Second Gay Black Prostitute Found Dead at Top Democrat Donor’s Home

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 8, 2019

One black male prostitute found dead of a drug overdose in your home is an incident.



That’s a coincidence. 

Los Angeles Times:

A man’s body was found early Monday in the West Hollywood home of prominent Democratic donor Ed Buck, authorities said.

It was the second time a man was found dead at Buck’s apartment. Buck is a longtime political donor, a one-time West Hollywood City Council candidate and a well-known figure in LGBTQ political circles.

Deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s West Hollywood station responded to the Laurel Avenue apartment complex at 1:05 a.m. in response to a report of a person not breathing, the department said in a statement. At some point, the 911 caller performed CPR, the department said.

Paramedics pronounced a man dead at the scene. The cause of death was not yet known.

The dead man’s name has not been released, but Nicole Nishida, a spokeswoman for the Sheriff’s Department, said he was black.

Buck previously was investigated for the death of another black man, the 2017 overdose of Gemmel Moore, 26.

Buck was present for the deaths of both men, the Sheriff’s Department said Monday.

Buck’s attorney, Seymour Amster, said Buck was not arrested and is cooperating with investigators.

“From what I know, it was an old friend who died of an accidental overdose, and unfortunately, we believe that the substance was ingested at some place other than the apartment,” Amster said. “The person came over intoxicated.”

Sheriff’s homicide investigators are “conducting a thorough investigation” of the most recent death and will do “follow-up interviews and a secondary review” of Moore’s death, the department said.

Capt. Chris Bergner of the sheriff’s homicide bureau said his detectives again will be “working very closely with the district attorney’s office” and will be “carefully examining all the evidence.”


He shot meth and then traveled to another house and died?

Did he walk? Run? Ride a motorcycle?

Being a heterosexual white male, I of course know much more about heroin culture than I do about meth culture. But I am not aware of any time when you can smoke or inject a drug and then travel to a completely different location and die of an overdose.

I have heard of people eating amphetamines, so I guess that is possibly what happened. But it seems much more likely that the LAPD is covering-up for a prominent homosexual Democrat.

What about the last gaynigger body this faggot had show up in his house?

Moore died of a methamphetamine overdose in Buck’s apartment in July 2017, according to a Los Angeles County coroner’s report. Paramedics found him naked on a mattress in the living room, which was littered with drug paraphernalia, the report said.

Moore’s mother, LaTisha Nixon of Texas, and his friends questioned whether Buck’s ties to elected officials and differences in race and class influenced the investigation and whether the drugs that killed him were self-administered.

The coroner ruled Moore’s death an accident, and an initial review by sheriff’s deputies found nothing suspicious. But the following month, homicide detectives launched a new investigation.

Prosecutors this summer declined to file charges against Buck, citing insufficient evidence, according to court records. In a charge evaluation worksheet dated July 26, the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office said that the “admissible evidence is insufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that suspect Buck furnished drugs to Gemmel Moore or that suspect Buck possessed drugs.”

The document also cited an inadmissible search and seizure but did not provide details.

The district attorney’s office reviewed and rejected four charges: murder, voluntary manslaughter, and furnishing and possessing drugs.

Yeah, the “inadmissible search and seizure” would have been the technicality that got him off. If someone dies in your home from a drug overdose, and you’ve got a cabinet full of drugs and paraphernalia right there in your room, you can literally be charged with murder. It’s happening to white heroin users all the time now – check this NYT piece about the phenomenon for details on that.

Moore had flown from Houston to Los Angeles the day he died, according to coroner’s investigators. Moore’s mother said Buck bought his airplane ticket.

The Times reviewed pages of a journal that authorities said was found among Moore’s possessions. In it, Moore purportedly wrote in 2016 about using crystal methamphetamine.

“I’ve become addicted to drugs and the worst one at that,” Moore purportedly wrote. “Ed Buck is the one to thank, he gave me my first injection of chrystal [sic] meth.”

The entry continues: “I just hope the end result isn’t death…. If it didn’t hurt so bad I’d kill myself but I’ll let Ed Buck do it for now.”

Wow, what are the chances of a black man keeping a journal?

According to the coroner’s report, an investigator found the following items in Buck’s two-bedroom apartment: 24 syringes with brown residue, five glass pipes with white residue and burn marks, a plastic straw with possible white residue, clear plastic bags with white powdery residue and a clear plastic bag with a “piece of crystal-like substance.”

West Hollywood Councilman John D’Amico on Monday said he asked the city manager to contact the sheriff and push for an investigation after the latest death.

“I have no further comment at this time. I’m going to let the D.A. and LASD do their jobs,” D’Amico said.

Homosexualism is satanic, and they are all well-connected.

I believe that Pizzagate is real, and that it is deeply linked to the Democratic political system.

And the Republican one.

Watch this 1994 Discovery Channel documentary about a gaynigger Republican running a satanic homosexual pedophilia ring which was exposed in 1988.

It was never aired on the Discovery Channel. The release was blocked.

John Decamp, Republican State Senator from Nebraska who is interviewed in the documentary, also wrote a book about the scandal, labeled “The Franklin Cover-Up.”

Most people are still unaware of this event, and the fact that many other people in the government were implicated in it.

The whole thing got buried. Not that there was anywhere to go with it without a real investigation. Just like Pizzagate – if the government refuses to investigate, then it just ends.

It is obvious, however, that there is a network of homosexual child-rapists who operate within the political system, presumably serving as liaisons between politicians and an unground cabal of satanic Jews.

