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I wrote on Tuesday that the bio front hole individual Margaret Atwood is trying to erase the existence of the trans community by falsely claiming that women exist.

“Women” do exist, but that word is exclusive to trans women. Bio front holes have no claim to the word “women,” and when they try to claim control of that word, they are literally killing trans women by disenfranchising them.

The proper terms for a bio front hole are thus:

  • Bio front hole
  • Individual body with a vagina
  • Menstruating individual
  • Individual who menstruates
  • Birthing body
  • Biological vaginal entity
  • Bipedal bio entity with a front hole

Nowhere should the word “women” enter into the conversation, unless we are talking about trans women, who are the only real women.

It’s not me saying this – it’s science.

Science is the ultimate determiner, and science has determined that so-called “women” simply do not exist. They are a social construct invented by the patriarchy to oppress trans women.

Bipedal menstruation bodies like Atwood are angry that their power is being taken from them. They’re angry that they’re being kicked in the face and dragged down to wear they belong: in the dustbin of history.

I’m certainly not the only person who feels that science should come before the stupid, meaningless and pathetic emotions of these menstruating individual bio holes.

The gay Jew David Oliver has stood up for science and pushed back against Atwood’s attempts to incite violence against trans women.

He writes:

“‘Woman’ is in danger of becoming a dirty word … struck from the lexicon of officialdom, eradicated from medical vocabulary and expunged from conversation,” wrote Rosie DiManno in an Oct. 15 guest column in the Toronto Star. DiManno posits that an attempt at inclusivity – i.e. saying “person who menstruates” instead of “woman who menstruates,” to honor transgender men and nonbinary people – actually erases women from the conversation.

Atwood’s apparent endorsement of the article sent shockwaves through the trans community, at a time when they are still reeling from the fallout of Dave Chappelle’s transphobic Netflix special which led to a staff walkout on Oct. 20. USA TODAY has reached out to Atwood’s publicist for comment.

Advocates for the trans community say Atwood’s choice of sharing this piece is simply one of many that threaten the group’s livelihood – serving as a dog whistle for anti-trans legislation and sentiment.

“Atwood’s recent tweet is disappointing but not surprising,” says Lydia X. Z. Brown, a disability justice advocate. “Casual trans-antagonism – anti-trans oppression – is widespread in society, just as casual ableism and racism are. Unfortunately, many people coming from privileged perspectives falsely believe that any perceived increase in visibility or attention for marginalized communities is an attack on them, which is the sentiment echoed in the article Atwood shared.”

Florence Ashley, a jurist and bioethicist in Toronto, is wary of Atwood’s large platform. “It is difficult enough getting people to understand how trans rights are not taking away from cisgender women’s rights without people sharing poorly researched and argued columns,” Ashley says.

Now, concerns linger whether Atwood may head the way of other famous writers who express an inkling of transphobia. (Atwood has doubled down on her defense of the writer, who has raised eyebrows writing about the community in the past.) Think J.K. Rowling and her transphobia.

“This tends to happen a lot, where we see a famous person drop some small hint that maybe they’ve been consuming anti-trans content online, and then immediately upon the backlash, drum a whole lot more,” Reed says.

That really is the true threat.

Atwood has a big platform to spread this anti-science, anti-Semitic lies that promote her own twisted ideas of privilege. This will lead directly to violence, as bodies with menstruating front holes become angry that they can no longer claim the title of “women” since real women – trans women – have taken that identity from them.

Atwood is stoking rage in biological hole individuals, which is going to lead to murder and genocide.

The first step is for her to be banned from Twitter.

The next step is to cancel the show the Handmaid’s Tale. This show has really led to bio front holes believing they are special, or that they matter, or that they are women. Front hole individual bodies can’t matter until the lives and lived experiences of trans women are RESPECTED.

Many people wondered if Atwood was Jewish. No, she is not.

Jewish people tend to respect trans lives, and don’t go around spreading anti-scientific tropes and canards about how women exist.

Feminists learned for a long time that “women are better than men at everything.” That was true, at the time. Now, however, scientists have studied “gender” and found that there is no such thing as “women,” and that trans women are the only real women. A goy feminist hears that and is confused and upset, and lashes out to defend her menstruation privileges, whereas a Jew feminist hears that and starts cackling with joy at the prospect of true equality on the horizon.

Jews know that if you start saying thinks like “women have vaginas” that the next step is firing up the gas chambers to “gas the kikes.” That’s why every Jew that I’m aware of is a trans advocate, and in fact, Jews like David Oliver of USA Today are at the forefront of the program to completely erase “women.”

Just so, a body with a vagina quickly goes from saying “women have vaginas” to “it’s time to fire up the steam chambers and gas these kikes.”

After all, Adolf Hitler himself believed in the false trope and anti-Semitic canard that “women have vaginas.”

Anti-trans leaders like Margaret Atwood believe that “six million is not enough.”

Meanwhile, Jewish feminist biological birthing holes respect trans existence.

TERFism is truly a goy phenomenon – hence its direct links to anti-Semitism, Nazism, Adolf Hitler, and the Holocaust.

Goyim hate science, they hate trans lives, and most of all, they hate the Jews.

This is why for so long Jews have rightly been calling for a crackdown on the goyim, to finally put them in their place once and for all.

Brazil Senate Wants to Charge Bolsonaro With Murder Over Coronavirus Deaths https://dailystormer.su/brazil-senate-wants-to-charge-bolsonaro-with-murder-over-coronavirus-deaths/ Thu, 21 Oct 2021 02:00:05 +0000 https://dailystormer.su/?p=521644

The plague-spreaders are bio-terrorists!

What Bolsonaro did was really just a bigger version of what the unvaxed do by spreading their disease across the sterile earth of the vaxed.

The Guardian:

The Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, should face murder charges for his role in the country’s “stratospheric” coronavirus death toll, a draft report from a senate inquiry into Brazil’s Covid crisis has recommended.

The 1,078-page document, published by Brazilian media on Tuesday afternoon, is not due to be voted on by the commission until next week and could yet be modified by senators.

But the draft text paints a devastating portrait of the neglect, incompetence and anti-scientific denialism many believe has defined the Bolsonaro administration’s response to a public health emergency that has killed more than 600,000 Brazilians.

The draft report accuses Brazil’s far-right leader of a total of 11 crimes, including crimes against humanity, incitement to crime, and charlatanism, for his “obstinate” promotion of ineffective remedies such as the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine.

But perhaps the most serious allegation is that Bolsonaro’s shunning of offers from vaccine manufacturers during the first year of Brazil’s epidemic amounted to murder.

