Seattle: Preschool Plans to Indoctrinate and Brainwash Toddlers into Being Cucks

Daily Stormer
March 7, 2017

You would have to hate your children to allow them anywhere near such clowns

Another day, another way to put down the white man.

Daily Caller:

A new Seattle, Wash., preschool is planning to teach toddlers about social justice, racism and biases.

The two teachers opening the school, Benjamin Gore and Jason Frelot, want to teach the children about the “experiences of people of color,” reports Heat Street.

We’re looking to create the confidence that when these kids go into predominately white schools that they can bring counter narratives to the school,” Gore said.

When we’re telling stories to our kids, especially about people of color, we want to make sure that we’re showing them stories about people of color that aren’t just about people existing in the past,” Frelot added.

And there’s a lot of Disney princess culture that happens in our house, and they see white princesses and say, ‘I want to look like that,’ and I think it’s really important that they see there are so many other ways they can accomplish things than being a white princess,” the parent said.

Evergreen College also planned a workshop targeted at 3-6 year olds.

The workshop aimed to teach parents how to rid their little children of racism, sexism and discrimination.

How lovely.

I’m so thrilled that toddlers will be trained to bow down to Jigaboos and immigrants.

I’m so glad they’ll be made to feel like they have to forever repay degenerates for the imaginary negative things they’ll be told their ancestors did to them.

Frame this and it would make perfect classroom decor!

You know what I want to see?

A subject where immigrants and porch-monkeys are taught about all the wonderful things white people have done for them.

I won’t take niggers seriously until they stop using white inventions. No internet or clothes for you, ape man!

It’s very unsettling to think any white parent would actually enrol their offspring into this preschool, and allow them to learn that they should hate themselves.

Goy, your child deserves quality indoctr-education!

This should be illegal and I don’t understand why we are allowing mental patients to become teachers.

It could possibly backfire on them, and these kids could grow up to be solid right-wingers, but the chances of them being completely pozzed is too high.

A child doesn’t stand a chance when they’re being told what to think from such a young age.

This is just another attack on whites, and it’s keeps on getting worse.