter also Zara which themselves declined long after Fruit of the Loom and Hanes, that nigger running over those white people, the media saying that nigger was a car, the media getting called out for saying that nigger was a car and then just continuing to say it, trying not to say “nigger” on my hate website, everything being made out of plastic, the prices of meat, my coffee machine being broken and having to drink instant coffee because every coffee maker I can find is made of plastic, gay shit everywhere, having to shill for China because everyone is a retard and will always fall for “hey, look over there!,” fat people, Hitler lost, modern architecture, joggers, this Netflix Cowboy Bebop, drinking this shitty wine with the kangaroo on it that appears to be literally mislabeled as Merlot, women are whores, people actually believing Anthony Fauci, the Sopranos movie being a BLM propaganda film, vape juice shortages, people not believing the things I say even though I’ve been right about everything even more than Alex Jones, and my various other problems.

I’m thankful because I am washed in the blood of the lamb.

And my blood is still pure, and it will remain so as long as my heart still pumps.

I’m also thankful for these dank memes.

I’ve got some great ones for you today.

This is my pick of the week:

It’s just too good.

Here are some runners up:

But it’s hard to pick anything.

So many of these are so good.

Maybe a little heavy on the Sesame Street.

Here we go.

Strap in.

John Wayne Quotes Mon, 29 Nov 2021 07:24:52 +0000

We should always remember John Wayne, as we realize that what we need in this country right now is a man who is a combination of John Wayne and Adolf Hitler.

John Wayne was quintessentially American, and I think that people would do well to look at him when considering what exactly it means to be an American.

I have told you if you are a faggot millennial or younger, raised by women, the best thing you can do is watch John Wayne movies, and just act like he acts. That is really and truly the single best thing you can do.

Do not be an emotional whiny faggot.

Stay calm.

Stay calm.

Stay calm.

Yes, I’m Aware These Recent Articles are Not Peak Stormer – That Situation Won’t Last Forever Sun, 28 Nov 2021 13:36:19 +0000

The Daily Stormer (formerly Tranny Watch) will celebrate its 9th anniversary next year. In that time, I’ve never taken a day off of work. Literally, I never took a day off. I say “I take Christmas off,” but actually I always write a Christmas day post, so I’m not really “off.”

I can’t take a vacation due to the nature of the thing. Plus, honestly, I don’t really want a vacation.

However, right now, I’m on the closest thing to a vacation I can do, which is kind of “dialing it in” in terms of the articles. You get the news – and I think you get all of the news – but you don’t get the kind of commentary and analysis that the site is best known for. Instead of working 10-12 hours a day, I’m working a more relaxed schedule.

This has been going on for a little bit, as you may or may not have noticed, and it will go on for a little while longer. But of course, it won’t go on forever. Soon enough, we’ll be back to the long and vitriolic diatribes that we’re so known for.

Frankly, the whole coronavirus thing has taken a lot out of me, personally. Not the actual regulations themselves, but having been forced to sit here and “predict” (i.e., explain) every aspect of this hoax, point by point, and then watch it happen exactly as I said it would happen.

If it were not for the censorship, I could have singlehandedly prevented all of this, as everything that I was saying was just so obvious, and the only reason people didn’t know it is because they weren’t ever exposed to someone saying it.

Things are obviously going to get a whole lot worse, probably pretty quickly. We are entering into the Dark Winter. This already began last week with the dawn of the Omicron Virus Hoax. I’m going to need energy to deal with that, so I’m taking the time off now.


Some people noted that I missed my annual Thanksgiving post. That was only partially on purpose, as I was doing some things with loved ones. But I also didn’t really have the energy. I can be thankful for Jesus, thankful that I am washed in the blood of the lamb. I can be thankful for my work, thankful for the struggle. But it is difficult to note anything else I’m thankful for.

I’ve just go this:

I am thankful my blood is pure.

Purebloodedness is the core of my identity now, and I will die with my blood pure.

Some of you may have taken the vax, and I literally believe you are lower than an insect. I don’t care what your excuses are – you sacrificed your soul to Satan. And you can’t take that back. It’s gone. You are below contempt, and I’ll be glad when you’re dead.

But to the rest of you: you are my brothers, and I always want you to remember: we are all in this struggle together, and we will come through it together, one way or another, and many of us will live to see a better world. Those of us who die before that – well, we shall all meet up in the Elysian Fields. For all of us who have resisted this – we are heroes. No time in history have people ever been more pressured to do anything than we are now. They are taking everything from us, and yet we remain, unbroken and unbowed.

This is what you have to remember, above all else: this will not last forever.

Things are going to get better.

They’re going to get a lot worse before they get better.

And you need to be ready for that.

But you will be rewarded. You will be rewarded.

Everything is happening exactly as it was supposed to happen.