The report says: “In spite of all the vaccines that were on offer, the federal government opted not to buy them, a decision that went against all of the scientific studies which demonstrated their safety and effectiveness, and against the advice of all of the epidemiologists who declared on a daily basis that only vaccines would save lives.

“The decision not to acquire vaccines between the months of July 2020 and at least January 2021, which lacked any technical or scientific basis, and flew in the face of recommendations from international health authorities, ended up claiming the lives of thousands of Brazilians who would undoubtedly have made use of such vaccines,” it continued.

The report claims Bolsonaro’s actions were based on his “unfounded belief in the idea of herd immunity through natural infection and the existence of early forms of treatment”.

Bolsonaro, who is nearing the end of his third year in power, is unlikely to face prosecution for his alleged crimes, at least while he remains in the presidency. But many experts believe the congressional inquiry has done severe and lasting political damage to the standing of a politician who plans to seek re-election next year but whose ratings have plunged to record lows. Polls suggest Bolsonaro would lose the October 2022 contest to the former leftist president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Antônio Carlos Costa, a social activist and church leader who gave evidence to the Covid inquiry on Monday, said

In the real world, Bolsonaro saved people of the only real threat: the deadly vax.

REVEALED: Deaths Among Vaccinated Caused by Preexisting Conditions, Unvaccinated Deaths by Covid https://dailystormer.su/revealed-deaths-among-vaccinated-caused-by-preexisting-conditions-unvaccinated-deaths-by-covid/ Thu, 21 Oct 2021 00:19:05 +0000 https://dailystormer.su/?p=521631

Just in: new science facts.

Vaccinated people who die WITH coronavirus are not killed by coronavirus, but by their preexisting conditions. That is the exact opposite of what they say about unvaccinated people. We’ve been saying for years that they hoax the coronavirus death toll by counting everyone who dies WITH the virus as having been killed BY the virus.

Also, from now on, most of the people dying after having tested positive for the virus will be the vaccinated.

The Guardian:

On Tuesday, there were 356 Covid-19 patients being treated in intensive care wards throughout Australia. Of those, 25 were fully vaccinated.

While the data points to the extraordinary efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines in preventing people from becoming severely unwell, being hospitalised and dying, it does raise the question: why do a small number of people become seriously ill and, in rare cases, die, despite being fully vaccinated?

An intensive care unit staff specialist at Nepean hospital in Sydney, Dr Nhi Nguyen, said those who are fully vaccinated and die tend to have significant underlying health conditions. Being treated in intensive care, where people may be on a ventilator and unable to move, added to any existing frailty, especially in elderly people, she said.

“If we think about intensive care patients in general, whether they are there due to Covid-19, pneumonia or any other infection, we know that those who have underlying disorders, those who are frail, and those with co-morbidities will have a higher risk of dying from whatever the cause of being in intensive care is,” she said.

“Being fully vaccinated against Covid protects you from getting severe disease, yes, but it doesn’t completely protect you from getting Covid. So if you are someone with chronic health conditions, what might be a mild disease or mild infection in a young person or a person who is in good health, will have a greater impact on you.”

She said this was why the Australian Technical Advisory Group for Immunisation (Atagi) had recommended boosters for those people who are severely immunocompromised. On Wednesday the government said it intended booster shots to be rolled out to the aged care sector within weeks, and to be available to the whole population by the end of the year.

“We don’t have the final data on this yet available, but there will also be a proportion of patients who have Covid, but they are already dying for another reason,” Nguyen said. “They may be fully vaccinated, they have a mild form of Covid, but maybe it’s brought out more severe heart failure, which they had previously.”

That really exposes the bold, lunatic nature of this whole thing. They are mocking everyone.

Related: NSW Health Says Coronavirus Deaths are People Who Die WITH the Virus, Not “From” It

This is what we knew since March 2020:

Now they’re setting up the stage to present preexisting conditions as the reason vaccinated people die.

But the whole death toll used the opposite criteria!

August 2021:

June 2020:

They’re out there in the open explaining how all of this is a hoax, while also saying that it is real. That confuses people, and most folks, when confused, default to trusting authorities.

Prof Allen Cheng, the director of the infection prevention and healthcare epidemiology unit at Alfred Health, said only a small number of deaths had occurred in fully vaccinated people.

“I understand they have been mostly in older people over 70 years of age, with some in aged care facilities,” he said.

The impact of the vaccine in reducing deaths among elderly people had been significant, Cheng said. Last year, before a vaccine was available, the mortality of people in their 80s with Covid was about 30%, he said.

Cheng said it was likely that given Australia’s extraordinary vaccination coverage the bulk of people who became severely unwell or died with Covid-19 from now were fully vaccinated.

At some point, there will be more people with infections that are vaccinated than those that are not vaccinated,” he said. “As a simple thought experiment – if everyone is vaccinated, then the only cases we would have would be in vaccinated people.”

Not if the vaccine worked.

Or perhaps it really is working?

Handmaid’s Tale Author Reveals Herself as a TERF CIS Bigot QAnon Conspiracy Kook https://dailystormer.su/handmaids-tale-author-reveals-herself-as-a-terf-cis-bigot-qanon-conspiracy-kook/ Wed, 20 Oct 2021 10:11:06 +0000 https://dailystormer.su/?p=521582

Middle-aged female novelists are the number one threat to the trans community.

Every time a middle-aged female novelist says “well, women should be allowed to exist though,” at least 1 million trannies commit suicide.

It’s a good thing the schools are teaching children to be trannies, or else we’d be running out of trannies, with all of these middle-aged white female feminist novelists saying women exist and killing so many in the tranny community.


Author Margaret Atwood is the latest public figure to be labeled transphobic, with critics piling on after she shared a story lamenting the potential loss of the word ‘woman’.

Although Artwood’s tweet that landed her in hot water on Tuesday only included a link to an oped critical of gender-neutral language, the mere fact of her sharing the article was enough to rile up detractors and put her on the defensive against the left-wing Twitter mob.

“Why can’t we say ‘woman’ anymore?,” Atwood tweeted, sharing an oped by columnist Rosie DiManno published in the Toronto Star.

In the piece, DiManno argues that the insistence by some on the absolute adoption of gender-neutral language is destroying the idea of womanhood and making it more difficult to discuss issues related to women-specific issues like pregnancy.

“Well-meaning people,” she wrote, are left “tongue-tied, lest they be attacked as transphobic or otherwise insensitive to the increasingly complex constructs of gender.”

Atwood, who is most famously the author of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, was labeled a TERF (trans-exlusionary radical feminist), a label critics have given to ‘Harry Potter’ author JK Rowling and comedian Dave Chappelle in recent years for their criticism of sects of the transgender movement.

