Sean Hannity Now on the Sexual Harassment Chopping Block

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
April 24, 2017

I personally despise most of the agendas Bill O’Reilly spent his career advancing, so his canning didn’t bother me – ditto for Roger Ailes. However, the current purge happening against cable news’ most popular personalities (all of them conservative) is alarming, especially since the accusations are all baseless.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t doubt that there are some carnal transactions going on at Fox News. The job done by people like Gretchen Carlson – whose main life achievement prior to becoming a TV personality was winning Miss Minnesota in 1988 – is something easy that anyone can do, so when these positions are all occupied by sexy women, you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to know what the interview process looks like. Yet Gretchen was the one who got the ball rolling on this “scandal” with a capital $.

Which begs my next question: if these women are knowingly banking on their sex appeal, why are they entitled to additional compensation when men feel the urge to have sex with them?

Whether these allegations are true or not, they encapsulate the war on masculinity raging in Weimerica, where “She says” always beats “He says.”

NY Daily News:

Former Fox News contributor Debbie Schlussel claims that host Sean Hannity sexually harassed her.

Schlussel said on the Pat Campbell Podcast Friday that Hannity repeatedly invited her back to his hotel room during an event they were at together in Detroit. Schlussel did not say on the podcast when the event took place.

“He had some event at a bookstore where he signed his book for people standing in line. He asked me to come meet him at this book signing,” Schlussel said on the podcast.

“So I met him there and it was very awkward. He had me stand up there with him while he signed books and I felt very weird. These people don’t know me and they didn’t come for me to sign their books. So then I left to get ready for the show and he said, ‘Why don’t you come back with me to my hotel?’ and I said no, I have to get ready for the show.”

Schlussel, who describes herself as a “conservative political commentator, radio talk show host, columnist and attorney” on her personal website, also said Hannity and then-executive producer Bill Shine, who now serves as co-president of Fox News, “head-faked” her.

“Sean came up to me and said we’re gonna double-team, which was a weird phrase to use, this Palestinian guy that I was up against on the show,” Schlussel said.

“And then every time I tried to open my mouth and say something, they yelled at me and said, ‘obey your host, you can’t say anything or else we’re gonna shut off your microphone.’”

After the show, Schlussel claims Hannity invited her back to his hotel room again. She says she declined once again.

“And then after that, I wasn’t booked on a show again. And he called me and yelled at me,” she said on the podcast. “It was made clear to me that I didn’t go back to his hotel with him after and I got a very weird feeling about the whole thing, and I kind of knew I wouldn’t be back on his show.”

Hannity is adamantly denying these accusations, but the Judenpresse is printing this Debbie Schlussel’s words like they’re gospel.

There are two possibilities here: Schlussel is decidedly uninteresting or doesn’t contribute anything, so she wasn’t invited back. As a modern hyper-narcissistic American woman, she figures it is because men are pigs, so she drags this guy’s name through the mud.

The second possibility is that Hannity did make a move on her or was being playful, she didn’t reciprocate, so he stopped talking to her. That’s his right. This isn’t even a “harassment” claim in the normal sense that these bimbos usually use the term. She wasn’t an employee, she was a guest on his show.

But looking at Sclussel, it’s kind of obvious that it is the first scenario. I could pick up a frumpy chick like this for the night at the bar if I want, so just imagine what someone with the money and fame of Hannity can get:

Sexual harassment claims are a new method for women to go out with sour grapes and make money.

The new crop of bimbos like Tomi Lahren, who are even less talented and competent than Gretchen Carlson and Debbie Schlussel, are a fake accusation time bomb waiting to explode.

Right now, 2017 America is the worst possible place to be a man in perhaps all of human history.  Leveraging your pussy on your resume is something that happens whenever a good looking woman wiggles into a high power and prestigious gig, the real mystery is why Fox News is being singled out, and who is pulling the strings.