These people who succumbed to the vax had to be cleansed from this mortal plane. We needed them out of the gene pool.

With every coward who takes the vax, we are building a new, stronger race.

Alex Jones Interviews David Icke on the Mega-Hoax Agenda Thu, 25 Nov 2021 13:18:24 +0000

David Icke is 100% on the ball on this virus hoax. Alex Jones is significantly less so.

Icke knows that there is no virus, and in his recent interview with Jones, he took some shots, a la “even if you believe there is a virus, and obviously I don’t.”

Alex went all in on “CHINESE BIOWEAPON” from the start, and has been dealing with the fallout of that moronic opening narrative for two years.

Anyway, Alex is on it with a lot of the details of the vax, and overall, I think it’s a pretty great interview which has a lot of information you might not have heard. In particular, the information showing that the vax is killing so very many people. There are new details about that which they go over.

Alex had a stack of important information, including the fact that the government is saying they’re going to take 55 years to release the data about the effects of the deadly vax. Also, the vax doubles your chances to mysteriously die.

He’s always got a stack of printed news articles, this Jones guy.

Towards the end of the interview, Alex asked Icke about the Metaverse.

He gets a little bit kooky in that part. I didn’t really understand this, but Icke seems to actually believe that the Matrix movies were like a documentary, and we actually do literally live in a computer simulation. I… don’t agree with that.

Alex said he brought Icke on because of a recent talk Icke gave about the Zuckerverse. Here’s that talk.

Again, that goes a little bit too far for me.

But hey – it’s better to go too far than not far enough, I think.

They also discussed a recent anti-hoax rally that Icke spoke at. Here’s that speech.

Frankly, these “conspiracy theorists” are making a lot more sense than so-called white nationalists these days. White nationalists, in fact, seem to be a bunch of losers and retards, as well as shills. I see these people shilling the vax, or saying that the virus hoax doesn’t really matter.

I don’t care about anything other than the vax. It’s literally the single issue that matters. So anyone fighting against that is on my team.

Of course, Icke has also always been on the ball on the Jew issue, accurately stating that Jews are shape-shifting reptilian satanists from another dimension.

Basically, David Icke was right about virtually everything.

Except that time he said that the Moon was a hollow satellite from Atlantean times. I don’t think that was correct.

But again, his thing is that he goes a little bit too far.

Tucker Carlson Interview with Kyle Rittenhouse Tue, 23 Nov 2021 12:56:29 +0000

Tucker Carlson aired an interview with Kyle Rittenhouse Monday night. It took up most of his evening show’s 40-minute runtime.

I enjoyed watching it, though there was nothing especially surprising in it. The media has zoomed in on the fact that he allegedly said that he “supports BLM.” They’re talking about this to try to demoralize right-wingers. He didn’t really say that he supports the BLM agenda, he just said that he supports their right to protest.

If he seemed overly nice to the blacks, we should remember that he’s a teenager from a single mother now facing nonstop death threats. Obviously, going on Tucker Carlson and seeming reasonable isn’t going to stop death threats, but you could see how he would think that would be the case.

The most interesting thing in the interview was that he said he was exploited by Lin Wood. Wood is someone we’ve known is a total kook, but he’s always seemed harmless. But Kyle said – and I have no reason to doubt him – that Lin kept him in jail for nearly three months because he was fundraising off of him being in jail. Kyle said he told him he would get killed if he went home from jail.

John Pierce, who is currently the attorney for some 20 of the Capitol Stormers, was also named by Kyle as an asshole who kept him in jail so he could fundraise off of him.

Kyle seems like a pretty reasonable guy, so I don’t think he would accuse these men of something unless he knew they did it. However, he did say that he has competent counsel now, and I definitely did not get the impression that his trial lawyer was competent after watching his performance.

If Wood is the kind of guy that will keep a gentle 17-year-old fat kid in jail for months in order to make money off of his suffering, then that definitely means we need to reevaluate the role he played in the 2020 election debacle. He was one of the main guys, along with Sydney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, and Mike Lindell spreading QAnon disinformation and confusing the situation. I just assumed he was actually insane, but it would probably make more sense if he was messing everything up on purpose.

If he’s the kind of person who will rip off Kyle Rittenhouse, then he is definitely the kind of person who would take a payday to screw up Donald Trump’s attempt to contest the election.

Overall, Kyle comes across very well, like a kind and gentle kid who just wants to help people. He’s very reserved and speaks in a very measured way. The interview with Tucker was very similar to his testimony given in court.

He said he has no ambitions to use his celebrity for any purpose, and just wants to go to college and live a normal life. That’s obviously impossible, but it will apparently take him a while to figure that out.

I think it would have been cool if he’d done the interview and said he was planning to hunt down and kill more Jew pederasts, but that was never in the cards.

