Groyper War: Sebastian Gorka has Charlie Kirk on His Show to Attack Nick Fuentes as the Rape Train Kicks Into Warp Speed

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 31, 2019

The conservative establishment literally cannot survive the Groyper War. The entire thing is built on promoting idiotic and childish lies that anyone can easily understand if they have it explained to them. Literally designing all politics around stupid, obvious lies was only really possible in this period between the spread of electronic mass media in the 1950s and the spread of the modern internet in the 00s.

On Tuesday, Nick Fuentes and the America First nationalist movement – of which this website is a proud part of – sent our guys to Ohio State University to ask Talking Points USA head Charlie Kirk a bunch of questions about all of these various obvious, stupid lies he tells the people.

During and immediately after the event, the fringes of Conservatism, Inc. started flipping out. They were calling the fact that our people went to an open forum to ask questions of a person saying he wanted to take questions “sabotage.” They required a more mainstream, better known figure.

In swoops former White House advisor Sebastian Gorka, a British Hungarian who does a talk show called “America First.”

Gorka first went nuts on Twitter attacking Nick Fuentes, taking issue with the fact that he had answered a hypothetical question about how long it would take Cookie Monster to bake six million cookies. Gorka called our lonesome hero “evil,” and demanded that Twitter ban him (or remove his checkmark, which he said after people questioned him on a call for a political opponent to be silenced).

Then he took to the airwaves – with Charlie Kirk! He brought on the literal Charlie Kirk to whine about the persecution of the Jews by all of these Groypers asking about why we’re sending all of these billions to Israel!

As Gorka foamed at the mouth, with the foam dribbling down onto his fat Pilates ball thighs, Charlie Kirk explained that he lives in fear of Groypers, saying “well look, it’s very scary Dr. Gorka.”

“I believe America is the greatest country to ever exist in the history of the world, and I’m also a firm believer in Israel, our greatest ally,” Kirk added.

These people are walking, talking caricatures of shills. How does he have the nerve to say literally “our greatest ally” over and over like this? And we now know all too well that if you ask Kirk why they’re our greatest ally, he’ll start talking about how they’re all doing man-on-man anal.

How nutty is it that when I was a kid in the early 2000s and we were invading all of these countries for Israel, the line was that Israel was our greatest ally because they’re God’s chosen people. Now, they’re saying it’s because they’re sodomites.

And now you have Christians going to Charlie Kirk and asking him why he is obsessed with pushing anal sex on everyone, and he says if Christians are against man-on-man anal then they must be secret gays.

What an absolutely bizarre flip of the narrative.

Which is stupider? Hard to even say.

But they were pushing this “chosen people” bullshit up through the end of the Bush era, at least. So to switch from that to anal sex – which is basically the opposite of being chosen by God, as most Christians believe anal sex is satanic – within the span of a decade, is simply beyond belief.

But here’s the other thing: these people talk every single day about the threat of socialism and how socialism killed all these alleged hundreds of millions of people and so on. But if a dozen socialists show up to ask questions of Charlie Kirk, there isn’t a freakout. Sebastian Gorka isn’t calling for socialists to be banned from Twitter because they asked questions of Charlie Kirk. He isn’t calling emergency meetings over that. No one is freaking out about that.

So if they’re being honest, why does it matter if Nick Fuentes denied the 6 million cookie bakery? Surely, denying something isn’t as bad as actually killing millions of people, which these people say socialists are actively planning to do.

Really makes you think.

But wait: get this: after Kirk left, the crazy fat sonovabitch Gorka kept playing that Nick Fuentes Cookie Monster tape over and over again!

Hello, Hungarian boomer department?

I’d like to report a Hungarian boomer I found wandering around in my country, America, where he is trying to perform Jewish tricks on my countrymen by talking about the Cookie Monster.

“You are a disgusting human being, Nick Fuentes. You think you can cover up with your funny joke about cookies six million human beings being exterminated?” -Sebastian Gorka, Former White House Advisor to Donald Trump

We’re going to see more of this.

Because just so you understand: Talking Points USA, funded by the Koch brothers and Jews, is at the center of the fake conservative movement – it is the movement’s thermometer as to what it is that people will accept.

They are supposed to be doing some kind of molding of the youth – grooming, if you will – based on data they’ve acquired. Clearly, there is some kind of data-driven reason that they switched from “Israel is our greatest ally because Jews are God’s chosen people” to “Israel is our greatest ally because of anal sex.”

Because Charlie Kirk and his organization are supposed to be the kings of talking points, him getting hit like this is a big, big deal. Because they are basically telling people “here, here’s our list of talking points, this is what we’re running with, this is officially endorsed by all of the big donors and President Trump.”

It’s basically an open conspiracy the way these talking points are developed in focus groups, approved by the donor class of Jews and big business shills, and then carried directly to both politicians and media personalities.

I think it’s likely that Kirk is peddling some kind of access to Trump as well, and is involved in the grooming process for people like Dan Crenshaw to become these top Israeli shills. Or rather, the organization is doing that. Kirk himself is simply a strange slob who got this job because his dad worked with Trump.