JK Rowling invented Harry Potter and then she went on to exterminate the trannies.

It’s very similar to the story of how Adolf Hitler wrote the book Mein Kampf and then exterminated the Jews.

People say “well, Rowling and Atwood aren’t saying ‘exterminate trannies.'” But what people don’t know is that Hitler never said “exterminate the Jews.” There is not one single document that shows a plan by the Nazis to kill Jews. Everything was just “wink wink wink – kill the Jews.” Just so, these middle-aged white female feminist novelists are wink-winking as they exterminate trannies.

It’s time to cancel The Handmaid’s Tale.

This is right-wing extremism.

Many are quite reasonably having total psychological breakdowns as a result of this woman trying to exterminate the tranny race.

Atwood has responded by doubling down on the false and hateful anti-scientific claim that women exist.

Women do not exist and it’s time to shut these holes up in the name of tranny supremacy.

Women are not even human.

The only real women are men who take hormone injections and wear dresses.

A so-called “woman” is nothing more than a creature with a biological hole.

“Women” need to learn their place and accept that their lives are meaningless. They are nothing but worthless bio-holes.

Related: Women=Canceled: Democrat Party Adopts Language to Totally Dehumanize Bodies with Vaginas

Removing women from existence is the only way we are going to stop all of these trannies from committing suicide.

We also need to cancel pink pussy hats. Look at this group of QAnon theorists claiming vaginas are pink.

Real women – that is, trans women – have brown pussies.

These hate-filled QAnon conspiracy theorists at the pussy marches say things like “I am a nasty woman.”

Bitch, you’re not a woman – you’re a body with a hole.

Accept it.

It’s time for these entities with holes to stop claiming that pussies are pink. A real pussy is a brown asshole.

That’s called “science.”

Maybe instead of spreading false conspiracy theories about the existence of women, these biological front hole creatures should consult a real scientist first.

The existence of women is one of many false theories being spread by QAnon.

We need to stop pretending that statements like “We can’t say ‘women’ anymore?” is free speech. It’s not free speech. It’s hate speech.

The Attorney General has recognized that reading Lawn Boy at a school board meeting is a form of domestic terrorism.

So why is Atwood’s tweet not in the same category?

We need to stop pretending that hatred will simply disappear on its own.

It’s time to start putting people who deny the validity of the trans experience in prison where they belong.

Margaret Atwood should be in the special political prison with the 1/6 domestic terrorists, in solitary confinement 23 hours a day and getting beaten and tortured by blacks.

That’s the only way we’re ever going to have democracy in this country.

UK Government Partnering with Bill Gates to Do “Build Back Better” Globalist Plot https://dailystormer.su/uk-government-partnering-with-bill-gates-to-do-build-back-better-globalist-plot/ Wed, 20 Oct 2021 09:14:12 +0000 https://dailystormer.su/?p=521589

Speaking at a Global Investment Summit alongside Prime Minister Boris Johnson, billionaire Bill Gates announced he will work with the UK government to help bring down the cost of green technologies https://t.co/4iMNT5rWix pic.twitter.com/FzuXcEZMsB

— Reuters (@Reuters) October 20, 2021


Build Back Better isn’t some kind of globalist conspiracy. Everyone just happened to decide this was the best phrase to use.

Also, the UK government is hiring Bill Gates to do Build Back Better for them.


Boris Johnson has announced a pricey tech partnership with Bill Gates, saying the pairing will set off a “green industrial revolution” capable of meeting Britain’s climate commitments and covering costs London couldn’t pay itself.

“We will only achieve our ambitious climate goals if we rapidly scale up new technologies in areas like green hydrogen and sustainable aviation fuels – technologies that seemed impossible just a few years ago,” the British PM gushed on Tuesday during a speech at a Global Investment Summit in London’s Science Museum ahead of the COP26 climate conference.

Alongside billionaire philanthropist Gates, the PM outlined a plan to deploy £400 million in investments in new green technologies, heralding the Microsoft founder’s cash as the key element in a development program that would otherwise be commercially unfeasible and thus too expensive for the government to undertake alone.

The partnership with a Gates-led coterie of private investors called Breakthrough Energy Catalyst would help advance the UK’s technological position in carbon capture and storage, green hydrogen tech, long-term battery life, and zero-carbon aviation (“jet zero”), Johnson explained, adding that the program would also bring “high-quality jobs” to the UK.

London has already pledged at least £200 million to developing new green technologies, while Microsoft founder Gates promised on Tuesday to match 10 Downing’s commitment with another £200 million via Breakthrough. The software tycoon had previously organized the group of investors to marshal large sums of money into ‘green’ projects.

Promising to scale up environmentally friendly projects and “bring down that cost,” Gates predicted his assistance could “get these [new green energy projects] to the same place we are today with solar and onshore wind, and so they can be scaled up to reduce emissions.”

Our partnership with the UK will accelerate the deployment of these critical climate solutions, helping to make them more affordable and accessible,” Gates added, explaining that to reach net zero, the cost of “clean technologies” had to be brought down to a point where it could compete with less-green types of energy currently in use.

The peasants are so ungrateful.

Bill Gates is trying to change the weather to make it colder so they don’t get all sweaty, but the peasants abuse him.

This is why we need to boost our democracy with a green pass.

These peasants are out of control with their baseless theories.

If we want to put science first, we need scientists like Bill Gates directing our government.

Bill Gates was one of the first people to recognize the threat of the coronavirus.

When Boris Johnson was talking to Gates about sacrificing goats, he was speaking of real science.

We have to sacrifice goats and possibly children if we want to change the weather for good.

If we don’t change the weather, people are going to start getting really sweaty in the next 12 years.

That’s why we have to shut everything down.

This is all scientific, and it’s totally normal.

The number one threat is not the bodies that are piling up in the street from this deadly coronavirus which has killed millions. The number one threat is the weather getting too hot.

This is science.

After meeting with Gates, Johnson extended the emergency lockdown by six months.

It’s science.

San Francisco: In-N-Out Burger Rises Up Against Hoax Regime, Refuses to Enforce Vax Pass https://dailystormer.su/san-francisco-in-n-out-burger-rises-up-against-hoax-regime-refuses-to-enforce-vax-pass/ Wed, 20 Oct 2021 07:51:18 +0000 https://dailystormer.su/?p=521592
“I have a dream… that a man will not be judged by the status of his vax… but by the juiciness of his paddies!” -Martin Burger King

So, just in case you haven’t been following – the vaccine passport system is being implemented in America, piecemeal, exactly as I said would happen.