At least he took a shot at the FBI.

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Memetic Monday: The First Day of the Next Week of Your Life Mon, 22 Nov 2021 06:09:36 +0000

Every Monday, I like to start fresh and say: “today is the first day of the rest of this week in my life.”

This is a special time for us, because Kyle won, and it’s also almost Thanksgiving.

It’s easy to forget that it is the apocalypse.

I don’t have a lot of commentary today, or even a lot of memes. I posted most of my Kyle memes yesterday, in a special Kyle meme collection.

What I will tell you is this: this is my Editor’s Pick of the Week:

The runner-up?

Why, this one of course:

Can’t forget this one:

I thought that this one was really good also:

It’s not ever going back to normal, folks.

Not happening.

Strap in.

Lock and load, boys.

Roll out.

Kyle Rittenhouse Victory Memes Sun, 21 Nov 2021 18:46:37 +0000

It's real. Hahaha they made it.

— Constantine The Great✝☦ (@ChiRhoTheGreat) November 19, 2021

I’ve got you a meme collection here.

Celebrating the victory.

We’ll have more memes tomorrow, of course. It’s going to be Monday, and we always have memes on Monday.

But today – just Kyle memes.

The Vax is the Final Solution to the Peasant Problem Sun, 21 Nov 2021 05:07:29 +0000

There is a massive gap between what is being pushed by the mainstream news and entertainment media and the government and what people actually like. As the media gets more and more aggressive, pushing a purely political agenda, that gap is continuing to widen.

I’ve never thought the comedian Tim Dillon was especially brilliant, but the chasm between him and the comedians pushed by the mainstream is so vast that it is staggering. He is at least six million times funnier than people like Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, that black guy on The Daily Show, and the entire cast of Saturday Night Live.

The response to his popularity from the mainstream has been to claim that he is only popular because he is a Nazi. This makes no sense at all, as it implies that Nazism is extremely popular.

In a recent podcast, Dillon responded to people claiming that he is only popular because of Nazism.

Speaking of the fact that he can sell out standup comedy shows, he said of his fans, “maybe those people don’t matter. Maybe they’re all Nazis. Who knows? That’s possible. It’s possible that everyone who is succeeding is a Nazi, and all of their fanbases are Nazis, and that’s the only reason anyone is successful at all.”

“If you have a live event, and sell over 70% of tickets, it’s possible that everyone there loves Hitler,” Dillon continued. “I guess. I don’t know. That seems to be the running explanation as to why anyone is successful at anything.”

That isn’t really satirical. It is basically what the media says about why people do not slurp up their garbage and ask for seconds, and instead go to people on the internet for their news and entertainment needs.

Dillon went on to say that the excuse of the media as to why he is more popular than everyone on Saturday Night Live, with all of their institutionalized power and money, is that people from the internet are “not real comedians.” Whatever that means. Glenn Greenwald pointed out on Twitter that this is the same line of reasoning used to attack journalists who the establishment doesn’t like.

Greenwald explained in a recent show that Project Veritas, Julian Assange and himself have all been accused of being “not real journalists” as a way to dismiss them – and then to legally abuse them.

CNN has actually complained about the fact that some people on YouTube have more of an audience than them.

This competition from alternative news outlets is why the mainstream is so invested in a censorship agenda – they do not want you to have a choice. They condemn their opposition as evil. Brian Stelter’s show on CNN is entirely devoted to calling for censorship. Given that social media companies have censored basically everyone at this point, the show is now primarily devoted to Tucker Carlson, and demanding that AT&T and Comcast stop delivering Fox News until Tucker is fired.

In a related thing, I was watching some reuploads of Computing Forever on, and saw a clip about Terminator: Dark Fate, a Terminator film that killed off John Connor and made all of the main characters diverse and empowered women.

After the failure of the film, director Tim Miller did an interview blaming people for not seeing the film. He blamed “the get woke go broke phenomenon,” saying that a small portion of people who don’t like wokeness in films somehow mind controlled everyone else to refuse to see the film or to give it bad reviews.

Dark Fate came out not long after Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel was the first film where Rotten Tomatoes banned fan reviews, claiming that the film was super important to the feminist agenda, and anyone who didn’t like the film was evil and therefore should not have a voice.

This is a theme that runs throughout society right now: everywhere you look, the establishment choices are unpopular, and the establishment is therefore forced to use censorship as well as other forms of abuse – including prosecution – in order to silence any alternatives. You could even make a comparison to the 2020 election, where the establishment did not like who people voted for, so they changed the results.

Overall, if you were to look at this situation as a whole, you would expect a gigantic, revolutionary backlash against the entire agenda of the current ruling establishment.

