Seattle Government Releases Instructions on How to Stick Fentanyl Up Your Ass

Seattle radio host Jason Rantz has released documents from a homeless shelter run by the government of the city that instructs heroin addicts how to stick heroin up their anal cavities. The instructions appear on a printed paper, apparently posted on a wall at the shelter.

Now, you might think: “oh sure, more stuff with sticking things up anuses – imagine my shock.” However, sticking drugs up the anus is a relatively standard behavior of hardened drug users. I remember being a teenager in the 1990s, when the ecstasy craze was going on, and people would brag about sticking those pills up their anuses, because it showed they were hardcore. Also, women would talk about it, presumably for the purpose of titillating male victims of millennial youth culture.

According to the documents obtained by Rantz, which one has to believe the shelter did not expect to appear on the internet, they are also providing people with heroin pipes, as smoking heroin is, according to them (and maybe objectively, I don’t know), a safer alternative to injection.

Although the shelter refers to these as “heroin pipes” in their announcement (actually it’s fentanyl, which I will explain shortly), they also describe crack pipes as being available. As is widely known, white people prefer opioids, and blacks prefer crack cocaine.

Note that what used to be called “heroin addiction” is now generally called “opioid addiction,” as most of the heroin is now in a synthetic form called “fentanyl.” Fentanyl was designed and distributed by a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, a drug company run by a man named Alex Gorsky.

It was initially marketed as a way to stop using heroin. There was something called a “fentanyl patch,” which was marketed as the heroin addict version of a nicotine patch, designed to help you kick the addiction to cigarettes. Quickly, people started opening up these fentanyl patches and smoking the innards. Eventually, it was realized that this fentanyl was much cheaper than heroin, which has to be grown in a field in Afghanistan and then processed, as it can be made in a relatively simple lab. The needed dose is also much smaller, in terms of weight.

Here is an image showing the average dose sizes of each:

Thus, there is really no such thing as heroin addiction anymore, as everyone has switched to fentanyl, because it is so much cheaper. This has also led to an increase in overdoses, for the simple logistical reason that it is so much easier to accidentally do too much when you’re dealing with doses that are too small to be measured on most scales we all remember our high school drug dealers using to meter out weed.

It is typically “cut” with something, that is to say, mixed with a benign substance such as aspirin so that the volume is larger and it is easier to measure the dose. However, in such a case, you are trusting whoever did the cutting to have done the job properly (mixed the right amount and mixed it evenly enough that you don’t have chunks of fentanyl popping up in the mix). It is so cheap, that the drug dealers aren’t particularly concerned about accidentally giving you too much of it, and drug dealers are not known to be particularly ethical. There is the old adage of “drug dealers don’t want to kill off their own customers,” but you are still dealing with the fact that most of the street level dealers are not going to be especially intelligent.

It is being produced in some amount in the usual places of Latin America. Latin America has the drug dealing networks set up for cocaine, which is produced exclusively in South America due to the fact that its source product needs to be grown naturally in a field. As we all saw in the show Breaking Bad, Mexican and Central American drug gangs quickly became involved in the production of crystal meth when that became popular with American homosexuals and out-of-work coal miners.

The general consensus is that much of the fentanyl is also being shipped through the US Mail from China. I don’t know if this is actually true, given the hesitancy that the Chinese have with addictive drugs (opioids in particular), and it seems like it could be more war propaganda. But it might be true.

When Donald Trump accused China of this, the Chinese denied it. Of course, they would deny it, but it is difficult for me to believe that with the amount of money China is making from legitimate business, they would want to risk getting involved with dealing in addictive drugs.

However, it doesn’t really matter where it is coming from, given that it is so easy to produce and so small that it can easily be hidden in any package, and it is virtually impossible for a dog to sniff it. It is also so cheap that even if 98% of packages were seized in the mail, the people distributing it would still have a huge profit margin.

This is to say: there is no way to stop the flow of this drug. It is something we are going to have to live with the existence of, in the same way we live with the existence of other dangerous things such as cleaning products and trans fats. Drug addiction is not primarily a matter of supply, it is a social disease. The Seattle homeless shelter telling people how to do fentanyl “more safely” is a sign of just how much of a pandemic the social disease of opioid addiction actually is.

As you may know, Ohio is one of the hardest hit places for the opioid epidemic. Growing up in Ohio in the 1990s and early 2000s, it felt like whoever runs these drugs and runs the drug culture (it certainly isn’t organic) was doing a dry run for what has now overtaken the entire country. So, I have some knowledge of heroin addiction.

There is only one tried and true solution to this addiction: you lock a person in a room with a toilet for about a week. About a week is all it takes to cleanse the body of the physical addiction to these drugs. They will have a very bad week, but after that week, they will no longer suffer from a crippling urge to inject, smoke or insert fentanyl into their asshole.

Tapering off using lighter forms of opioid drugs, such as oxycodone or codeine, is possible. It just takes a level of willpower that most people unfortunately do not have. That is why the obvious and immediate solution to the drug problem is to build jail cells for these people, and lock them in them for a week. If you want to make it more nicey-nice, then ensure that they have a TV, video games and/or books. If you wanted to go overboard with the niceness, you could also give them non-opioid narcotics, such as Xanax or Valium, to help them sleep. Add to that “comfort foods,” junk food type snacks, and you’ve gotten about as nicey-nice as you can get.

