Johnny Depp’s Girlfriend After Beating Him Up: “No One Will Believe You”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 6, 2020

Johnny Depp is himself leaking these tapes to the Daily Mail, clearly. Good for him. We’re all praying for him.

This is the second tape in a week. I wrote about the first one earlier this week, which featured the couple at the marriage counselor and Amber Heard ADMITTING that she is the one who starts physical violence in the relationship.

Daily Mail:

Amber Heard ridicules Johnny Depp for claiming he is a victim of domestic violence in an explosive tape recording obtained by – telling the Pirates of the Caribbean actor: ‘See how many people believe you.’

The estranged couple were barred from talking to one another in May 2016 when Heard filed for divorce and sought a restraining order to escape her ‘abusive’ A-lister husband.

But the pair continued to clash over the phone, arguing bitterly about who was responsible for the blood-curdling violence that marred their toxic 15-month marriage and accusing one another of leaking to the press, can reveal.

It’s unclear if Heard realizes she is being taped during the expletive-flecked, 30-minute recording, the second bombshell audio released exclusively by in the space of a week.

‘You are f**king killing me. Your f**king people are trying to kill me,’ complains father-of-two Depp, as he begs Heard to go through private mediation rather than thrashing things out in open court.

‘You’ve turned me into a… my boy goes to school and has kids go, so your f**king dad’s a wife beater?’


Women will always try to humiliate you in front of the children, because they know that hurts you worse than anything else they can do.

They are very good at hurting you. Much better than you could ever be at hurting them. Because they know how to carve up your soul. You could hurt their bodies, but you could never hurt their souls because they do not have souls. They are hollow animated bodies which exist simply to feed off of the energy of real human beings.

Tearful Heard denies pushing Depp, 56, ‘under a bus’ and accuses the actor’s associates of circulating details to the press of her arrest record and lurid rumors she was a stripper.

The 33-year-old actress also rejects accusations that she instigated the wild, physical violence that she pinned on Depp in divorce papers, suggesting a court would be unlikely to take the side of a man over a slender female.

‘Do you know I’m a 115, well not anymore, but I was a 115lb, almost 115lb woman,’ Heard protests. Adopting a jeering tone, she says: ‘You’re going to get up on the stand, Johnny, and say, she started it? Really?’

The latest audio clip published by begins with Depp imploring Heard to reach an out of court settlement rather than waging war in public.

It appears to have been taped at Depp’s end of things and the conversation has already begun when the audio supplied to begins.

‘I’ve been through the f**king hurt. You’ve been through the f**king hurt. I love you more than anything in life,’ he tells his soon-to-be ex-wife.

‘I do not want to go into a f**king court with you. I do not want to f**king tarnish your name… I want this to be done peacefully, between us.

‘And if you don’t like the way that mediation is going, take me back to court kid. Cause I can’t. ‘This is the last f**king chance Amber. This is it. Once I file those papers we don’t turn around man.’

Of course he “loved” her.

Of course he didn’t want a divorce.

And of course if there was a divorce, he wanted it to be the easiest one possible.

This is always the case with men. Every single marital problem is caused by women, period, zero exceptions.

Johnny Depp is a pathetic alcoholic and drug user who does the worst possible Disney movies. And yet here we have a clear record that he did everything right in the relationship and did his best to save it.

Heard insists, however, that it’s Depp’s team who are refusing to mediate, refusing to sign a gag order and leaking damaging stories about her to the gossip site TMZ.

‘Everything has been a defensive move because I’m being called a liar and a gold-digger,’ she says.

‘And I am not lying about any of this s**t, and I am not after a dime of your money.’

Depp suggests the pair should write a ‘mutual letter’ declaring that the divorce will be settled privately.

‘Listen to me,’ he warns the Hollywood beauty. ‘Defending yourself by throwing someone under the bus is not going to look good.’

Heard fires back: ‘It’s not about that. It would not be about me throwing you under the bus.

‘You know what it would be? It would be released through documented people, coming on the record, and, having the protection to do so, that haven’t had yet.

‘It would be eyewitness statements. It would be evidence. Tons of it. And it would be through years.’

The ability of a woman to behave in such a vicious and cruel fashion towards a man that she was intimate with is something that no man understands until he sees it.

But we’ve all seen it, haven’t we? What we have done is simply believed that “she was just a bad woman.”