This is where the coronavirus vaccine comes in. Once people take this vaccine, they are going to be cursed with permanent health problems. We are seeing it everywhere, particularly among athletes – it creates chronic health problems. If the entire population is forced to take a drug that will give them permanent health disabilities, then that population cannot rise up against you. They have no choice but to simply accept the decisions you make for them, to eat what you feed them.

That appears to be the source of this pro-vaccine aggression.

I suspect that the vaccine is also going to make it impossible for people to reproduce. But I don’t think it is intended to just exterminate everyone immediately, as some people were claiming. People are just going to develop a lot of serious health problems, and no one is going to be able to get too worked up or they’ll have a heart attack.

Mining the Kyle Rittenhouse Salt Mines: “The Moment American Fascism Turned Into Nazism Proper” Sat, 20 Nov 2021 18:32:43 +0000

I was going to do a series of Kyle Rittenhouse memes today, but I’ve decided to give the meme army some extra time to get those in, and instead do the collection of big salty tweets from the media zombies who believe in the Great Rittenhouse Hoax.

Please note that this is a companion to the previous articles today, wherein I documented and commented on the fact that liberals literally have no idea what this case was about:

These people think that Kyle Rittenhouse was a white supremacist terrorist who showed up at a peaceful protest with an assault rifle and opened fire on a crowd, killing three blacks, and then the judge let him off because he is a white supremacist Trump supporter. The jury were all also white supremacists, and think black lives don’t matter. They hate the color of the skin of the blacks that Kyle murdered.

That’s not an exaggeration. It is literally exactly what they believe.

(Please note: some of these people are Jews or other agitators who are lying on purpose to incite the confused morons. There’s not really any way to tell which is which. It’s all part of the same phenomenon.)

Here is a notable tweet by a threat actor who knows he’s lying.

That is DNC operative Hasan Piker calling for jurors to be doxed and presumably assassinated.

This is just normal now.

I’m banned for making jokes, and he’s promoted by all social media while actively seeking to kill jurors.

This is normal America now.

These people are going nuts.

We cannot possibly live in a society where such a large portion of the population simply has no concern at all for what is happening in real life, and instead just considers whatever the media says to be reality. With the coronavirus hoax, we have seen that this is simply not a viable way to run a civilization.

It is going to collapse.

Just look at this.

Thanks to the Gamer Uprising, in particular Paul, for mining all of this salt. 

N O T G U I L T Y Fri, 19 Nov 2021 20:01:22 +0000

Kyle won.

Innocent on all charges.

Kyle cried, and I just about cried myself.

I must say, even with everything that is happening, this feels so good.

The judge told the jurors he will keep them from getting killed.

Not sure how he’s going to do that.

The parasites are going ape.

Joy Reid, who is really the quintessential ungrateful nigger Democrat, is still mourning the literal boy-rapist that Kyle killed.

The Jew Rosenbaum literally raped 5 boys, ages 9 to 11, and this bootlipped Democrat is telling you to think about what a victim he is. This is a very bad look. But they clearly don’t care.

I hope the ape bitch gets sued for all of that shit she talked about Our Boy.

Reading these tweets from these creatures, I’ll tell you – I’ve never disliked black people and Jews more in my entire life than right now.

Oh – and Arabs.

None of these people have ever offered anything to a society built by WHITE MEN. They come here, and they feed off of us, and they hate us for letting them feed off of us.

They’re not ever going to leave us alone. They do not believe we have a right to be left alone. They believe that they have a right to be in our presence. They have a right to access white people, and they owe us nothing for seizing that access. Their entire existence is based around taking things from us. They will not be satisfied until we’re all dead.

Antifa, the paramilitary arm of the FBI, is saying they’re going to burn down the city in revenge.

Maybe they will, maybe they won’t. Who knows. Biden has seemed to dislike riots since he’s been in power.

Finally – we need to not forget all of the people who didn’t defend Kyle. These people – specifically, elected Republicans – are against us as much as the blacks and the Jews, and by pretending to defend whites and not doing so, they are actually more harmful than the parasites.

But for now… just be thankful that something good finally happened.

Diamonds, Nigga – Get Dat Shit Thu, 18 Nov 2021 05:38:10 +0000

INSANE: Concord police said this group of hammer-wielding thieves entered Iceberg Diamonds at Sunvalley Mall and started smashing the jewelry display cases, nearly wiping the store clean.

— KTVU (@KTVU) November 16, 2021

That tweet is the entire news story.

I almost want to believe that these are white people, and that whites are finally taking advantage of this situation of lawlessness to benefit themselves. At this point, I don’t think you could blame whites for not feeling that they owe this society anything at all, and therefore being willing to take whatever they can get from it.

However, the basic fact of reality is that white people are fully domesticated, and kind of always have been. Aside from IQ, this is how whites were able to build a civilization – they cooperate with one another and have faith in authority and institutions.