Several cities effectively have a full vax pass system already. Because they are doing it in the most ridiculously gay and faggotized cities, no one is pushing back against it.

No one but one man: the guy who owns In-N-Out Burger.


A burger place in San Francisco has divided the nation as it defended its decision not to check diners’ vaccination status despite having to temporarily close its doors. The restaurant blasted the mandate as “clear overreach.”

The only In-N-Out burger restaurant in San Francisco has made national headlines, fueling an ongoing debate over vaccine passports, after it refused to enforce the city’s strict vaccine mandate.

The location was temporarily shut down on October 14, after it repeatedly ran afoul of the order, according to the San Francisco Department of Public Health. Inspectors said they alerted the burger joint’s representatives of the need to check customers’ vaccination status “multiple times,” but to no avail.

After finding the establishment in non-compliance with the order during a raid on September 24, the officials returned on October 6 only to discover that the defiant restaurant was “still in violation of the health order,” the department said, as cited by a local CBS News affiliate.

Under the mandate, in effect since August, restaurants, gyms, bars, concert halls and several other indoor businesses must post signs reminding customers of the need to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 to be granted entry. The affected companies are expected to verify the guests’ vaccination status themselves.

In-N-Out claimed that while it complied with part of the order that required indoor businesses to relay local vaccination rules through appropriate “signage,” the restaurant insisted it would not “segregate customers into those who may be served and those why may not, whether based on the documentation they carry, or any other reason.”

Nice one.

You all know I keep a pretty strict diet.

But I also have cheat days, and given that I’m an American, there is only one thing I want on cheat days: burgers.

I legitimately believe that In-N-Out is better than Five Guys or whichever other upper-class chain. I’m not just saying that because I agree with their radical QAnon politics.

This is the real shit, bro.

The faggots are screaming about In-N-Out refusing to force people to be vaccinated before they can buy food.

But you have to think: all the vegan restaurants in San Fran Anus are no doubt enforcing this vax bullshit.

So this might not be so much pro-vax as it is anti-burger, huh?


Look at this tweet:

What even… I can’t even.

After Endless Denials About Staff Shortages, Southwest Softens Vax Mandate https://dailystormer.su/after-endless-denials-about-staff-shortages-southwest-softens-vax-mandate/ Wed, 20 Oct 2021 07:00:37 +0000 https://dailystormer.su/?p=521573

The fact that the media was claiming that all of these canceled Southwest flights had nothing to do with the vaccine mandate is an example of the new kind of media I’ve been warning about since 2017. Censorship has created a situation where there is no ability to push back against the media narrative, which means the media can say anything.

The media was saying that it was a “conspiracy theory” that thousands of canceled Southwest flights were a result of people resisting vax mandates. They said it was because of the weather.

They were doing fact checks saying it was all a conspiracy theory.

Because they can say anything. They can deny the obvious.

Now, Southwest itself is de facto admitting that the media was lying.

But the media isn’t going to apologize.


US airline Southwest has reversed course on its employee vaccine mandate following a week of protests, denials and canceled flights. Workers are no longer forced to take unpaid leave while applying for exemptions to the mandate.

The passenger carrier will no longer force employees awaiting decision on a religious or medical exemption to the Biden administration’s mandatory vaccine order to take unpaid leave until their cases are decided, according to a Friday memo obtained by CNBC on Tuesday. Southwest has confirmed the authenticity of the memo, which gives employees until November 24 to either get vaccinated or apply for an exemption.

Instead of unpaid leave, employees awaiting judgment on their exemptions will continue to receive a paycheck and may even continue working “as [Southwest] coordinate[s] with them on meeting the requirements (vaccine or valid accommodation),” the note explains. Written by senior vice president of operations and hospitality Steve Goldberg and vice president and chief people officer Julie Weber, it reassures workers that they may continue working if their exemptions aren’t yet approved so long as they follow masking and social-distancing rules, and promises that staff can reapply if their exemption is denied if they have “new information or circumstances [they] would like the Company to consider.”

The memo’s release comes after days of protesting outside Southwest’s Dallas headquarters and rumors of sick-outs among air traffic controllers and other employees. Southwest was forced to cancel thousands of flights last week – over 1,000 on Sunday alone – though it refused to acknowledge what was behind the cancellations, in many cases blaming the weather despite clear and sunny skies. Airports were snarled with angry passengers as would-be travelers arrived to find their flights mysteriously cancelled.


This isn’t really a big deal for Southwest employees.

Everyone is still going to get vaxed.

The old man video is funny.

But it’s not real.

As I’ve said repeatedly: any attempts to resist this vax mandate are going to fail, because the Biden Administration simply does not care about consequences.

Delta “ditched” the mandate – so that Southwest can focus on implementing it first.

They will circle back around to Delta after they finish Southwest.

The most interesting angle on this Southwest story is the media lies angle.

Yes, right now you still have lite-wing Ben Shapiro or Jack Posobiec calling some of this stuff out on Twitter. But they will be banned soon enough.

We’re headed for a hoax singularity.

25% Vaxed Bulgaria Makes Covid Pass Obligatory for Leisure Activities https://dailystormer.su/25-vaxed-bulgaria-makes-covid-pass-obligatory-for-leisure-activities/ Wed, 20 Oct 2021 05:41:18 +0000 https://dailystormer.su/?p=521539
Well, this isn’t good

With only 25% of its population having taking at least one Covid shot, Bulgaria is the least vaccinated country in Europe.

Yet from Thursday, 75% of Bulgarians – the overwhelming majority – will be banned from restaurants, gyms, malls, and other indoor recreational areas.

That’s pretty bold, even by Great Reset standards.


Bulgaria will make a COVID-19 “Green Certificate” mandatory for indoor access to restaurants, cinemas, gyms and shopping malls, the health minister said on Tuesday, as the country struggles with a rising number of coronavirus infections.

The health pass – a digital or paper certificate showing someone has been vaccinated, tested negative or recently recovered from the virus – was originally conceived to ease travel among European Union states.

As of Oct. 21, people who want to visit indoor public spaces including cafes, hotels, concert halls, museums and swimming pools should show such a health pass, interim Health Minister Stoicho Katsarov told reporters.

“The number of new infections and deaths is rising. That forces us to impose additional measures. All activities indoors should be carried out with a green certificate,” he said as he appealed to vaccine-sceptical Bulgarians to get inoculated.

Bulgaria is the EU’s least vaccinated country and has had the highest mortality rate in the bloc in the past two weeks.

Only 25% of Bulgaria’s seven million people have had at least one COVID shot, well below the EU average of nearly 80%.

