Secretary of Defense Says Trannies Fought in the Civil War

Civil War troops that “Big Blackie” claims were trannies

The US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, a man affectionately known as “Big Blackie,” claimed on Wednesday that trannies fought in the Civil War. The statements came during the Pentagon’s 10th annual Anal Pride Month celebration, an event where the US military praises men who ejaculate into other men’s feces.

He also claimed that trannies fought in the Revolutionary War and both World Wars.

It’s hard to know how to even respond to something like this.

Apparently, things are just going to keep getting weirder and weirder, and there isn’t any point at which people just start laughing.

What is actually even more incredible than the statements themselves is this sentiment that these Democrats promoting full-anal are somehow “fighting the power.” Big Blackie says he’s standing against prejudice – but who is fighting back against the trannies?

The Russians?

That’s really the only answer. More and more, the wars against Russia and China are going to be framed as wars for gay anus.

Remember that George W. Bush invaded Iraq and Afghanistan to “give them democracy.” Well, democracy is now defined as “gay anal.” Russia, China, Iran and North Korea are the last holdouts on going full-anal, so don’t be surprised when the wars are framed in those terms.

Basically, anal sex has replaced God and freedom as the underlying morality of the Western world.

It shouldn’t be surprising that satanists are obsessed with anal sex, and believe that they get powers from demons through sodomy.