There is almost no chance at all that this robbery was done by whites.

Obviously, I don’t support crime, as a rule. Even now, I don’t support it. However, if whites did start committing crimes, taking advantage of the lawlessness and showing that they are fed up with submitting to this system that is trying to destroy them, I would consider it a good omen.

But I think for the most part, white people are going to go down with the ship, believing that it isn’t possible for organized systems of authority to ever be wrong.

Earlier today, I posted a comment that I received on the Gamer Uprising forum of a reader of the site smugly chuckling at the idea that the government was going to ever go any further with the virus agenda than they’ve gone as of mid-November 2021. I’m frustrated by that, and I feel a great sadness. It is meaningfully symbolic of the downfall of the white man – trust in institutions is so fundamental that it overrides obvious, visible realities.

Every months, this hoax has gotten more nonsensical and more abusive. Every month, they’ve taken more from us. And every time some new abuse was introduced, whites assumed that this was the end, and soon everything would go back to normal.

Computing Forever (Dave Cullen), an Irishman who had some number of millions of subscribers on YouTube before getting kicked off, is currently one of my favorite commenters. He now posts his videos on BitChute. In many ways, I would say that he is the person who most lines up with my own views on basically everything.

Many years ago, I watched some of his anti-SJW videos complaining about vaginal supremacy in science fiction. Then, about a year ago – well into the coronavirus hoax – I ran across his Bitchute channel, and was delighted to find he’d come to basically all of the same conclusions I’d come to. I don’t know him personally, so I don’t know if he’d been reading my site, but he showed his work, so even if he does read this site he wasn’t just copying me. He was using things that were happening specifically in Ireland to reach all of the same conclusions I’d reached. There were enough different pieces of information he’d used to reach the same conclusions that even if he’d read my conclusions, he’d worked it out using different data sets.

As refreshing as it was to find someone who had independently come to the same conclusions I’d reached, all the way down to specifics, finding Dave’s channel was also kind of depressing, as he goes into detail about what is happening in Ireland. He basically says that the Irish are weaker than even Londoners. It is an entire nation that is submitting.

He analyzes the collective psychology of the Irish a lot, and comes to the conclusion that they have low self-esteem, feeling like they are looked down on by the rest of Europe, and that this is why they submit so entirely to a virus hoax that is emanating from the Jewnited Snakes.

I’m not super in the know about the ins and outs of the national and ethnic relationships in Northern Europe, but I do know the history. I think it’s a complicated history, which goes back to the English Civil War and the Oliver Cromwell agenda to destroy traditional Christendom in the name of Jewish merchants from Amsterdam. If you look at this history, it is difficult not to come to the conclusion that the Protestant Reformation was the single worst thing that has ever happened in all of human history, and that the Irish were on the right side of that as a result of spiritual fortitude along with a rebellious disposition that meant they were not inclined to being bullied.

Then of course they spent centuries after that destructive revolution fighting back against what they ultimately viewed as foreign rule. Eventually, they “won” their “independence” (that is also complicated).

The only negative thing I knew about the Irish is that they tend to whine about how they’ve been abused, which is something I simply cannot have any respect for. You see this both among Ireland Irish, as well as among the East Coast Irish in America. (Obviously, not all Irish do that, but it is enough of them that it is a group trait.) That said, whining about being abused might be a negative trait, but it doesn’t obviously imply submissiveness to a foreign agenda. These people fought for independence from the British, then they totally rolled over to globalism? Why?

I’ve often looked around at the submissiveness of most Americans, and attributed my own rebellion against this system to my largely Irish genetic background. So it was very sad to find that the Irish have submitted in such an extreme way, to the point where they are among the most vaxed out in Europe.

Computing Forever talks about how resistance is going to have to come from outside Ireland, because the Irish will need permission from other countries before they feel comfortable rising up. But being an American, I can tell you: the uprising is not coming from America.

It’s necessary to mention that Conor McGregor, the most famous Irishman, this week declared that he’d had enough of this bullshit.

But if anyone won’t be willing to actually risk anything, it is Conor McGregor. This guy does BLACKED BDSM porno. He’ll backtrack as soon as someone gives him a call and tells him resisting this will cost him money.

Haha! I just went to fetch the tweets and he’s already deleted them. Guess I called that one!

Now, we’re even seeing Russia completely submitting to this agenda.

This is the conclusion: there isn’t going to be an uprising. The overwhelming majority of people in every white country are going to go along with this hoax, because white people are wired for cooperation above all.

The resistance is only going to come from us: all of you, people across the entire white world, who are unwilling to sacrifice their personal freedom, their bodies, their identity, and their autonomy to an evil system.