Any government willing to do something this audacious must hold strong convictions that the people it rules over are completely apathetic goyim slaves who will never rise up over anything.

Will the Bulgarian people prove them wrong?

Or will they just remain in their villages and continue spinning dogs?

Rachel Levine is Now the First Tranny Four-Star Officer in America https://dailystormer.su/rachel-levine-is-now-the-first-tranny-four-star-officer-in-america/ Wed, 20 Oct 2021 05:39:52 +0000 https://dailystormer.su/?p=521563

This is all totally normal and the path ahead just means that things are going to keep getting more and more normal, progressively.

We are totally not in some kind of cultural death spiral that we could never hope to pull up out of.

New York Post:

Assistant Health Secretary Rachel Levine made history Tuesday by becoming the first openly transgender four-star officer in America’s eight uniformed services.

Levine, 63, was ceremonially sworn in as an admiral in the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps by Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced.

“I am deeply honored & grateful to join the ranks of men & women across this great nation who have committed to defend the United States against small & large threats, known and unknown,” Levine tweeted upon her swearing-in. “I promise to uphold that trust to the fullest extent of my abilities.”

“Admiral Levine’s historic appointment as the first openly transgender four-star officer is a giant step forward towards equality as a nation. This is a proud moment for us at HHS,” department secretary Xavier Becerra said in a statement.

Becerra went on to describe Levine as “a highly accomplished pediatrician who helps drive our agency’s agenda to boost health access and equity and to strengthen behavioral health” and “a cherished and critical partner in our work to build a healthier America.”

Wait, the aggressive Jew tranny is a children’s doctor?

Yikes. Did not know that.

Oh well.

I’m sure it’s fine.

Kill All Cows and End Factory Farming to Save Planet from Unpredictable Weather, Experts Say https://dailystormer.su/kill-all-cows-and-end-factory-farming-to-save-planet-from-unpredictable-weather-experts-say/ Wed, 20 Oct 2021 00:09:47 +0000 https://dailystormer.su/?p=521551

This weather-changer agenda is really getting extreme.

According to The Guardian: “Kari Hamerschlag is the deputy director of Friends of the Earth US’s food and agriculture program and Christopher D Cook is an award-winning journalist and author of Diet for a Dead Planet: Big Business and the Coming Food Crisis.”

They write for The Guardian:

As the climate crisis boils over, new research shows that reducing methane emissions is our best hope to rapidly stem the crisis. It’s time to turn up the heat on the industrial meat industry and dramatically curtail its climate harm, which includes 32% of global methane emissions. Yet instead development banks are using public funds to expand this sector that generates 16.5% of total greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs).

On 19 and 20 October, hundreds of public development banks (PDBs) will gather for the second Finance in Common Summit to make pledges to advance Paris climate and UN sustainable development goals (SDGs). The summit – which will also focus on agriculture and agribusiness transformation – presents a vital opportunity for these banks to put their money where their mouth is and align their agriculture investments to meet these goals.

Development banks on every continent are directly undermining the UN SDGs and Paris goals by channeling billions of public dollars into multinational meat corporations. While undermining the livelihoods of small-scale producers, this heavily polluting industrial meat system is fueling the climate crisis, destroying precious ecosystems, promoting animal cruelty and increasing the risk of antibiotic resistance and future pandemics.

With vast documented evidence of factory farming’s destructive effects, a new global campaign, Divest Factory Farming, is calling on PDBs to immediately stop financing industrial livestock operations and shift their investments towards a more equitable and sustainable food system. A 2020 investigation by the Guardian and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism revealed that over the past decade, just two banks – the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) – “have provided $2.6bn for pig, poultry and beef farming, as well as dairy and meat processing”. Additional research shows that the top five development banks have spent more than $4.6bn in this sector over the past 10 years.

Unless we dramatically scale back meat and dairy and move swiftly to sustainable methods, experts project that livestock production alone could account for a whopping 80% of the world’s budget for greenhouse gas emissions (in a 1.5C temperature increase scenario) by 2050. If cattle were a nation, they would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world. With less than 10 years to prevent irreversible climate catastrophe, every investment and policy must help greatly reduce emissions while bolstering food security and resiliency to weather upheavals.

By ending investments in factory farms, public development bank leaders will send a clear signal to other public finance institutions, the private sector, markets and governments that it’s time for meaningful emissions reductions from livestock, and time to shift subsidies and investments toward highly productive, lower-carbon ecological farming. There is no time to waste.

There are a whole lot of ways to not do factory farming and still create enough meat for the population (assuming you’re not constantly expanding your population with low IQ third worlders).

You can find plenty of these permaculture gardens on YouTube. There is enough acreage in America and Britain to feed our populations with healthy foods, without resorting to soy and insects.

It’s almost like a big part of the weather-changer agenda is making people physically weak.

You Killed Colin (Pronounced “Colon”) Powell by Refusing the Deadly Vax…! https://dailystormer.su/you-killed-colin-pronounced-colon-powell-by-refusing-the-deadly-vax/ Tue, 19 Oct 2021 13:27:40 +0000 https://dailystormer.su/?p=521403

Colin Powell didn't die because he was vaccinated. he died because you weren't

— Jeff Tiedrich (@itsJeffTiedrich) October 18, 2021

Yes, you read that headline correctly.

And no, it’s not some kind of satire or whatever – this is actually what these people are saying.

It reminds me of that lyric in The Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil” – “I shouted out ‘who killed the Kennedys,’ when after all, it was you and me.”

But seriously though – what is going on with this Colin (pronounced “Colon”) situation?

I don’t know if you’ve been following the news, but he had multiple myeloma, a pretty serious form of cancer, and he was 84 years old. Just to be clear, the average male life expectancy in the United States is 76. The average African American male life expectancy is 72. Either way, the idea that the coronavirus is responsible for the death of this elderly man with cancer is pretty silly.

So it really would have been easy to say “Colon passed away at the ripe age of 84 after a struggle with cancer.”


So, there are a few different things that are to be considered here:

  • They are moving away from “a few breakthrough cases” to “the vaccine just doesn’t work at all”
  • It’s the fault of the unvaccinated that the vaccine doesn’t work
  • This is preparation for a whole new narrative – i.e., “we’re back at square one”

I’ve been expecting that they would kick things up a notch before the winter. When it gets to be normal flu season, they have between 50,000-80,000 natural flu deaths they can point at and say “COVID DID THIS.” It’s a lot easier for people to believe this hoax in the winter.

I think they want to implement some kind of FULL AUSTRALIA scenario in the United States. Actually, I’m sure they want to do that. And the fact that Joe Biden is failing at everything definitely doesn’t make them less likely to do that.