Whatever the niceties, they have to be locked in a cage, preferably alone, for a week. This should be the punishment for anyone caught with these drugs, if it is determined they are not selling. (Yes, I am actually against the long-term incarceration of drug addicts, it is one of the only things I do genuinely agree with the modern left on.)

It’s gonna be a helluva week, whatever their comforts, but there has never been a clearer case of the ends justifying the means.

A Bigger Problem

A week in a cage to break the physical dependence means nothing if you don’t deal with the underlying issues causing the problem.

We obviously don’t have reliable information on drug usage, as people are often dishonest about it. However, we can be pretty certain of overdose deaths. In 2018, according to the¬†Kaiser Family Foundation, two-thirds of the opioid deaths were men. Given the gender differential in math skills, a woman is much more likely to end up overdosing than a man. Furthermore, the main reason a woman is going to end up using addictive drugs is that a man she is involved with is using them. All things being equal, women tend to only do “party drugs,” such as cocaine and ecstasy (these drugs are dangerous, but do not create crippling addiction).

Opioid addiction is primarily a male problem. More specifically, it is a white male problem.

Drug addiction does not exist in a vacuum. Yes, it is possible to get addicted to prescription painkillers, and end up injecting fentanyl. But this is almost only going to happen to someone who has serious other problems in their life.

If we’re talking about men, those problems, typically, are going to be with two issues:

  1. Women
  2. Work

Men who have a stable marriage and good work do not typically become drug addicts. Again, we don’t have good numbers, but I would be shocked if it was any more than one in a thousand opioid addicts that developed the addiction while in a situation with a stable family and work situation. It is statistically negligible.

Therefore, we are looking at the same problem we are always looking at: we are looking at the fallout from the collapse of the American family, which is itself a result of the abandonment of the working and middle classes of this country by the ruling elite.

And though I almost hate to say it at the end of an essay of this sort, it also relates to the Jewish problem. In the 1950s, a group of Jewish academics called “The Frankfurt School” (sometimes called “The Institute of Social Research”) published a document called “The Authoritarian Personality.” I don’t say that this was “Jewish” in the way someone might say “Hollywood is Jewish” or “the media is Jewish.” The Frankfurt School was Jewish in the way that the Anti-Defamation League is Jewish, or the way a synagogue is Jewish.

The Authoritarian Personality was published by the American Jewish Committee.

The text claimed that the rise of Adolf Hitler was a result of the existence of the nuclear family. The underlying assumption, which appears to be factually true, is that a society where people feel a strong identification with their father as an authority figure, is likely to view a national leader as a kind of extension of their father’s authority. A belief in God is also a part of that equation.

Basically, the natural understanding of a man is this:

  • He is the boss of his wife and children
  • In the same fashion, the national leader is his boss and the boss of everyone else in his nation
  • In the same fashion, God is the boss of the leader

Furthermore, the Jews assumed, presumably also factually, that a society that has a father-like authoritarian leader will be much less tolerant of Jews and their behavior than a society that does not have a father-like authoritarian leader.

Therefore, these Jews argued, in order for Jews to thrive within Western society, the nuclear family would need to be abolished.

Everything that you have witnessed, beginning with the social revolutions of the 1960s, has been geared towards disincentivizing and ultimately destroying the nuclear family. If you just take a look at the last 70 years of development of Western society, which we can now look back on from 30,000 feet, you can see that all social developments were geared towards this end.

Look at it:

  • Female empowerment
  • Sexual liberation
  • Racial mixing
  • Mass immigration
  • Normalization of homosexuality
  • Transsexualism
  • Virus hysteria

These have been the focus of our society, and all of these have the ultimate end of disincentivizing normal human family formation.

Imagine for example the legal concept of “no fault divorce.” Why would you allow something like this in your society? Is there any conceivable reason, save for a desire to harm the natural family?

We are men, but men remain mammals. We have a natural arch of life:

  • Childhood (birth-11), where we are protected by a father
  • Adolescence (12-16), where we become obsessed with girls and sex
  • Early adulthood (17-21), which involves getting a girl pregnant, which should be accompanied by a legally-binding, uninfringable contract called “marriage”
  • Adulthood and middle age (22-65), where a man builds a career, which is driven by a desire to provide security for the offspring
  • Old age (65-death) and retirement, wherein we slow down our career, and are cared for by the offspring we created

This is a life pattern that existed from the time of the caveman up until the end of World War II.

Without the ability to go through this natural process of development, we are going to have chaos.

The underlying vehicle of this destruction has been ideology. It is a topic for another article (and has been the topic of many articles), but via ideology, we have been led to believe that we can build a utopia by following certain rules. Different ideologies were sold to different groups, and this ultimately allowed the rulers of society, who were either Jews or influenced by Jews via the academic establishment, to move society to a place that no one would otherwise have agreed to.

The ideologies are always presented as scientific, but they are nonetheless shrouded in metaphysics. What they did was replace God. That is the bottom line to all of this: God was replaced, and every negative outcome is a result of that. So of course the government is instructing you on how to stick drugs up your asshole.