The resistance will be bigger than just the readers of this website, but I don’t know how much bigger. When this mandate comes in fully, life is going to be nearly impossible for the pureblooded, and most are going to submit. It is only those with a spiritual outlook and a long view on this system and this agenda that are going to be capable of resisting, and even most of those are going to crack.

Those behind this agenda have exploited our weaknesses to destroy us, and it is mostly going to work, because most white people are already materialistic, decadent, and selfish. “I can’t lose my job, bro” is going to be an excuse for a lot of people who had previously played a game where they imagined themselves brave or masculine.

For those of us who will resist, we simply need to follow one rule: just do the right thing, without considering the consequences. 

If you consider the consequences for doing what’s right, you’ve already lost. You have to believe that this life is only a tiny part of who you are, and that eternity awaits you.

Wacky Wednesday: Kenosha Ragnarok Wed, 17 Nov 2021 07:35:47 +0000

I recently started doing Memetic Mondays again. This was a very popular series of Monday memes that I have done on and off, but which were usually done by someone else. They hadn’t been done for a while, and I started doing them again.

John Carpenter, editor of Daily Stormer (formerly Hoax Watch), told me that these are the most popular articles by a lot, and that we were bringing in new traffic by posting memes. At first I felt stupid about this, like all of my intelligent writing cannot compare to funny pictures. But then I realized that actually, I’m a meme genius. There are memes all over the internet, but people want to see my meme collections, because I’m a brilliant meme curator.

We still are not allowed to post Pepe memes. Every week, I pass by dozens of good memes featuring Pepe, and I can’t use them. And yet, somehow, I still manage to kill it so hard that I have extra memes left over for a second meme day.

That one really hit me straight in the feels. I might write up a further commentary on that. It was important enough that I took the time to edit out the Pepe. I might start doing that regularly, just put a black block over Pepes.

But the big thing right now: the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict is supposed to come down today.

I figure most of these Rittenhouse memes will be replaced with new Rittenhouse memes, whichever way the verdict goes, so I need to dump them off.

I feel relatively confident that he’ll get off. However, we must remember that the jury is already being threatened, and they can’t not know that. They’re not supposed to read the news, but after George Floyd’s nephew said he was sending people to the court to film the jury, the judge himself said that people were filming the jury. So they no doubt know that black people are planning to kill them if they vote to acquit. It’s possible they’re looking for some smaller charge to convict him of, to keep their consciences clean(ish) and also to stay alive.

The fact that the government allows these people to openly intimidate juries is really one of the top pieces of evidence available for the fact that this entire country is now nothing more than a sleazy clown porno.

Far from not stopping it, the government is involved in it. Calling the National Guard up before the verdict is also a form of jury intimidation. It’s the state saying “if you don’t bring the right verdict, you’re responsible for the city burning.”


Here’s those memes I mentioned.

Law of Gravity Disproportionately Targets People of Color Tue, 16 Nov 2021 14:23:53 +0000

Last week, a video went viral on social media showing several young and promising aspiring rappers in Birmingham, Alabama floating off of the ground up into the stratosphere.

When the video begins, it features the young men of color in an urban public housing neighborhood beginning to hover off of the ground. One youth seem hesitant, asking, “bitch, where is we be gone up out da muthafuka?”

However, his friends quickly assure him that floating off the earth will increase their status, with one saying: “muthafuka we gone straight up out dis muthafuka!”

“Ah, hells ya, nigga, we gone up top now, bitch,” another says.

“Muthafuka we botta been gone up top of this muthafuka, shit,” says another.

The camera pans upward as the group of aspiring rappers continue to float up into the air, laughing and commenting to one another about how they would find something great up in the sky.

But they did not find anything great. The next day, their mutilated corpses were found scattered across the city. The promising youths reached the stratosphere and suffocated before falling to the ground, their bodies turning into paste when they landed as a result of the high velocity.

“He be a good boy, him been gone to da church,” said one of the boys’ mothers through tears, adding, “ain’t that government not gonna be done nothing, him just a chald, done float up out, he ain’t know.”

Now, the entire community of Birmingham is calling on federal authorities to change the law of gravity, which disproportionately punishes black people who unknowingly break it.

Experts say that people of color do not learn enough about gravity in school, as the schools are underfunded as a result of white racism.

“White kids all know you can’t just float off the ground into the sky, or you will die,” says Professor Noam Finkel of Harvard University. “But somehow, young people of color are not getting these lessons, and don’t understand the consequences associated with breaking the laws of gravity.”

The Biden Administration has vowed to open an inquiry into the way that the law of gravity disproportionately punishes black people, with an eye to changing it. But some in Congress do not think he is moving fast enough.

Democrat Adam Schiff is one such Congressman. Schiff has introduced a law that would immediately abolish the law of gravity.