My prediction has been that the narrative will be something like what we’re seeing seeded here with Powell – “oh well, the unvaccinated made the vaccine stop working and there’s a new variant so we have to start all over again – and this time we really need to lock down hard to make sure we really flatten the curve this time around.”

We’re seeing the narrative building up all throughout the media – as I wrote earlier today, New Zealand, a country with a whopping 28 deaths attributed to the alleged doom virus, is nearly “fully vaccinated,” and they’re now saying that they have higher positive tests than ever before. As I’ve explained six million times, you can manipulate the number of positive tests to get it anywhere you want it by changing the number of cycles on the PCR test. So, all these countries saying “we all took the vax but it didn’t work!” could just as easily have lowered the PCR threshold and said “wow, this vax is great! We totally solved the problem!”

Obviously, even if you believe there is a Sars-CoV-2 virus, the number of deaths is so low that no one could possibly notice. Even if the vax didn’t work at all, you could just alter the test and claim victory. In nearly two years, 28 New Zealanders died. So if the virus is real and it went totally wild and killed ten times that number because people started living their lives normally, no one is going to wonder about 280 people dying per year.

Point being: they could say the vaccine works if they wanted to. They could also say “but you have to take this booster every six months” and people would do that. All of this is a total hoax, and the government/media can literally say whatever they want about anything. The only reason that they would claim the vaccine doesn’t do anything is if they are planning on doing more lockdowns and various other restrictions to continue to destroy the society and economy.

I said from the beginning: the US government wants to bring the Australia system there.

And nothing is stopping them.

Democrats will all go along with it. They like this whole Covid thing – it gives meaning to their lives.

Republicans will just smugly say that Joe Biden isn’t really following the science and then do everything they’re told to do.

This is quite literally the ride that never ends.

Now They’re Admitting the Vax Does Nothing and the Fake Crisis Will Continue Indefinitely https://dailystormer.su/now-theyre-admitting-the-vax-does-nothing-and-the-fake-crisis-will-continue-indefinitely/ Tue, 19 Oct 2021 08:50:13 +0000 https://dailystormer.su/?p=521450
Andrew Anglin pictured trying to rationalize with a big-brained coronavirus theorist

I hate to say I predicted this…

For real, I’m so tired of saying that.

I just feel exhausted by all of this virus gibberish.

Frankly, I didn’t “predict” anything – all I did was look at all of these papers that the globalists had published themselves, publicly, and then just explain what that meant in terms of this virus hoax. There was no “predicting” involved.

But I did say everything that was going to happen – including that after the vaccine was deployed, they would eventually admit that it doesn’t really work, so you have to stay locked down and keep getting more and more vaccines.

Again – not really a “prediction.”

All of these people from the Club of Rome, the Bilderberg Group, the World Economic Forum, every other elite group going back over 100 years – they were saying that they were planning to downsize your life, to force you to live in small apartments and not have any children.

The most famous statement is “you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.”

This sentence (two sentences? Why is that period there?) is a summary of a hundred years’ worth of documents from elite planning councils.

But that was just a quick summary of their agenda over a period of nearly 150 years.

So the idea that this virus hoax would be pushed by these organizations, and then they would just say “oh okay, you can go back to normal now,” was utterly nonsensical.

I tried to explain this.

Andrew Anglin trying even harder to talk sense into these kook theorists who believe in the virus and think the single master plan of the ruling class is that you should “work and consume.”

I began trying to explain it as soon as the virus hoax started. It was very obvious to me. And yet I had how many morons either saying:

  • “Oh no – the virus is actually real,” or
  • “Sure, the virus isn’t real, but the government just messed up trying to stop Trump – they will go back to normal soon, because they want everyone working and consuming.”

Please note that Tucker Carlson was in the latter group.

He said it was all about Trump and after the election hoax, they would end the virus hoax.

Untold numbers of boomers in alternative media said that. Even people who might be sort of serious, who are banned from various places. I mean, there were plenty of people on Unz.com saying it.

A big brain Covid theorist after the hoax didn’t end with the election or the vaccine. They just couldn’t understand why the elite didn’t want us to go back to working and consuming!

People were calling me a “conspiracy theorist.”

For stating the obvious.

In fact, they were the ones coming up with “conspiracy theories.” All I was doing was saying what was in these documents, which I’ve continually pointed at and linked to.

Well, all of these countries that are massively vaxed are now saying that the vax didn’t do anything.

Of course, the true believers in the undocumented and totally baseless theory that the elite “just want you working and consuming” will justify this by saying “they just screwed up the vaccine.”

They didn’t screw up the vaccine. These “positive tests” are all fake. There isn’t even a new virus, it’s just the flu renamed. Everyone knows the PCR test is fake. The New York Times admitted it in July of 2020.

They could just as easily be telling the hospitals to do fewer cycles on the PCR, and say that “Covid has disappeared.”

No one could possibly tell the difference from the death toll – they could just go back to saying people who died of cancer, heart attacks, old age and so on died of that instead of the coronavirus. The entire virus death toll was fake to begin with.

In New Zealand, they have how many deaths?

No – you guess.

How many deaths do they attribute to COVID NINETEEN?

If you guessed “28,” then you’re correct.

So obviously, no one would notice if they said “oh wow, the vax worked great, now we can totally go back to normal.”

But they’re not doing that. They’re saying that Covid is still real and we need to stay locked down and get more vaccines because the virus is spreading more than ever.


New Zealand has recorded its highest-ever daily Covid-19 infection count with just shy of 100 new local cases, despite over 80% of citizens having had at least one vaccine dose. Officials have blamed the spike on rule-breakers.

The nation’s remaining hopes of achieving ‘zero Covid’ have shown no signs of coming any closer to reality, as Tuesday saw 94 new coronavirus infections. The latest figure announced by New Zealand health officials is an all-time record after a previous high of 89 cases in a single day, which occurred twice earlier in the pandemic. The bulk of the new cases were detected in Auckland, the island’s largest city by population, though seven were located in the Waikato district, some 110km (68 miles) south of the metropolis.

Addressing the surge in cases, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern suggested that those running afoul of Auckland’s ongoing lockdown rules – which have been in effect for around two months now – are helping to drive the new infections, and insisted the country is not “powerless” to tackle the health crisis.

I know the highs and lows of cases is incredibly hard on people, particularly those in Tamaki Makaurau,” the PM said, using an indigenous name for Auckland. “I just wanted to reinforce again that we’re not powerless. We do have the ability to keep cases as low as we can.”