All sorts of people are molding their own presentations around TPUSA talking points.

Just look at the speakers’ list for their “student action summit” this December:

They all know that if one of them falls to a mob of righteous Groypers, and the goyim find out about all of these lies they’ve been telling, the whole thing breaks apart.

They’re all saying the same things:

  • America is the greatest country in the history of the world because it is a nation of ideas, not people
  • White people don’t exist
  • We want crippling mass immigration, we just want it to be legal immigration
  • Israel is our greatest ally
  • Israel is our greatest ally
  • Israel is our greatest ally
  • Israel is our greatest ally
  • Israel is our greatest ally
  • Israel is our greatest ally
  • Israel is our greatest ally
  • Israel is our greatest ally
  • Israel is our greatest ally
  • Israel is our greatest ally

These people are making a lot of money on this scam.

The continued existence of the entire establishment of the conservative movement is dependent on Nick Fuentes not asking these questions.

Hilariously enough, the continued existence of the entire fednat wing of the old “Alt-Right” is also dependent on Nick Fuentes not asking these questions. I’m not going to link any of it, because I’m not going to amplify those people (who really are now completely irrelevant, even whilst Turning Point USA still has some fight in it), but it feels so, so good to watch these people choking on blood as KING Fuentes laughs and we all laugh with him, feeling such joyousness.

I will say it again: I said optics. I said American Nationalism. I was viciously berated and endlessly attacked by the absolute lowest filth on earth, most of whom were cops, the rest of whom were the dumbest bunch of retard niggers who couldn’t even tell they were being led around by the most obvious feds to ever infiltrate a political movement.

And as it turns out: I have been proven right. Tenfold.

These fednat freaks can go out there and whine, talk about how they’re the victims of Nick Fuentes, call him names and attack his faith, or claim that they inspired him, that they’re the real heroes here, that what Fuentes is doing means nothing, because the only way to do anything is to march through the streets in costumes or to just sit around whining – they can say whatever the hell they want. But no one gives a shit anymore, save for a shrinking group of people whose average IQ lowers a point every couple of days as people continue to abandon those tweets, podcasts and blogs, waking up to the fact that these people are controlled by cops who are exploiting their love for their people and pointing it toward a Jewish subversion agenda.

(These fat, drunken slobs respond to questions about why they’re connected to all of these admitted federal informants just like Charlie Kirk responds to questions about Israel – they refuse to answer, they pretend not to know what’s going on, they name call, they send people out to make accusations on their behalf.)

The followers of these sickening weirdos are experiencing the same thing that mic girl experienced when she watched Chad Groyper tell the whole world to GOOGLE “DANCING ISRAELIS.”

We’re where the fun is, lads.

We are the ones who are able to organize entire groups of healthy, strong, good-looking young men in any state in America to confront the enemies of the people. We are the ones with a message that the people want to hear. We are the ones bringing the energy, being cheered, bringing joyousness to the people.

And we do this only by the will of Jesus Christ. None else. It is He who has blessed us to go forward, and it is He who has given our enemies blood to choke on.

I have felt better in the last week than I have felt in years, in terms of my general outlook on life and the future of America and the white race.

The dimensions of this are so far beyond what most of you are seeing now.

Some of you are seeing the bigger things, I’m sure – but even I myself am not able to see the heights to which this train will soar.

Right now, we need to get as many people as possible in Texas and then Arizona for the Dan Crenshaw event.

That’s right – there’s one at Texas A&M that was announced Monday on November 4th.

Get tickets here. I expect all of you to be there. You’re all in Texas.

Then in Arizona on the 8th.

Get tickets here.

Just so we’re clear, here’s the TPUSA menu:

LISTEN: BE THERE. I’m not even going to tell you “if you’re in the area” – go ahead and fly in, if you’ve got the money. Go to all four of these, if you can get the time off work. Show up and meet people.

Again: I cannot stress enough the fact that with good optics, you can meet people in real life without the fear of being lynched as a Nazi. I’m not going to tell you there cannot be consequences – we don’t really know yet. But we know this isn’t the same thing as it was when a certain drunken slob was running the movement into the ground by inviting Jews to film people giving Nazi salutes, bringing costumed Nazi gangs to his rallies, and getting literally everyone fired from their jobs.

So you CAN use these events to network and make friends. JUST BE CAREFUL and don’t get involved in group networking schemes, because that is probably the cops.

We’re making history here, people. We are not only going to force Charlie Kirk to stop doing these events, we are going to make it so that Congressmen cannot appear ANYWHERE without being asked why they support sending all this money to Israel, why they support replacing our population with foreigners, why they support anal sex with men.

The calendars are just getting started. We’re going to have these up, nonstop, all year around. Every time they appear in public, we’re going to be there.

We are holding the people accountable, and for every one of them we hold accountable – with every confrontation – we gain more people on our side.

The people will flock to our banner, as we raise the black flag of the Republic of Gamers on our Rape Train.