“People are dying because of this antiquated law of gravity, which too many people of color are not informed about, and find themselves breaking unwittingly,” Schiff explained at a press conference. “No mother should have to worry that her son is going to float off into the stratosphere and come crashing down in a field.”

Others have claimed that we need to address root causes in our gravity system that make disadvantaged young people believe that they will have a better life in the sky.

However, Republicans, who have a history of suppressing people of color and trying to use the legal system to kill them, disagree with the Democrat plan to change the law of gravity.

“If we change the law of gravity, people are going to find that their patio furniture is floating out into outer space,” said Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell. “Americans are struggling right now with the Biden economy, and they don’t need to fear that they’re going to have to buy new patio furniture because big city Democrats have changed the law of gravity.”

McConnell suggested increasing funding to school gravity lessons, as well as encouraging rap musicians to sing about the consequences associated with violating the law of gravity.

Former President Donald Trump released a statement about the calls for a social justice adjustment to the law of gravity, calling it a “Democrat war on patio furniture.” Trump said that under the Democrat proposal, “all of your precious patio furniture is going to go solar because the Democrats insist on going soft on physics criminals who violate our law of gravity.”

However, legal experts have said that no law that disproportionately punishes people of color can stand the test of justice, and there is no question that people of color, in particular young black men, are the prime group affected by the law of gravity.

Currently, it looks as if the fight over gravity is going to be the next front in the culture war, after many have called for America to have a reckoning with racial injustices in the wake of the murder of George Floyd last summer.

Memetic Monday Brought to You by Pfizer Mon, 15 Nov 2021 17:41:47 +0000

“Brought to you by Pfizer”

— Logan Shreves (@ShrevesLogan) November 11, 2021

I was as shocked as you are when John Carpenter burst into my office and said: “Anglin, we’ve got a contract with Pfizer, and I need you to put your best memes on it.”

I said: “John, we can’t cooperate with Pfizer – that’s an evil corporation trying to exterminate humanity!”

“They’re giving us $700,” said John.

I squinted.

And here we are!

Today’s Memetic Monday is brought to you by Pfizer!

They needed help reaching the kids, and they said the best way to do that is memes.

When asked if they were okay with racism, anti-Semitism, Holocaust denialism, mysogony, and other themes, Pfizer replied, “by any means necessary.”

Unfortunately, their first outing in Meme World did not go so well.

After making the wrong meme, or posting an ironic meme, or whatever that is, they decided to go straight for the experts on memes.

Here are some repairs to their original meme:

Most importantly, we’ve got this, which has shown to make people want to take Pfizer vaccines up to 500x more than the original Pfizer meme.

Pfizer also asked me to pick a meme of the week, which will be known as the “Meme of the Week Brought to You by Pfizer.”

I’m going with this one:

Here’s the Runner-Up Brought to You by Pfizer.

And here’s the Second Runner-Up Brought to You by Pfizer.

What’s more: every meme below is explicitly endorsed by Pfizer. They want you to think about these memes when you’re considering taking their deadly vax.

Look – I’ve got kids and a washed up 1970s film director/techno musician to feed, and this is just how it’s gonna go.

The New War on Terror is a Jewish War Against White People Mon, 15 Nov 2021 05:40:14 +0000

Glenn Greenwald gave a 30-minute interview with Chris Hedges on RT about the new war on terror, an anti-white war on the normal population of America.

Glenn was not totally on the ball at the beginning of the coronavirus hoax, but that is likely because he is a gay (fag), and homos (queers) are constantly terrified of germs (obvious). On most of the issues happening in current year, he’s on point, and he is now on point regarding the coronavirus (finally).

He’s the only person in the mainstream presenting a comprehensive image of the plan that the Democrats have right now to use all of this post-911 terrorism legislation to attack and crush white people, using the 1/6 debacle as a pretext. Tucker is talking about it, but Tucker mostly uses Glenn as a source.

Along with being a germophobe homo, Glenn is also a Jew lawyer (I just judge public individuals on what they say in public), so he has a good grasp on the legalities of the situation. He says that the entire concept of this Liz Cheney/Adam Schiff Congressional committee to investigate the 1/6 protesters is totally unprecedented.

He says that they’re doing “third party subpoenas” – subpoenaing the records of individuals from corporations (tech companies and telecom companies) and “requesting” that the companies not send a message to the person they are investigating. Along with requesting that they not tell the accused, they tell the companies to call them if they can’t fulfill the request – at which point, they will tell them to cancel it. They are structuring it in such a way that no one can complain about it because they know it’s illegal.

He says that both the Congressional Committee and the DOJ are struggling with the fact that they cannot charge any of these people with anything other than misdemeanor trespassing, and that this makes them look ridiculous after having accused all of these people with attempting to overthrow the government and rape AOC. Glenn suggests that the Congressional investigation is designed to obfuscate this.