The new spike comes despite a relatively high immunization rate in the country. According to health officials, at least 85% of the population have had their first vaccine dose, with 67% being fully vaccinated. Almost 130,000 jabs were made during Saturday’s nationwide ‘Super Saturday Vaxathon’ event, including 91,000 second doses. The previous record for single-day vaccination was a little more than 93,000 injections. The country has a total population of about five million, with Auckland being home to 1.66 million people.

They didn’t “screw up” and make a vaccine that doesn’t do anything.

There was no problem in the first place.

Covid does not actually exist!

All they did was rename the flu!

It was part of the plan to say that the vaccine doesn’t really work, so you have to stay locked in your house, to lose your business, to downsize your life because of supply shortages.

They were always going to say there was a new variant that beat the vaccine.

The reason for hyping up the vaccine in the first place was to let you think that there was some kind of finality on the horizon.

Also, they are clearly obsessed with injecting you with this genetic engineering substance for whatever reason. Probably, because of a satanic genetic engineering conspiracy.

One thing is clear: this hoax is not going to end.

You are now in a permanent fake emergency, and because they claim there is a virus, it means they can do anything to you. Everything that you thought was your rights is now gone, forever, as it turns out those rights were predicated on there not being a virus.

If there is a virus, you don’t have any rights and the government can do anything they want to anyone.

So why on earth would you think that the government would want there to not be a virus?

How stupid are these people? 

I’m not even gloating.

I’m just… frustrated.

I have had people smugly chuckling at me for more than a year and a half.

I’ve never been smug, I’ve never tried to act like I’m smarter than anyone.

I’ve only said: “stop smugly chuckling, you moron! This is serious!”

But every time I said “man, please stop smugly chuckling for just 2 minutes and look at this document from the World Economic Forum,” I would again be drowned in smug chuckles, and these people would go back to saying, “well, it’s really just a bad flu, and the government has overreacted, but as soon as we get the vaccine we’ll get back to normal. You see, the elite want us to keep working and consuming – that’s their plan for us.”

A neo-Nazi and a boomer corner Andrew Anglin so they can chuckle smugly at him and his kooky belief that the government doesn’t want the fake pandemic to end. “The government is trying to solve the problem, Anglin – they’re just incompetent! Or maybe this is about Donald Trump! We just have to wait for the vaccine!”

If I tried to say “please show me one document from the elite that says their plan is for us to keep working and consuming,” my words would be drowned out by the sound of smug chuckling.

So I actually have a right to chuckle smugly right now.

But I’m not going to.

I’m just simply not interested in smug chuckling, on any level.

Smugness is a sign of insecurity, in every context.

People who legitimately believe (or believed before September) that the only plan of the global ruling elite is to “have people work and consume products” have a real reason to be insecure – I can tell you that.

So, I’m just going to give all of you smug chuckling faggots a quick reading list that I call “baby’s first cure for the smug chuckles.”

Get those books – or at least skim the Wikipedia pages for those books! – and you’ll find a drastic reduction in your smug chuckling as you begin to slowly realize that no, the grand master plan is not for “the peasants to work and consume products.”

I can give you another list of dozens more books, but if you go through those, you should at least reach the point where your smug chuckling is severely reduced.

You smug bastards are not required to apologize to me. But I would appreciate if you made a public statement such as “how I cured my smug chuckles.”

Russia Says They’re Not Worried About Chinese Missiles https://dailystormer.su/russia-says-theyre-not-worried-about-chinese-missiles/ Tue, 19 Oct 2021 08:00:54 +0000 https://dailystormer.su/?p=521503

China tests a hypersonic missile, capable of flying through the earth's thermosphere pic.twitter.com/1ZXC6HPgPD

— TRT World Now (@TRTWorldNow) October 17, 2021

Being afraid of “Chinese aggression” is nonsensical.

Chinese people will not even confront you at a store if you get angry about something. If you start yelling, the manager will try to distract you so he can slip out the back.

Asians are the single most non-confrontational group of people on earth. They are basically the opposite of the blacks.


The first purported test of a Chinese missile that can fly faster than the speed of sound might be causing consternation in the West but, as a close partner of Beijing, Russia has no reason to be concerned, the Kremlin has said.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, President Vladimir Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, said recent reports the advanced nuclear-capable weapon had been test-fired in August were nothing for Moscow to worry about. Asked whether Russian officials see such a development as a threat, the Kremlin official said that “no, it isn’t being seen that way.”

“We have allied relations with China,” Peskov went on. “China is developing its armed forces and its weapons systems, but it isn’t going beyond the framework of any international agreements,” he added.

Last week, Britain’s Financial Times reported that the launch of a hypersonic rocket earlier this year “took US intelligence by surprise.” The missile reportedly entered into orbit and circled the globe before landing several miles away from its intended target. Despite that, the report claims, Pentagon analysts were taken aback by how advanced the system was.

The US elite is shocked that they’re losing their position as global leader, but I don’t understand what they thought was going to happen when they got to the place where their head military guy is talking about how the major threat is the population itself.

Maybe instead of “I want to understand white rage” he should have been saying “I want to understand Chinese missile capabilities,” huh?

That might have sort of maybe made a little bit more sense.


The Chinese Foreign Ministry has claimed the US is hyping up talk of China’s hypersonic technology after a recent missile test so it can justify its own military expansion and further its hegemony.

Speaking on Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said Beijing firmly opposed the US continuously exaggerating the “China threat theory.” He stated that Beijing’s only interest was self-defense, and claimed it would not engage in a nuclear arms race with any country.

“China’s development of necessary military capabilities is entirely to safeguard its legitimate national security interests. The growth of China’s power is the growth of peaceful forces,” he said, adding that no country would have to fight Chinese forces if they did not threaten Beijing’s sovereignty.

Wang claimed the recent hysteria over a Chinese hypersonic rocket launch was merely the US trying to find another excuse to expand its military power and seek an absolute security advantage.

At some point, the US is going to hit a very hard ceiling on its ability to develop anything.

White men have been run out of the workplace. Not just at universities, but at defense companies.

If you’re a rocket engineer, why would you allow yourself to be subjected to this kind of abuse?

How long before you say “yeah, you know what – whites are too evil to build warmachines for this military. Bring in the blacks to do it. I’m gonna take my evil white ass fishing, maybe get into crypto trading.”

Aside from the anti-white stuff, you also have the fact that the highest IQ groups are the ones most resistant to these vax mandates.

The US is going to end up in a situation where they have completely destroyed the people most capable of doing anything. They’re going to be left hoping that race and sex are just social constructs as they’re left with nothing but brown people and women, trying to compete with the Chinese.


The White House’s snarky response to a question about the Chinese hypersonic missile was: “we welcome the competition.”

