Seattle Faces Total Gotham City Style Meltdown After Police Laid Off Over Vax Refusal

Joe Biden just threw open the gates of Arkham. The only person that could save us is Batman; unfortunately, he doesn’t exist in real life.

Black people slaughtering your entire city is a small and insignificant price to pay for being protected from the deadly coronavirus.

The American media isn’t really reporting on this at all, so you have to deal with the British media if you want to know what is happening in Seattle.

The Guardian:

Sgt Randy Huserik and all other officers with the Seattle police department who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 are prepared to report at 7am Tuesday morning to any of the city’s five precincts rather than their usual assignments. Some detectives could even be responding to 911 calls instead of following up on their case load, he said.

That’s because the city is implementing a vaccine mandate for officers on 18 October and preparing to fire hundreds of officers who refuse to get the vaccine, which could leave the department significantly understaffed.

“We will have additional bodies available to handle 911 calls but obviously there is going to be a backlash on that for all the officers assigned as detectives who then won’t be working on their caseload, which will then back up as additional cases come in,” said Huserik, who has been with the department for 28 years and works in public affairs.

The standoff between the city and officers is just one conflict among many across the United States, with city leaders stating that they are trying to keep the public safe and some officers and their union representatives saying that the mandates violate their rights. In Chicago, the issue has even led to the mayor and the local police union trading legal actions.

While the penalties for officers who decline to get the vaccine differ from city to city, there is a common resistance among police unions to various restrictions.

And policing experts warn that even if officers’ resistance to the vaccination is misguided, issuing mandates could further deplete departments that are already understaffed and thus hurt public safety.

Cities across America are trying to throw up the Bat Signal for help. Unfortunately, Batman is not real.

Brian Higgins, a former police chief and adjunct professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, attributes the resistance in part to the fact that police “are a little more skeptical” and “are not used to being told what to do”, he said.

Higgins also said there is a perception that the claims about the benefits of the vaccines have changed. Officers are aware that you can still contract and spread the virus even after you have received the vaccine. The vaccines, however, do hugely reduce the risk of contracting and spreading the virus and getting seriously ill, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and are safe to take. The vast majority of hospitalisation and deaths due to Covid-19 are among unvaccinated people, not breakthrough infections of those who have had the jabs.

However, Higgins cautions against tarring all vaccine hesitant police officers with one brush.

The assumption is that they are conspiracy theorists, that they are anti-government, and that’s not really true,” said Higgins. “You have people who have honest concerns or have figured that since they have had Covid once or twice, they are building up antibodies and those antibodies are good enough.”

It’s a known QAnon hoax that you can contract and spread the virus after receiving the vaccine.

Actually, technically, the science admits that this happens all the time, but only QAnon conspiracy theorists talk about it. Normal believers in science are polite enough to not mention that the vax doesn’t actually do anything.

Polite people, who are not conspiracy theorists, know that it is morally wrong to mention that the vaccine does nothing.

Turning cities into a Gotham City type crime paradise is not really a big deal, and anyway, police are racists and the existence of police is what causes crime.

If you get rid of all of the police, crime will stop.

We know for documented fact that the Joker only commits crimes because he wants Batman to respond to him.

The same is true for the blacks. The only reason they commit crimes is because they want to get the police to respond.

I paid very close attention to the media in the summer of 2020, and if there is one thing I know for sure: the only reason black people commit crimes is because police exist.

So really, this vax mandate should be a kind of blessing. Finally, we are getting rid of the police!

The people who are concerned about having no police don’t seem to know very much about science.

Science actually probably invented this vaccine to get rid of the police. It doesn’t do anything else.

The Joker might still do crime, but he’s white.

If the Joker tries anything, we can send the Bloods and the Crips to take him out. They will have a lot of free time on their hands since they will no longer be shooting each other when there are no cops.

When the cops are gone, the entire country will be ruled by women, and it will turn into a Themyscira style paradise.