“What they’re doing here is essentially running a parallel investigation to the Justice Department because they’re angry that the Justice Department hasn’t indicted anybody on these grandiose claims,” he said, referring to the committee as a “spectacle” to feed a “hungry liberal mob.”

The Jew-run “Justice Department” (lol) last week indicted Steve Bannon for refusing to cooperate with the Congressional subpoena. He had multiple arguments for not complying, the most pressing of which being that there is no basis for the Congress do be doing a criminal investigation in the first place. The Justice Department literally has nothing to investigate – but they can do subpoenas for Congress!

Glenn is exactly correct in stating that this is designed to make up for there not being anything there with regards to a grand conspiracy to overthrow the government. Very few people are going to go into any of this, and just see that Steve Bannon is getting indicted for planning a conspiracy. In fact, he’s not indicted for a conspiracy – just like with General Flynn and Roger Stone in the Mueller investigation, he is being indicted for a process crime – “contempt”!

The contemptuous Jew Adam Schiff appeared with the “Jewish Stump” Chuck Todd on Sunday to declare that the Bannon indictment will “without a doubt” compel other people to take the investigation seriously. Of course, he was ostensibly talking about compelling others who are being subpoenaed to cooperate with the committee, but in actuality, the goal is to compel the public to take this absurd hoax seriously.

Glenn says that his interest in the situation is due to the similarities with the post-911 situation. Basically, he’s saying he wants to be involved in it because no one else wants to cover it. This appears to be the rebelliousness of a Jew, the rebelliousness of a homosexual, being channeled into a positive ends.

They are attempting to put the QAnon Shaman in prison for 4 years – on top of the 8 months he’s already served. Glenn points to the abject hypocrisy of the liberals talking about “criminal justice reform” while trying to put people in prison for years for misdemeanors.

He also notes the fact that in the post-911 environment, liberal journalists reported on the fact that most or all of the terror plots that were “foiled” after 911 were staged by the FBI. He goes on to say that the entire mob on 1/6 was probably being instigated by FBI informants and agents. “To what extent did the FBI have advanced knowledge?” Greenwald wondered.

There’s nothing really new in the Greenwald interview, but it’s a very good overview, longer than the 4-minute segments on Tucker, giving Glenn time to flesh out a clear picture of what is happening with all of this dumb bullshit.

In a related piece of important journalism, Darren Beattie over at Revolver News last week published a fantastic article (that everyone should read) about Ray Epps, a member of the Oath Keepers and the leader of the Capitol event, who is not being charged, even after having been seen on endless videos calling for people to go into the Capitol, and then directing people during the event.

Epps was featured in the video that Representative Thomas Massie showed to the Jewish Attorney General Merrick Garland. Massie asked him how many FBI informants and agents were involved in this event, and he refused to answer the question.

I don’t like to toot my own horn or say “I told you so,” but on the night of January 6, I wrote an article stating that that entire event was a staged hoax. I was attacked over that, with people wanting to believe that it was all legitimate outrage. Of course, the outrage was legitimate, but those boomers and other MAGA folks who attended that protest absolutely WOULD NOT have entered the Capitol if they had not been led by people like Ray Epps, and if the police had not opened the doors of the building and waved people inside.

I’ve never posted Tucker Carlson’s documentary “Patriot Purge,” but that also deals with this topic. I’m not sure why it never got posted. It came out two weeks ago. I watched it and meant to write a review, and somehow never did that. I will probably do that in the future, as I had several complaints, but here’s the full documentary.

None of this really seems to have sunk in with most people, but we are currently the targets of a war on terror, and that is not anything other than deadly serious. It is going to lead to secret arrests, torture, assassinations, and all of the things that the original war on terror involved. If you combine that with the vax agenda, you have a very distressing picture.

As I have said often, the country is not yet totally subsumed by the lawless system of anarcho-tyranny that the Democrats are constructing, simply because they are not yet finished constructing it. This is a strange revolution in that the people doing the revolution are already in power. In a standard communist revolution, a new group takes over and begins with the shock and awe against the population by introducing a totally new system. In this situation, the revolution is just an eroding of the restraints on the existing elite. The Biden people came in and immediately started transforming the country, but they are not especially competent, so everything they are doing just looks bizarre to anyone paying attention.

The obvious goal is to completely remove all limits on Democrat power. They want to be able to simply arrest and imprison people without charge, they want to spy on everyone totally and use the information gathered through spying to charge them with fake crimes, they want to round up the guns, they want to kidnap people’s children and turn them into trannies. This is all very obtainable, given that they already have totally unchecked power – so it is all coming. Probably pretty soon.

As I’ve said from the beginning, this is going to be a very Dark Winter.