Well, good luck, cunt.

I’m a high IQ white male, and I want nothing to do with any of this dumb bullshit. It’s not going to be long before we’ve all taken that position.

I would love to be working for my country, fighting the enemies of my country. But my country hardly even exists anymore, and the enemies of my country are running it.

Here’s Your Chipmunk Jewess Hero, Goyim! https://dailystormer.su/heres-your-chipmunk-jewess-hero-goyim/ Tue, 19 Oct 2021 07:40:20 +0000 https://dailystormer.su/?p=521507

When @BariWeiss describes the kind of madness that we have all witnessed, @BrianStelter pretends as if he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Such gaslighting is of course a big part of the problem. | pic.twitter.com/q5JZlTl7K1

— Mike (@Doranimated) October 18, 2021

Bari Weiss is a fat Jew woman.

In terms of politics, she’s on par with gay Jew Dave Rubin, orthodox Jewish supremacist Ben Shapiro, hypnotist Jew Sam Harris, and fat Jew Eric Weinstein.

Along with their token goy Jordan Peterson, these people are called “the intellectual dark web.” Weiss coined that term.

She quit the New York Times in a public spectacle to make herself a figure who is supposed to be some kind of “reasonable centrist” concerned that “wokeness has gone too far.”

However, she is still fat.

When she appeared on Joe Rogan, it was clear that she doesn’t really know very much about anything at all, and can’t really talk about subjects in any sort of depth.

We learned in that interview that her entire purpose is to defend the Jews.

She defended Zionism explicitly.

She also attacked Tulsi Gabbard for not loving Israel enough.

(Bitch looked like garbage on that show like wow bitch put on some lipstick at least bitch wow.)

She’s just a dumb millennial. Like as dumb as any millennial bitch you’ve seen. She sifts through the right-wing, and finds easy talking points that are not offensive to Jewishness, then goes up and says “I’m the figurehead spearheading a movement for reasonableness!”

So, it wasn’t surprising that she was who CNN brought on to “push back” against their narrative.

I’m not really against anything she’s saying in that clip – but it’s all very basic, and very superficial.

We have underlying problems that aren’t going to be solved by saying “it’s not really racist to talk about the coronavirus.”

This is obviously just a filter – she takes people who might not be fully on board with child trannies dancing at gay nightclubs and says “we can still be reasonable, like in 2011.”

CNN can bring her on without worrying she’s going to come on and say “GOOGLE BLACK CUBE.”

She just goes with very safe, very benign and dull talking points.

Everyone feels good.

Seattle Faces Total Gotham City Style Meltdown After Police Laid Off Over Vax Refusal https://dailystormer.su/seattle-faces-total-gotham-city-style-meltdown-after-police-laid-off-over-vax-refusal/ Tue, 19 Oct 2021 07:27:34 +0000 https://dailystormer.su/?p=521397
Joe Biden just threw open the gates of Arkham. The only person that could save us is Batman; unfortunately, he doesn’t exist in real life.

Black people slaughtering your entire city is a small and insignificant price to pay for being protected from the deadly coronavirus.

The American media isn’t really reporting on this at all, so you have to deal with the British media if you want to know what is happening in Seattle.

The Guardian:

Sgt Randy Huserik and all other officers with the Seattle police department who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 are prepared to report at 7am Tuesday morning to any of the city’s five precincts rather than their usual assignments. Some detectives could even be responding to 911 calls instead of following up on their case load, he said.

That’s because the city is implementing a vaccine mandate for officers on 18 October and preparing to fire hundreds of officers who refuse to get the vaccine, which could leave the department significantly understaffed.

“We will have additional bodies available to handle 911 calls but obviously there is going to be a backlash on that for all the officers assigned as detectives who then won’t be working on their caseload, which will then back up as additional cases come in,” said Huserik, who has been with the department for 28 years and works in public affairs.

The standoff between the city and officers is just one conflict among many across the United States, with city leaders stating that they are trying to keep the public safe and some officers and their union representatives saying that the mandates violate their rights. In Chicago, the issue has even led to the mayor and the local police union trading legal actions.

While the penalties for officers who decline to get the vaccine differ from city to city, there is a common resistance among police unions to various restrictions.

And policing experts warn that even if officers’ resistance to the vaccination is misguided, issuing mandates could further deplete departments that are already understaffed and thus hurt public safety.

Cities across America are trying to throw up the Bat Signal for help. Unfortunately, Batman is not real.

Brian Higgins, a former police chief and adjunct professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, attributes the resistance in part to the fact that police “are a little more skeptical” and “are not used to being told what to do”, he said.

Higgins also said there is a perception that the claims about the benefits of the vaccines have changed. Officers are aware that you can still contract and spread the virus even after you have received the vaccine. The vaccines, however, do hugely reduce the risk of contracting and spreading the virus and getting seriously ill, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and are safe to take. The vast majority of hospitalisation and deaths due to Covid-19 are among unvaccinated people, not breakthrough infections of those who have had the jabs.

However, Higgins cautions against tarring all vaccine hesitant police officers with one brush.

The assumption is that they are conspiracy theorists, that they are anti-government, and that’s not really true,” said Higgins. “You have people who have honest concerns or have figured that since they have had Covid once or twice, they are building up antibodies and those antibodies are good enough.”

It’s a known QAnon hoax that you can contract and spread the virus after receiving the vaccine.

Actually, technically, the science admits that this happens all the time, but only QAnon conspiracy theorists talk about it. Normal believers in science are polite enough to not mention that the vax doesn’t actually do anything.

Polite people, who are not conspiracy theorists, know that it is morally wrong to mention that the vaccine does nothing.

Turning cities into a Gotham City type crime paradise is not really a big deal, and anyway, police are racists and the existence of police is what causes crime.

If you get rid of all of the police, crime will stop.

We know for documented fact that the Joker only commits crimes because he wants Batman to respond to him.

The same is true for the blacks. The only reason they commit crimes is because they want to get the police to respond.

I paid very close attention to the media in the summer of 2020, and if there is one thing I know for sure: the only reason black people commit crimes is because police exist.

So really, this vax mandate should be a kind of blessing. Finally, we are getting rid of the police!

The people who are concerned about having no police don’t seem to know very much about science.

Science actually probably invented this vaccine to get rid of the police. It doesn’t do anything else.

The Joker might still do crime, but he’s white.

If the Joker tries anything, we can send the Bloods and the Crips to take him out. They will have a lot of free time on their hands since they will no longer be shooting each other when there are no cops.

When the cops are gone, the entire country will be ruled by women, and it will turn into a Themyscira style paradise.