Ed Buck Background

I don’t know that this Buck person is involved in such things or not, but clearly, the fact that he got off on the first case shows that he was being protected by the government.

Buck – whose real last name is “Buckmelter,” which could be Jewish or German – was a male model as a teenager. He then bought a company that gave driver’s license information to insurance companies, and when he sold it became a millionaire in his early 30s.

He then led a successful campaign to impeach the Republican Governor of Arizona in 1987. Having been a registered Republican, switched parties to Democrat ostensibly because they were more accepting of homosexuals in 1988 (same year as the Franklin Cover-Up was exposed).

He’s involved in various vague financial operations, and is a prominent donor to the Democrats and prominent in the California faggot community.


Buck’s status is similar in a lot of ways to James Alefantis, the fag who was running the pizza shop that was named in the Pizzagate scandal.

He was a homosexual pizza shop owner who gay-dated powerful Democratic operative David Brock, CEO of Media Matters, a Soros-funded censorship organization. Coincidentally enough, Brock also switched from the Republican to the Democrat Party, becoming aligned with Bill Clinton.

I’m not going to go into the details of Pizzagate here, but sometime I really need to go through and make a comprehensive analysis of it. One of the biggest problems with that whole thing is that people started to inject stupid stuff into it. Presumably this was on purpose, to distract from the obvious facts of the Podesta emails, the bizarre references to child molestation, murder and images of restrained children on Alefantis’ Instagram and various other fact-oriented aspects of the scandal.

This is an example of an insta post by Alefantis (with notes by 4chan):

This is an unambiguous reference to sexual acts with this child.

The emails did contain a code registered by the FBI as used by homosexual pedophiles.

John Podesta’s brother, Tony Podesta, does have a statue of a victim of Jeffery Dahmer hanging in his living room.

Dahmer was a homosexual cannibal serial killer who would take pictures of the bodies of his victims in bizarre poses, and this statue was modeled after one of those pictures.

Podesta also collects art from Biljana Djurjevic, who he’s named as one of his favorite artists.

This art contains themes of child kidnapping.

As well as imagery similar to the Jew Eli Roth’s movie “Hostel” about a secret society of people who kidnap and torture people to death.

Various types of masks are described constantly in stories of satanic ritual, and were used in the Hostel films.

You also had the links to satanic rituals via the Maria Abramovic “spirit cooking” thing.

As far as I am concerned, Pizzagate is 100% real, and I BELIEVE PERSONALLY (my personal perception, not to be construed as a statement of fact) that Alefantis and the Podestas are satanic pedophiles who manage politicians for a satanic Jewish elite, getting them involved in child rape, child murder, cannibalism and satanism generally, telling them they can become gods by overcoming morals and so on. They may also tell them things about extraterrestrials (you have for example Jean-Claude Juncker saying publicly that he is in contact with “leaders of other planets.”)

Aside from any spiritual implications, this is clearly a practical strategy. Obviously, if you are involved with such things, you’re going to do whatever you’re told.

You have all these people who are not Jewish who are clearly willing to do whatever Jews want them to do, seemingly for no clear reason. What exactly is their motivation?

James Mattis just as a random example. He is presumably a homosexual, a Democrat and a Catholic (the Franklin Cover-Up was using the Catholic Church to funnel boys to politicians). He has no clear reason to be pushing for endless war, for endless immigration.

You can say the same of any EU technocrat.

Any white, non-Jewish person who has devoted their live to pushing a Jewish agenda is extremely suspicious, and you have all of these connections.

I will say again that I have no idea if any of this is in any way related to Ed Buck. He could just be a homosexual who enjoys getting black men hooked on meth and happens to have accidentally killed two of them, and is being protected not because he has secret information but simply because he is a prominent homosexual with powerful Jewish lawyers.

But it is a suspicious situation worth thinking about.

The fact that he traveled to Europe to work as a model as a teenager – presumably as a gay prostitute for rich Europeans, as is the general practice of teenage male models (female models as well) – then ended up becoming a millionaire in some simple but vague way, then became deeply linked to the Democrat Party, then is getting away with killing black homos, is all somewhat interesting.

A black blogger has put together a lot of information about Buck’s sexual practices with blacks, which include illegally soliciting them online and also referring to them as “six-foot tall niggers.”

She will probably be writing more on the topic, and is tweeting about it.

She’s been in contact with the first victim’s mother, believes there are more secret victims, and wants to make a documentary about it.

Tariq Nasheed is also on it.

Maybe we can get these blacks to do some more research work for us. For free.

For real though – I would encourage someone who does podcasts to contact Jasmyne for an interview on Buck.

Johnny Monoxide, I’m looking in your direction, buddy.

Or Borzai and Striker.

I think there could end up being some very interesting information to be found here, and the fact that the victims are black gives us natural traction and the ability to push the issue into the press. Especially if there’s a strong racist angle, the conservative press will jump all over the “Democrats are the real racists” part.

Pushing exposure on these things tends to lead to more interesting connections being revealed.

I’m actually interested in the fact that he’s into black guys, and talks about them as niggers, and apparently likes seeing them die.

Maria Abramovic used blacks in her own satanic rituals.

Ironically (or not), there does appear to be some concept of fetishizing the victimization of black people within ritual satanism.

Rappers are constantly talking about how gay Jewish producers force people in the industry to engage in sodomy.

Old white men is runnin this rap,
Corporate force is runnin this rap,
A tall Israeli is runnin this rap,
Quasi-homosexuals is runnin this rap

The Rape Over by Mos Def