In fact, they are all exactly the same. They are all pretending to feel human emotions, while actually harboring the deepest evil within them, which can show itself at any time and then disappear back behind the facade of humanity just as quickly.

When you see the mask slip from your own girlfriend or a friend’s girlfriend or your mother, it is always the same: this ability to act with absolute hatred and zero empathy towards a person they supposedly “loved.” The vitriol is so extreme, that it proves beyond any doubt that women do not have souls, they are simply demonic creatures inhabiting flesh.

Imagine a man turning on his former friend and destroying his life because of spite. If any man did that, you would believe him a pure psychopath. All other men would cut themselves off from such a man. But all women will do this. All of them, eventually, will turn on you and use everything in their capacity to destroy you, even when you are ready to do anything for them, to give your life for them. When you’re sitting there crying and telling them how much you love them, they will turn off all emotion and look at you like you’re a pathetic worm.

Maybe we shouldn’t love them? Maybe we shouldn’t give them anything at all?

Heard goes on to ridicule Depp’s doubts over the facial injuries she turned up with at court when she applied for the restraining order on May 27, 2016.

She also claims to have a trove of incriminating texts, paraphrasing a message to her publicist Jodi Gottlieb ahead of an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Cordon: ‘I think, I’ve had accident, um, I think I may have, I busted my nose and two black eyes tomorrow’.

She tells Depp: ‘No one is going to believe that one of the two alternatives, that I’m in a fight club or I’ve been getting, going through hair and makeup. . .through all these years where I have corroborating text messages between people that match those dates of those time stamped validated photos.’

‘You can please tell people that it was a fair fight, and see what the jury and judge thinks. Tell the world Johnny, tell them Johnny Depp, I Johnny Depp, a man, I’m a victim too of domestic violence,’ she says on the tape. 

‘And I, you know, it’s a fair fight. And see how many people believe or side with you.’ Depp cuts in: ‘It doesn’t matter; fair fight my a**.’ 

Heard replies: ‘Because you’re big, you’re bigger and you’re stronger. And so when I say that I thought that you could kill me, that doesn’t mean you counter with you also lost your own finger.

‘I, I’m not trying to attack you here, I’m just trying to point out the fact of why I said call 911. Because I was, you had your hands on me after you threw a phone at my face.

‘And it’s got crazy in the past, and I truly thought I need to stop this madness before I get hurt.’

Seemingly stunned by his former flame’s version of events, Depp can simply reply: ‘Oh my god.’

He reminds his ex-wife that she will have to repeat her allegations under oath in court.

‘Do you believe all this Amber? Do you believe all this,’ Depp asks.

‘Yes, the f**k, yes, yes,’ Heard replies.

‘Do you believe you’re an abuser? he asks. ‘Do you believe you abused me physically?’

Heard replies: ‘Do you know I’m a 115, well not anymore, but I was a 115lb almost 115lb woman. . .have I ever been able to knock you off of your feet? Or knock you off balance?

‘You’re going to get up on the stand, Johnny, and say, ”she started it”? Really? I have never been able to overpower you that’s the difference between me and you. . .and that’s a difference, that’s a whole world, and there’s a jury and there’s a judge will see that there’s a very big difference between me and you.’

Depp finally seems to lose his cool when his ex-wife accuses him of spreading rumors she was a stripper, snapping: ‘I will f**king see you in court.’

He adds: ‘You don’t want to make f**king nice nice? I’m trying. I’m trying.

‘But you know what? I loved you for so many f**king years but you know what? You didn’t exist. You don’t exist. You’re not there. You’re not there. 

‘You are a f**king made up thing in my head. And I can’t believe you are doing this to me.’ 

The 31-minute recording ends with Depp saying he needs a moment to himself before a door can be heard slamming in the background.

You’d best start believing in women doing this to you: you’re in one.

All of you kids need to understand that this is not unique; this is how every single relationship in the modern world ends. This is the way that women behave. They are monstrous creatures from hell.

When you look at them, you see this:

What you are actually looking at is this:

We have to deal with women. We don’t have any choice.

Be we all need to understand that when we are dealing with them, we are not dealing with what our biology tells us they are. We are not dealing with precious beings that should be loved and cherished. They are monstrous demons from hell who will rip the flesh from your bones as soon as they get the chance.

And you must behave with them accordingly.